Friday 17 February 2012

The big Chinese debate (UPDATED 3 - final take)

UPDATED 3 - final take

It was a contest between two Chinese parties for the support of  their community in a country where they are the minority. That's the bare fact which no one should dispute.

Soi Lek - He appeared to be more blunt by telling the Chinese of the dangers they face if they abandon MCA and give their full support to DAP which is an ally of Pas, an Islamic hardline Malay-based party.
However, I believe what he was really trying to tell the Chinese audience is that, DAP may win their votes but its Pakatan allies will lose, and therefore Pakatan will not win the general election to protect Chinese interests as promised by DAP.
This raise a real possibility of BN being in power without much representation from MCA and the coalition forming a government dominated by right-wing Umno which will be even less sympathetic towards Chinese interests.

Guan Eng - He tried to play the Chinese hero character and projected an image of a crusader against a corrupt and evil BN government. It's part of the usual tactic of running down the rival MCA by insinuating it as being an Umno stooge who failed to protect the interests of the Chinese despite the party being part of the government. He also stressed that DAP are more capable of standing up to its Malay allies in Pas and PKR.

Who wins?
   I think Guan Eng succeeded more in asserting the DAP's Chinese character. The fact that he was the one who insisted for the debate to be held in Mandarin makes him the winner from the start on this count. However, this will have a far reaching negative implications as far as Pakatan as a whole is concerned. They will lose even more votes of the Malays and other races.
   Soi Lek, in a way succeeded in this debate for being able to draw DAP into an open fight. MCA has now shown Malaysians, and especially the Chinese that they are not a totally a spent force and still needed by the community to protect their interests in this Malay-majority country.    


Been searching for new thing to update this posting.
Got all excited over The Star headline just now -

Forum kicks off with a bang


The report starts promisingly -

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Chinese at a Political Crossroads forum kicked off with a bang Saturday as MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek brought down the housewith his fiery opening speech.
Dr Chua appeared to be metaphorically rolling up his sleeves in preparation for his debate with political opponent, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in the evening.

And then, this is all the quote that was taken from the big bang.

"He (Lim) is more interested in issuing countless statements to condemn or challenge others, behaving like a true street fighter. He has forgotten that he has a state to look after," said Dr Chua to tumultous applause.

Yup, that's all. The rest are just the usual background stuff. Chey,  what la you all Star people. So really anti-climax leh..

I think better just wait for the debate.


Apparently, it was DAP's Lim Guan Eng who requested for the debate to be conducted in Mandarin.

Here is an excerpt of today's report by pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider -

“There is nothing racial about it; it’s a national conference consisting of many topics and issues that cover all ethnic groups,” Asian Strategic Leadership Institute (ASLI) director Datuk Michael Yeoh said at a press conference here.
“It (the conference) looks at [the changing of our political structure] and concerns all issues ... (that) every Malaysian should be concerned about,” he added.
Yeoh said the debate, themed “Chinese at a Crossroads. Is the 2 Party System Becoming a 2 Race System?”, was originally to be conducted in English, but was changed to Mandarin following Lim’s request.
“Guan Eng asked, why is a Chinese topic not conducted in [Mandarin]? So we have decided the whole debate will be in [Mandarin],” Asli senior vice-president Ng Yeen Seen explained.
“The (rest of the) conference will be conducted in English, but if the floor wishes to ask questions in [Mandarin], then the speakers will use Mandarin to answer,” she added, saying that most speakers are bilingual.


As far as I am concerned, MCA macho man Dr Chua Soi Lek had already won the tommorrow's debate against DAP handsome boy Lim Guan Eng.

Why? Because Guan Eng, in his unbridled enthusiasm, had in the first place agreed for the debate being in Mandarin, which to me is a big mistake for him.

To me, he had fell into the trap of acknowledging that DAP is a Chinese party and not a multi-racial one as claimed. Soi Lek on the other hand should be ok with the language being used as MCA has no problem of itself being a Chinese-based party in a multi-racial BN coalition.

