Thursday 14 June 2012

Bitching again about irritating BN people

Sometimes it's hard for me to understand why so many BN people find it difficult to realize that the coming general election is a do or die mission for the coalition.

Not being a member of any BN component party, I often observe how BN people still behave as if things are still the way they were back before the disastrous 2008 election.

Many were still very much engrossed with petty internal squabbles, and spend much time and energy jockeying for positions in the hope of furthering their own personal vested interests.

Don't they realise that if BN falls they will lose everything and that this country will be no more what it used to be? Have they not learned any lesson from the losses of 2008?

The Pakatan people may say that the country will be better if they take over, but despite my intense dislike of many BN people, I still believe that Pakatan are much worse and if they were to be given the power, will tear this country apart. BN, despite some unsavoury characters within it, has proven itself capable of steering Malaysia to the right path over the years. Yes, it was not perfect, but I don't think we are doing too badly considering our complicated multi-racial, multi-religion and other multi-this and that society. It's just a matter of improving the system, instead of replacing it with some other dubious set-up.

Back to those distasteful BN characters, I think DS Najib Razak really need to do something to get rid of them. Not only they cause disruptions within their party but they also cause people to loath BN. Worse of all, they cause people who sincerely want to fight for BN to give up in disgust.

I had many encounters with these sorts of BN people. Arrogant for no reason, think so highly of themselves, demanding for things which were not theirs etc. They sometimes made me wonder what am I doing supporting BN.

The only thing which help makes me want to continue on this path is the presence of the good BN leaders whom I have the privilage to know quite closely. My favorite was of course Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman whom I found to be a decent and proper man.

Ghani's political enemies had tried to cast doubts about him, accusing him of all sorts of things. I tried my best to check them out but could not find anything rotten. It would be sad to see him going on his retirement after the next general election. Hopefully there will be more good leaders among BN people so that people not subscribing to any political party like me find it appealing to side with BN instead of being put off


  1. You say pakatan people will tear the country apart. Is selangor and penang torn now and it's leaders facing an uprising?i don't see that happening The only noise I hear are disgruntled umno people who now can not get contracts. Kelantan and kedah doesn't seem to be in a state of 'torn apart' either. You talk to people in pakatan states they don't want BN back ever

    1. Bravo, Anon 14.42. You speak well. Big Cat can see for herself what happens to these four PR states. But Big Cat is so biased that even she thinks her own state is still the best.

    2. I'm of the opinion that those states have not yet torn themselves apart because the federal government is still under BN which maintain overall control and preserve social order. Once the Pakatan gang take over, they will each wants this country to be run according to their differing whims and fancies. That will destroy this country. Thank you

    3. Big Cat (@16.21), say what you want. You think BN is indispensible. 'No BN, no peace' is this what you think? Think again, Cat.

    4. Torn to pieces under PR- Pertubuhan Rakus

    5. Anon 16:27 , IF federal falls under PR,Johore will still remain with BN.
      There will be no peace , I can assure you.
      Don't underestimate what the Johore Malays can do.
      YOU think again and again.

    6. Big Cat is threatening everyone - same as all the UMNO goons, cos they are afraid of losing their goodies.


    7. Big Cat, Look at what 'wak segen' wrote. Hey, man, I am afraid, very afraid.

    8. hahahaha relax guys.
      It just won't happen..federal to be taken over by PR.
      As long as Malays are majority.
      Malays are not stupid.


  2. "Don't they realise that if BN falls they will lose everything and that this country will be no more what it used to be?"

    Be more open lah. What you really mean is that there will be no more opportunity to steal a la NFC, PKFZ, Scorpene, etc etc.


  3. I really do agree with you on the point that we can do better. So much wastage and bad governance.But at this point of time we can see that most potential credible and qualified leaders are mostly in Pakatan.The chinese with DAP and the malays with PAS.What is left in BN are mostly half past six leaders from the old era.Unless BN can really come out with credible leaders that really are good and not like those vengeance seeking guys bullying the rakyat (eg.suspending loans for UNISEL just because its in an opposition state is really bad taste).How can we vote for these people even if we want to..Just cannot get over our conscience.Sorry

  4. "I still believe that Pakatan are much worse and if they were to be given the power, will tear this country apart."

    I couldn't agree with you more! Some of PR's Pathetic Representatives are even more arrogant than BN Ministers! Very dangerous combi.. seperti orang Melayu kata "Dahlah bodoh.. sombong pulak tu".. The smart ones pulak.. so cunning n such a suave liars!

    God save us from PR!


  5. Yes I agree Pakatan states are being ‘torn apart’. But by whom? These are some incidents that come to my mind. With evidence.
    Cow head incident in Shah Alam –Umno (photographic evidence culprits identified)
    Creating animosity toward Christians (Hasan Jati –Umno proxy-lots of article written on this)
    Gangsters attack ABU ceramah at Jln Kebun Klang –Umno samsengs(photographic evidence- culprits identified)
    Selling burgers in front of Ambiga’s house (Umno- photographic evidence- culprits identified)
    Throwing stones and eggs at PKR ceramah in lembah Pantai(unknown but umno ceramah was next door at the same time )
    The list can go on and on........... And I haven’t even mentioned Penang yet.

  6. Big cat now has caught a BIG FISH in Johor. Ada Teman yang terbaik sekali in Johor. So no need to worry about roti prata and nasi. No more nasi bubur. Boleh makan daging and ayam selalu. Can now blog on behalf of the Taikoh of Johor but he may not be around after the next erection. So Big Cat, boleh makan, makan besar.

  7. Everyday we read about Raja Nong Chik's daughter getting RM 30 million contract, Shahrizat's family getting RM 250 million soft loan which was used to buy condos and start their restaurant and supermarket businesses, JJ's son getting the RM 160 million airport radar contract, the list goes on and on.

    You Barisan people got any conscience left ? Now you are threatening us with violence if the gravy train stops ? We the rakyat are not stupid.