Thursday 28 June 2012

Of Penang's LGE Pau and Johor's Holistik

I couldn't hold in my giggle this morning when I read what was on Page 8 of NST today about the 51 photos of the Chief Minister Guan Eng being squeezed onto 28 pages of the May edition of Buletin Mutiara.  Actually I am still giggling.

Tan Cheng Liang, the Penang BN information chief was quoted as suggesting that the newsletter be renamed "Lim Guan Eng Pau", as in Nanyang Siang Pau.

I say Miss Tan (and ofcourse Helen Ang who first "broke" this story) lighten up la .. allow the Chief Minister his moments of glory.  Why la you all complain complain like that?  If he stops doing this, then we have nothing to giggle about over breakfast.

Really la, I also find that to be quite an amazing feat beside being extremely amusing.

How do they manage to squeeze in that many photos of one person in a single 28-page publication?   Isn't that simply amazing?

To put it in perspective, I am comparing it with the April 2012 edition of Holistik, the Johor State official publication which is actually lying on my desk.

In the 36-page holistik, I counted  57 photographs (front and back covers included), 11 charts and diagrams, and a JAIJ-approved halal logo.  Ghani's face is in a total of 6 photographs on pages 3, 21, 34 and 35.

See what I am seeing?  Holistik has more pages than Buletin Mutiara, and yet has 45 less photos featuring the Mentri Besar in it.

Looking at that picture up there,there are only three possible reasons that I can think of.

A.  Guan Eng is a star idol, Ghani is not.

B.  Holistik is about the State, Buletin Mutiara is about the Chief.

C.  There are more things to write about in Johor than in Pulau Pinang.


  1. Yeah,,kind of feeling like wanna vomit..Reminds me of the prime time TV news watching the same government politicians over and over again few times a night. Guess it boils down to who you support. We layman dont like it just dont watch or dont read la..simple..
    I still remember there was a time when we see our FLOM almost everyday in the newspaper and on TV..Nobody seem to complain back then..

    1. Errr...actually last time everyone from both sides complained, what. After awhile FLOM cool off. Now, most of the time, we only see her hanging out with children only, but not as many as 51 pictures in a single publication paid by tax payers. Of course we can't let these sorts of North Korean-style personality worshiping be paid by the rakyat. Thank you.

    2. FLOM... First Lady of Malaysia ( right??), then First Lady of Penang is FLOP...heheh there is a FLOP in Penang and sinisterically speaking...Penag is a total FLOP under LGE...kesian dia... kesian dia.....

    3. Tax Payers money huh...Why no complain when Najib uses tax payers money to hire APCO and BBC to make him look good..That one more expensive..End of the day is see whose side you are worshiping..just let the people judge.

    4. anon 22:48
      Guess these APCO and BBC are quite useless, no seven pictures of Najib with different babies on a single page like what Guan Eng got in Buletin Mutiara...or maybe Najib not as caring as dear leader Guan Eng, eh.

  2. Wah, Najib's face appearing on cans of 100PLUS is OK ? My dear, it's different horses for different courses, OK ?

  3. Big cat - plus your photos you can make it into world record. So why Big cat is so Anti BN and pro DAP? Why Helen and others keep on promoting LGE? Erection coming so now putting up more poster of DAP and less DUMNO?

  4. desparado syiok sendiri.....

    he knows the local DAPs is going to kick him anytime during the election

  5. LGE so cute. Reminds me of hitler and kim jong il. Well to cover up the bad news in penang, one has to resort to glorification of oneself in papers.

    This seDAPS always siok sendiri.

    HIDUP PAS and say NO PAS - DAP alliance