Monday 21 November 2011

Real racists

Was not feeling well over the weekend. In fact, am still a bit sick today. Forced to take some pain killers before going to work this morning.

Well, last night, as I was about to sleep (after taking some sleeping pills), I received a text from someone who forwarded me a message which was said to have been extensively circulated.

My first drug-induced instinct was to post that message in this blog but the person who forwarded it to me immediately scolded me and made me promise not to do so.

"You will only make it worse," the person said. The message actually contain a very racist statement and blatantly exploits religious sentiments to incite hatred towards the government and  people of a particular race.

I'm actually frustrated that I can't post that message here. It contains questions which I really want Pas members and Malays of PKR to read and answer.  It also illustrates the true nature of the real racists in this country. But a promise is a promise. I have to keep it in my gut. Probably I ll have to take an extra dosage of pain killer for that.

As compensation for myself, I am linking with this posting by Rocky -

The so-weak and superficial Muslims' faith

It probably gives some light for those who are wondering why I am being vague with this posting. Too many of these racists who accussed others of racism lah....and many do not even realise that these bastards are racists.

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