Friday 18 November 2011

Bad PR skills

I was actually planning to post on more important things today, but this comment in my Irda posting caught my attention -

Anonymous said...
    Banyak sangat tengok cerita hantu ni sebab tu lah fikiran korang senang DIMOMOK MOMOKKAN NI. Cubalah fikir positif sikit. Baru JB nak maju sikit korang dah buat cerita-cerita mcm ni. Orang-orang IRDA jangan layanlah orang-orang macam ni. Moh gi buat kerja. Kalau degil aku report kat Mail siapa yang post comment mcm-mcm ni. Dont play play aku ada ramai kaki kat SKMM. Fan club fan club janda puaka, cukup-cukuplah. I think they got the message. BIG CAT jum kita cite lain pulak. Cerita pasal pasal kenapa ramai bangla depan rumah aku ni ke? Cerita orang midle income mcm aku yang tak mampu beli rumah kat JB ni ke? Cerita kenapa kurang ajar sangat orang Spore bila memandu kat Msia ke? OOOPS LUPA. Cerita- cerita mcm ni tak boleh lakukan blog kau kan big cat?
    17 November 2011 07:20

I guess that is how Irda big wigs handles their unhappy staff. Ok lah, I think it did manage to scare all those unhappy Irda people. Good also. I am beginning to worry that my blog is turning into an Irda blog.

As for me wanting to popularise my blog, well, as I said, I had intended the Irda posting as a reminder for them to fix what little problems they have. It was an advice to them, actually. Nothing more than that.

If I really want to be popular I would not have waited this long before I started posting about Irda   Or I can post insidious pictures like this -

Ok, please don't push me to do such nonsense.

If your staff are unhappy, I think it is better to let them vent their anger and frustrations here rather than feeding info to the Pakatan people. Info such as funny distribution of contracts and other even more damaging stuff. Mine is just a small insignificant anonymous blog what. Why worry eh?


  1. bigcat, why don't you put picture of Mail and the janda puaka having good time at karaoke in JB?

  2. BIGCAT…wat u did is consider a favor to IRDA staff mainly targeting the lower position staff. All the wrongdoings & abuse of power need to be address accordingly. We won't want such ppl & their cronys to run the organization. Nothing has been done since when this matters has been relate to the CEO. My own opinion as long as that JANDA PUAKA is around, hell will break loose & god knows wat she's gonna do nxt. She's been masterminding all along. Truth will prevail…

  3. Yo BC, anon 17 November 2011 07:20 & 06:59 adalah org yg sama.

  4. I think the message is loud and clear Sis. Heard some drastic action were taken since yesterday. Let them clean their house and get their act together. We have more important thing to focus on. I m getting bored with this IRDA stuff.

  5. Dear Anonymous 21:53,
    I have no intention of ruining Irda, but was worried about what is happening within the organisation. That was why I gave them a bit of an advice. I tried to be very subtle about it. As for the comments, I have to let them go as I believe in free speech. It is up to you all to judge if they were just slanders or the truth. What however pissed me off is that there are some who tried to be condescending when addressing me. Trust me, if I reveal everything that I know about Irda, things will get really ugly. So, please ya Irda bosses, clean up your act. I don't want to hear anymore nonsense about you all.

  6. what drastic action taken? At most suspension only two weeks and come back to work like nothing happend. Tht is wht the AVP swindler did !!! Thick skin people will never learn...unless you sack them as they have no intergrity in dealing with taxpayers money. I heard that she revealed the tender amounts to her mother in law company asking to tender lower than the amount. This can happen meh? Where is the governance in IRDA la???

