Friday 15 June 2012

General election now only at year end

Sitting in the office, don't know what to do. Finished work but can't go back home. Need to wait for a meeting with a  bollywood-looking friend. Decided to do this posting for the time being.

I heard the general election will only be at the very end of the year. Definitely after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Aidil Adha. There goes my perdiction of it to be held in September.

Can come up with all sorts of theories about the delay but honestly I think I'm getting tired of waiting. Don't know lah. Najib is smarter than me, so, he probably have a good reason for it.

Whatever it is I think I don't want to hold back on my plans just because of the election. If I want to go on a travelling break, I think I will just go. Johor BN simply have to do without me. Taiwan....dreaming of Taiwan....

I hope he can come along. Need him as my translator. I know it will not likely happened. Today also he never called. Yesterday, he said got big reunion dinner tonight but can't takes me with him. Make me sad only. Useless fella.

By the way, in case I'm in Taiwan and suddenly the parliament was dessolved, I think I can still rush back to vote.

Ya, I think I will celebrate my birthday this year in Taipeh. He better pay for my flight tickets. What? Tickets to Taipei are not very expensive la. It's not like I'm asking him to pay for my way to London, ok?


  1. December is flood season !

  2. Maybe October?

  3. Wah, dreaming again. Dreaming about going to Taiwan for honeymoon, silly Cat.

    Najib maybe more powerful than you are; but I don't think he is smarter than you are. At least you do the thinking (and dreaming) yourself.

    1. No lah, just want to go jalan-jalan only. Cannot marry the guy yet, he still eat pork.
      Najib is really smart. If Pakatan people think he is not smart, then they are stupid

  4. Why after Raya Adil? Better after Dwali. But Xmas is close to Dwali. If after Xmas, a few days may be Year New. Big cat best is after CNY, UMNO will gives BIG Ang Pow to everyone. Then tell your uselss team to fly kite. You can go to Taipei by yourself with CNY ang pow from UMNO. Isn't that best?

  5. Because all Pakatan Rakyat DUNs will not be dissolved if PRU13 is held earlier. the PRU13 will be next year.
    All Malaysians must give a fair chance to the Pakatan Rakyat to collect election funds by selling some state assets to cronies, by getting donations for a toll-free highway, clearing more state forest lands for ladang rakyat, etc,etc.
    I just hope that all Malaysians will think rightly when you cast your votes in PRU13.
    GOD will help those who help themselves.

  6. general elections with the whole country , the parliment and the state assemblies all dissolved. But the Pakatan States, for sheer lack of confidence wont want to have the 'General"elections .Their General wont have enough time to spread lies, to divide and rule and torment thier we have to pay more for elections after elections..until there will be no mood for erections

  7. I have a prediction:- The general elections will be held not later than 7 March 2013.

    Actually, bringing forward elections should not be allowed. Instead they should be held every five years when the term of the government ends, no sooner, no later much like the US presidential elections is held every four years.

  8. I wish Najib could call for elections asap. I don't know about others and I AM NOT a PR member but at this point my sentiments are with them. The MILAN and DUBAI side shopping trips (Nazri tried very hard not to say a word about these side trips in the Parliment) is the straw that breaks the camel back. Why can our Govt think of saving taxpayer money? My salary comes from working 9-5pm and I can't dream of Taiwan or Hong Kong right now - I need to save for my income tax payment and my Govt is using RM3million to fly here and there. How many trips do Obama and Cameron make compared to Najib on a yearly basis?