Friday 4 November 2011

1Malaysia R&R

Just received this text message -

"Can u help to pose one question to najib? Why all the stalls on plus highway are malay stalls? Selling only malay food?........We stopped by a R&R wanting to find noodle soup stall can't find (sic)....."

Errr, girl, that's three question marks I see there, not one. Ok la ok la, give you chance one. Here, I put your message in my blog. But DS Najib read or not I don't know lar.

Well, hopefully the Plus Highway people read this and do something about it. These are among all those little things which for me matter in our drive for 1Malaysia.

Really, that girl who send me the text is not a chauvanist Chinese who can't eat Malay food without vomitting blood. (Ok, she can't eat too spicy stuff, but she is indeed the really muhibah type.)

The thing is, from my close friendship with lots of REAL Chinese guys and girls, I learnt that most of them can't go without Chinese food for too long. I am talking about Chinese who went to Chinese schools and not the Anglophile bananas here, ok.

So, Plus people, please do something about this. Help Najib's 1Malaysia a bit, can or cannot?

For the Malay ultras, don't get upset and jump up and down on me lah. The Chinese girl just asking for some noodle soup only. Let them have a stall or two at the R&R cannot ka?

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  1. Just discovered yr blogs, so pardon me this late reply....

    Most R&R stalls are muhibbah type least 2 or 3 stalls are let out to Chinese operators and 1or2 let to Indians....I suspect PLUS follows racial demographic ratios when allocating those stalls.