Ok, just look at the topic they are going to debate on - “Is the two-party system becoming a two-race system?”. What la Guan Eng, you want to debate on something like that in Mandrin? You sure lose one on the perception front.

Trust me, the Chinese do not want a two-race system and that is exactly why the smart MCA PR people choose the subject. In all probability, the two-race system is what we will have in this country after the next general election. The Bumiputera (and other races) on one side and the Chinese on the other. It is already happening in Sarawak, and that is exactly what DAP is banking on to win more parliamentary seats, especially in Johor. The Chinese will be at the losing end in such a system. 

Guan Eng , you should had at least insisted for the debate to be in Bahasa Kebangsaan. Now you are reduced to promoting and defending the Chineseness of DAP. Very damaging liao....especially for your Pakatan friends.

Despite this debate being the hotest topic among the Chinese community at the moment, the other Malaysians do not seems to be really interested in it. It has become a Chinese thingy. They will say "Ya la, MCA are Chinese, DAP also Chinese. Let them kung fu each other lah."

Yup, just look at the way the Chinese papers and Chinese-owned Star promoting the debate and then just look at how the Malay and other English papers covering it. Very contrast.

Guan Eng cannot carrying around bluffing people that DAP is a multi-racial party anymore after this debate. That I am sure, especially as far as the non-Chinese are concerned. I know that Guan Eng is a bit childish and not so smart, but to fall into Soi Lek's trap like that, I actually feel a bit sympathetic towards him. Really, I am not kidding you.

Probably Guan Eng has now realised his mistake. That is why he has been calling for follow-up debates with Soi Lek in Bahasa Malaysia and English after this. But really la Guan Eng, it's too late already. Finish the tomorrow's debate first ok?, then talk about trying to get another date with Soi Lek for damage control. Hopefully Soi Lek will be merciful and let Guan Eng have another go.

Oh, btw, I also think Soi Lek will make minch meat out of Guan Eng at the debate. Being a more seasoned politician who knows his stuff very well, Soi Lek will be too much of an opponent for Guan Eng. Well, the last big debate Guan Eng had was with the jaded Gerakan's Koh Tsu Koon and it was more or less a draw. Koh is not even in the same league as Soi Lek. If Soi Lek can survive the sex video scandal, what lah Guan Eng  to him.


  1. Miauu.. Miau..

    Well said and written.

    The Ah Beng will surely fall deep inside the pit of hatred created by the chauvinist party DAP.

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  2. Really, I care a damn about this debate. I hope they fight one another. Hope they bring their samurai swords too...kahkahkah...Padan muka Cina, lu gadoh sama lu lah. We will clap for both side even if dont know what the F--k you say...kahkahkahakah..Dua2 bodo

  3. It is only happen in Malaysia or to borrow PR slogan in Bolehland where Chinese political leaders of Chinese political parties debate Chinese issue in Chinese language and to be live televised in Chinese tv channel. It never happen in Australia, a developed and democratic country with many Chinese immigrants with many of their children speak English with OZ accent. Boleh land on the flip side ......

  4. Yup, I can agree wholly with your take on the "Great Chinese Debate" tomorrow, one way or the other the DAP has been outsmarted by the MCA, they have been smoked out and after tomorrow DAP cannot by any stretch of the imagination proclaim that it is a multiracial party. It is officially a Chinese party like the Malaysian Chinese Association.

    Karpal Singh and sons and other token Indians and the other token Malays like Tunku Aziz and former UMNO frustrates Aspan and Sakmongkol should leave the DAP after being betrayed by DAP Sec-General Guan Eng. They have no choice as they stick out like a sore thumb in a Chinese party. Buat malu sahja.

    I also happen to know Dr. Chua from his Johor Exco days, this guy has what it takes to surgically dismantle Guan Eng in any debate. He can speak in Mandarin, Malay and English interchanging the languages without missing a beat. I think his short speech the day he resigned as MOH Minister is the bravest and best I've heard from a Minister yet, he took responsibility for his action. Guan Eng enters the debate knowing full well that Dr Chua has out-manoeuvred him and the DAP in a very uncomfortable position.

