Friday 15 June 2012

Garang wife essential liao

Just woke up. It's 4.58am. Didn't sleep well. Fallen asleep about 2.30am. I don't think that's enough sleep. Feels like calling him up....but cannnot, sure kena marah disturbing his sleep.

Never mind, I just do this posting instead and pretend you all who read this are my friends and listening to my ramblings.

What? U don't want to be my friend because I'm pro-BN? What la you, don't want to be friend just because of politics. That's silly. Relax, ok? We Maaysians are really not much different from each other, ok?

You think just because I'm BN, l'm evil lah ya? Corrrupted corrrupted lah ya? Eh, stupid la like that. I'm just like you also la. Just trying to earn a living and fulfill my responsibilities and do the right thing, ok? I like Najib, you like Anwar...what? You think Najib is the devil, and Anwar an angle? So simple ka? Come on la...let's use our brain, can?

Ok la, you don't care about Anwar, but love and want Guan Eng instead to become, that guy also a man lar...and men are all bastards...remember? Guan Eng also can get horny ok? Any man who can get horny, can get corrupted also, ok? Just that Guan Eng is lucky that Pretty Betty is garang. Almost all Chinese women are like tha one. A little sign of him getting itchy, and she threw that ashtray...or as it a file? Heard like that lah.

Compare that to Anwar...Wan Azizah really hopeless lar...just let the bugger do as he pleases. That's why he ended like that...everything also, he sapu.

Well, considering that, I do think Pakatan need to consider putting Guan Eng as their number one leader. He try to be funny, Betty will be ready with that ashtray...or is it a file?

BN better in that need to change leader...Najib got Rosmah, what :-)

Eh, enough lah of my nonsense...need to do the necessary and get ready for work. You all, have a good day, ok.


  1. Woi Kuching Besar
    Bangun pukul 4.58 pagi. Posting pukul 3 petang. Lu apa cerita? Oh ok, lu kucing ... tak tahu tengok jam!!!

  2. Ha,ha,ha. That's why Anwar Ibrahim is the greatest devil. He has a sub-servient wife who always kept quiet no matters what evil Anwar commits.

    Unlike Anwar, both Guan Eng and Najib have garang wives who always check on their husbands' extra-curricular activities. I think they should hang notices outside their houses this sign ' AWAS ISTERI GARANG'.

  3. Is it True br Big Cock that Ghani Othman's wife the Professori is very galang ha???

  4. A man who loves a woman should not get angry if she calls him no matter at what time day or night. If he does get angry he's not worth having.

    1. Aye... not there when you need him- kena susun agenda? baru bf dah macam ni?? Bet when its him, you will kelam kabut answer..Gotta have some self-love babe. Lots of fishes in the ocean.

  5. Some times the husband is subdued may not be becaise wife is garang but maybe effect of nasi kangkang. Its a posibility.

  6. wendy deng,chinese wife of saggy balls CEO Rupert Murdoch, also known as his *bodyguard* after that incident, is the Queen of them all. She also looks more like an airport siamese bapok.