  7. Kami akan tetap menyokong Encik Ismail walaupun kami telah lama tahu skandal tuan dengan PA, janda anak satu, memakai contact lenses berwarna warni mengalahkan GRO di Grand BlueWave hotel. Kami akan tetap menyokong En Ismail walaupun tuan tidak mengambil tindakan ke atas sahabat2 karib tuan di IRDA yang tidak boleh membuat kerja kecuali bercakap dan bercakap dan sentiasa bercakap kosong dan yang paling hebat mempunyai hobi yang cukup unik, iaitu tidor semasa mesyuarat. Kami akan tetap menyokong En Ismail walaupun tuan tidak membuat sebarang tindakan ke atas AVP komunikasi dan juga sahabat2 karib tuan di IRDA yang telah menyalahguna kuasa sehingga ada di antaranya mampu membeli helikopter (lawak hari Jumaat). Kami akan tetap menyokong En Ismail kerana tuan adalah idola malaya kami, kini dan selamanya. Syabas dan tahniah diucapkan kepada En Ismail. Semoga IRDA akan terus maju jaya dibawah kepimpinan tuan yang tidak membuat sebarang tindakan dan penuh dengan skandal seks dan rasuah. Wasalam.

  8. Big Cat, if you are really sincere and concern of what had happened in IRDA, I strongly encourage you to meetup with Ismail and share your concern objectively. You have nothing to loose after all he is government servant paid by rakyat . Exposing half true stories like this is counter productive.

    2 years ago IRDA Watch practically destroyed all the good works and the CEO was sack. Impact? Lost of focus, morale and productivity. Who suffered most? Rakyat. Please lah. We can't afford this to happen again. Not when everything started to pickup the momentum.
    Look at the big picturelah. Other agencies are no angel too why just pickup on IRDA? Meeooow!

    So Ismail, what are you waiting for? Many had warned you before but you dont want to listen.

    Don't allow 1 or 2 black sheep destroyed all the good jobs la my friend! Come lah. I thought you are AAUUUM! go and meet the Meow lah.

  9. Anon 18 November 2011 02:13

    If Ismail is sincere about his job, he would have heeded my advice on the matter which I highlighted. You and your CEO should be glad that I only tell a fraction of the stories. If I were to tell the whole thing, you would probably have the MB calling for an emergency meeting at the Irda office tomorrow morning.
    I am done trying to reason with Irda bosses. I have been trying that since the time of Ikmal Hijaz and Harun Johari. All they are interested in is trying to shut me up. Ypur Ismail doesn't seem to be any different. Believe me, I've tried.
    Maybe you people needed to be educated on how Irda came into being, from when the first proposal was sent by the state government to the Feds during Dr Mahathir's time, and was hijacked into a corridor that became the present Iskandar under Pak Lah.

  10. Bigcat, why don't you just tell the whole thing? Let MB Johor call for emergency meeting and fix the problem once for all. We need to know the truth. After all, it's our money you are talking here. Otherwise, you are letting those ungrateful fuckers in IRDA (you know who you are) continue robbing taxpayers' money for nothing.

  11. Sungai Segget Boy20 November 2011 at 12:53

    IRDA is way past in fixing their problems.
    Even the squatters seem to hate them, with some of the mainstream press (except The Star, and you guys in IRDA know its because the husband of the fat AVP swindler bitch in The Star).
    At times, Ismail talks cock. The recent being about transparency and proper KPI of his staff a few months ago when the IIB issue surfaced against their former CEO.
    Fact is IRDA as a government agency, created by an Act of Parliament, should adhere to proper procedures. But they are not doing it as there is so much rubbish brewing there among a handful of incompetent staff.
    Ismail needs to buck-up. Even the media views him as a joke nowadays as he is known to hide and complaint to the Johor MB Ghani when faced with issues.
    Ghani needs to seriously look into the problems together with the role of his "chosen" chief executive officer Ismail at IRDA.
    Ghani as joint-chairman needs to order a clean-up IRDA before its too late.

  12. Ghani, apa sudah jadi? Your chosen one Ismail Ibrahim is not only a grassroot man, he is too busy rooting his PA. This is disgusting!

  13. Big Cat ini anak haram seperti kucing lorong. Mengapa tak petal ID Di Blogosphere?????? Anak haram!!! Takut ke? Atau oleh kerana awak ni tak dikongkek?

  14. Anon 25 November 2011 18:19 is Janda Puaka?

  15. JANDA PUAKA marah eh…tak yah la mare nanti susuk sume kluar. Sape yg anak haram? Aku rase ko lah pasal perbuatan2 cam nih ONLY anak haram yg brani buat benda2 nih. Takde akhlak punye pompuan. Aku sympathy kat org tua kau