Monday 25 June 2012

BN's cin cai and freedom

So, PKR wonder boy Rafizi said he stepped down from his post in the Selangor government because he wants to concentrate on party work with the election around the corner. So noble of him.

He also said his resignation got nothing to do with the power tussle between MB Khalid and Azmin Ali. Yea, right.

The thing with the Pakatan people is that they are good at hidding their own petty internal politics. And the best part of it, people tend to believe them.

Umno and the gang on the other hand are all too willing to go public with their squabbles. All in the name of transperency.

It's exactly the same case with pro-Umno and BN blogs and newsportals as compared to those on the other side of the political divide. BN cyber gang almost always never shy from writting about issues deemed negetive about the caolition. The Pakatan side on the other hand are as devious as rats when something blew up on their side. Anyone ever see pro-DAP blogs posting about the hillside destruction on Penang island?

You could hardly see Pakatan blogs and websites attacking any wrong doings of their political masters. They  talk so much about freedom of these and that yet their practices were completely heading the other way around. Prime example is Guan Eng lah. Now, not even the usually pro-DAP Chinese Press people are spared his tantrums if they write something not so pleasant about Guan Eng such as that beautiful rainbow episode.

Guess, that's how it will be once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. No more simply simply talk. Sure kena sue one. Me - I will blog about food and fashion once Pakatan rule this country. Not worth it to take the risks leh. Now under BN can still fool around a bit. BN can cin cai cin cai la with these sorts of thing. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. Rafizi said he never hold any post for more than 2 years. He would get tired after 2 years.

    Meaning, if he wins a seat in the coming GE, we will have a by-election within 2 years. If he is elected a minister in the China Doll cabinet, it would only be for 2 years.

    If he is sentenced to a jail term for corruption, he will ask the Judge for a jail term not exceeding 2 years. It would be too boring to spend behind bars more than 2 years.

  2. Good for you, Kuching Besar ! Write more about local travels, food, weather. Stop writing the nonsense that we see day in day out. The suspicion of RM 2,000 in a person's account should be treated differently as the suspicion of RM 200,000,000 in another person's account - whichever alienation that person is from. Stop arresting people wearing yellow.

    1. Nonsense also people read day in day out.

  3. BC ,why u sound sooo saarprise about cincai BN bloggers and pakatan uptight bloggers.

    The differenc between the two is like stuck in traffic jam in cheras and wangsa maju. IN cheras after traffic jam got more jam in small areas, portholes, rubbish not collected, manhole not covered, got to manouvere like F 1- but cannot complain must shut up.But in Wangsa maju you can complain, kick someone in the butt when PM visits.

    Its about absolute power , control, no half measures for DAP , PKR and pakatan. You know la the communist mentality still there.Full control over bloggers, they pay and really jaga them . But oso tell them you dont like you shut up and do your work. You want to be clever you get out.

    I dont mention PAS here because its parti islam sesat, lost its way. Bunch of loser turbanites. Dont waste time talk about losers. They can keep kelantan and continue to be dirty , smelly poeple with lots of flies in their lives and holy yellow water.

    But bloggers pro bn got reeeally bad habit If got story to hantam BN they are like F 1 drivers, racing to be the first to hantam. Then they ask eh why so many bad stories about bn. PR steady only. Why , because you bn politicians and bloggers r stupid, you dont know about being political bloggers. PR politcians feed their bloggers with info and lies and mis info , to play up. Anyhting la as long as it makes people doubt or hate the BN, the gomen , najib and rosmah.No half measures.

    BN politicians are slow , scared scared, must show they are fair they tell truth. They hurt BN oso okay.What a stupid thinking, where got such things in today's politics.

    Somemore BN leaders and politicians need to go for upskilling asap la. Not clever in making use of situations and play up advantages and go to town or to kampung with advantages. So bolol. Dont feed bloggers with info to provoke. Name of game is provoke and perception. SO what you waiting for BN. Got bigmouths but no big brains no big ideas.
    Correct correct correct whoever said forget chinese vote. The chinese businessmen and chinese supporters are comfortable with being rascist and hate everythign about malays.They can smell possibility chinese seize power in this country. So they kau tim. What more with sneaky singapore snakes do dirty on us. Singapore always jealous of malaysia. The power chinese businesemen will support PR play both sides, gamble la. All the non malay millioniares didnt become nmillionaires on their own. They all got help from gomen and support and favoured treatment. Like ananda krishnan , vincent tan, francis yeoh, sp setia , the kuok brothers, the lees, tony fernandez, bal bla bla. But all keep quite , none defend gomen to say gomen not rascist. They oso quietly pro PR and anti Malay.

    They smell blood, they smell chinese power, theys mell non malay power, they smell the smelly sinagporeans providing strategic and money support to PR.

    Ei BN bolol , umno, go for the confused malays in PKR and PAS and the fence sitters. GO for the malay votes. Forget the chinese, one more time forget the chinese. Deadwood mca and their diminishign chinese support cannot help you. YOu have to make the non malays understand what sacrifice is about, of what the past leaders did. You failed to show them sacrifice of past leaders because you too want to forget what the past leaders have done, thats why. You failed to show why people then, malays and non malays love the leaders in the past.
    If you yourself cannot appreciate your past leaders deeds you dont expect the young people to do that, bolol.


  4. Don't worry lah BigCat, at the rate they are performing.. PR will not take over Putrajaya.. So you still have many years to write to your heart's content ;p

    Thank God for many rational Malays around! If not, our country will either turn to Taliban or Communist rule!