Tuesday 29 November 2011

Some lawyers and their boorish ways

This picture is that of a pot belly pig.

I know, I know, very offensive for the Muslims. No offence intended, really.

Just that I was surfing several websites just now and came across the picture. It immediately reminds me of a lawyer.

Never mind lah who that lawyer is....just that it look very much like her lah, at least to me la...well never mind....just me and my crazy thoughts.

Anyway, I am just curious, who do you think may look like that pig anyway? Look at the face carefully....

Ok, on to a more serious matter. Today a group of lawyers and their supporters marched to the Parliament house to protest against the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011. Hmmmm....defenders of justice indeed.

One of them, a young Malay lawyer....(read his name somewhere just now, but can't remember....and too lazy to double check)....told the crowd that the protest got nothing to do with politics (I chuckled when I read that). He said they had drafted an alternative bill which took them just three days to complete....(hmmm, I think I can draft a bill of law as according to my whims and fancies in less than a day la).

They then marched (or rather stroll) from the nearby taman to the gate of Parliament and make some noise there. One of the leaders of the crowd was that lawyer whom I think looks like that pot belly pig. The pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini said there are more than 1,000 of them while the so-called pro-BN NST in its sms alert put their number at about 300.

All that while, the Bill was being debated in the Parliament. Several Pakatan MPs came out to fetch five people each allowed from the crowd to enter the compound.

Another group of people, identified as Malay NGOs members were also there in another crowd. They were taunting the lawyers by chanting "No free sex !" in obvious reference to the Bar Council's support for the cancelled free sex carnival which was supposed to be held earlier this month. No BN MP came out to fetch anyone from this crowd to enter the Parliament compound.

As I read through the report of this incident, my mind went back to those days when I was attending constitutional law lectures. I really hate the subject, by the way. Reading the thick books of fancy words always made me want to go to sleep.

Anyway, it teaches me about the concept of seperation of powers between the executive, legislature and judiciary. Legislature is the one which is our parliament la. And its duty is to make the law. Judiciary (the courts) is to inteperate the law while the executive (the gomen of the day) is to execute the law. Something like that la in layman terms. (Layman is ordinary man who is not an expert la, in case you don't know).

Sorry ya. My language is very layman. I had quit long time ago trying to impress people with high class words which I was thought at my law school. I find that using such words made me sound like a stuck-up asshole. Many lawyers whom I know however think that it made them sound intellectual. Well, everyone have their own fancies, ya.

But I do remember those basic principles of constitutional law which are the foundation of any democratic country. In this case - laws are to be made by parliament who is elected by the people. Not by some smart ass lawyers who enjoy marching and shouting in the sweltering heat of our equatorial sun in fancy suits.

Wonder how these lawyers had passed their constitutional law examination papers....basic stuff like that also cannot remember ka??? Or you all think just because you wear fancy suit makes people think you are so smart ka? That you can make the laws? Sheeesssshhhh, I call you boorish pigs you sure get angry pulak.

Never mind...the Peaceful Assembly Bill was passed anyway by the Parliament today. Cheers.


  1. Big Cat, Your knowledge is so shallow....no wonder you are only fit to write faceless blogs. Bloody cow.....at least the Pg has a face....one day you will be the same, faceless Umno pig.

  2. hehehehe....why la anon 03;53 you read a faceless blog, written by bloody cow (which will turn into a faceless Umno pig) with shallow knowledge...nothing much else to do ka?

  3. The pig actually resembles the level of your intellect.

  4. uh uh...my level of intellect is fat then....hmmm, not bad lar.

  5. I always tot she looks like an obese boer goat but this is better....

  6. More baffled with the 2 clowns who went to meet the BJP in India, (Hindu version of PAS) , just to inform them about the situation of Malaysian Hindu's !!! (see Rocky's blog) Next we may see some of our comrades going to China, maybe some will go to Myammar since there is more freedom there..... Good that the law was passed, fed up seeing these buffoons parading around creating a nuisance.

  7. The sight of lawyers walking on the streets to protest with their expensive suits reminds me of penguins marching towards the sea in Antartica.

  8. Taada koteh, Big CaT, klau engkau anak jantan bapak kau, tunjuk muka kau Babi...supaya engkau dibelasah cukup cukup.....ini satu amaran padakau.....Jaga baik baik...Babi

  9. These Ambigas are only acting at the spur of the moment.

    Let's just assume that the PR fools get to run this country. Will these very same lawyers allow the new opposition to run amok on the streets? Of course the never thought about the other side of the fence.

    Their democratic freedom only allows them the sole right to be stupid. Others ore not allowed to take that right from them.

    In their foolish wisdom, they are quick to issue Gag Orders. And they call it democracy??


  10. I think Bar Council should change its name into 'DAP Bar Council' to reflect its current 'apolitical' state of affairs and so-called 'independence'.

  11. One person, one vote. tak kisah apakalancu your background.
    Tak happy vote the way you want ,bising- bising nanti batu terbang kepala baru tau.

  12. Luckily i belong to a professional fraternity which talk less but positively contribute a lot to develop this country.

  13. lawyer kat m'sia ni banyak masa sangat sbb kerja mrk cut n paste jer, not much value addition. Takpa, come 2012, with liberalization of legal svc and competition law take efx, there will be more competition for legal svc. Then we will see whether the fat lawyers still got time to make noise amid the influx of better foreign legal svc providers with much value added n innovations.

  14. please bc, you're actually maligning that fine creature comparing it to a lawyer.

    the potbellies are reputed to be very intelligent, very friendly and very clean. they make good household pets. for those whose religion don't turn them against pigs lah. :D

  15. I don't think highly of Malaysian lawyers. They are not as clever as they think. Proof: Three times I went to court, and I, without any law background, won all three of my cases.