  5. What to do, like father like son, stupid DAP family party.

  6. Good gentlemen, please do underestimate the DAP again and again.
    It's a already victory to appear in TV media for opposition has been shut out for over 50 years.

    For the first few time since independence, Malaysian public will see a DAP leader in the flesh so to speak without heavy editing and distortion. This will break down psychological barriers among voters to "mainstream" a opposition leader to the mass public.

    Anyway, in the age of Youtube alot of Malaysians have heard and listened to these opposition leaders in the comfort of their living room and computer screen.

    Now appearing in Astro TV beam to Malaysian living room, this will further the "mainstreaming" of these shadowy leaders shut out due to 50 years of BN propaganda control.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Dear Kluang girl, thanks for your comments. I really like your nick.

      However, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm feeling even more sorry now for Guan Eng that you said it's already a victory for him just for being able to appear on TV.

      DAP has actually been doing fine being less visible all these while. Just look at its allies Pas and PKR which were making donkeys of themselves in the media.

      Malaysian politics have of late been more about who are the ones making more mistakes. The less visible you are, the less mistake you will be making.

      Everything about this debate is wrong for Guan Eng. His biggest mistake is exposing DAP's true nature - a hypocrite party which claims to be multi-racial but in reality just another racialist party.

      MCA on the other hand has been very forthright about itself - a Chinese-based party in a multi-racial BN coalition. It never bluff the people about itself.

      The same could be said about Soi Lek. He didn't lie about himself.

    2. I think kluang girl is expressing her fervent wish rather than a factual situation.

      Guan Eng has been reported to make a lot of errors, so to be telecast live making mistakes is bad publicity.

      And being in mandarin will surely be a backlash on their attempted multiracial image.

  7. This may be Guan Eng's last speech!!! He said that he will resign from all posts if UMNO Penang can prove that the Bayan Mutiara land deal is not an open tender, after reading SatD's blog, it is obviously not open tender, wonder how will he get out of this one??? Problem is LGE thinks he's too smart.....

    1. He's one of the most stupid Chinese leaders ever born in Malaysia. If you can understand the Chinese art of face reading, LGE has one of the most unpleasant faces for a so-called leader.

  8. in the field of human endeavours with special mention in despatches,Malaysia environment is unique.
    DAp is unique(we all can talk for hours abt DAP)
    LGE is also unique.(same remarks).
    This debate is unique as well as unprecedented.
    For sure as the sun rises in the east,the outcome of this debate
    1.the Chineseness will increase.
    2.the partisan line will even more defined.
    3.all the SSS efforts will come to nought as ppl will clamour for more chinese this and that.
    4.More pple will be even project their chineseness even more.
    5.DAP will be the ultimate winner.
    6.PRU 13 will see a larger swing to DAP parliemen and DUN.
    For further elaboration details of the 6 pointers, we will see the an avalanche of comments on twits fb in the vernakular.

    For every one else,never underrate or undersestimate LGE,because he represent the Nanyang and diaspora,and all details of Chinese leadership regardless of party affiliations will be given wide and deep coverage in the vernakular media abroad and of course, the strident local vernakular media.

    For sure, emotions will run hot from the partisan lines and the counter media(when they get the interpreted comments and questions and and answers.)
    MCA will use the debate as a lever with Najib to ask for more and other things.
    It is clear that for MCA and DAP,the topic and the debate is a trojan horse ,to strike hard against the political dominance of biggest party in BN.
    PR will of course ,be joining in the chorus.
    As I said, this debate is unique,unprecedented and will touch of a whole series of political social economic tsunamis and waves.
    thank you big cat and my mentor satD.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

    1. arjuna

      the outcome matters not to the non-chinese who are not influenced by whoever wins

      but the way it is conducted, insisting on chinese supreme rights will backfire on the chinese community itself

      many non-chinese speak and write mandarin - so the content of both debaters will PROVE once and for all that the chinese are racists

      beware and this could happen to the chinese detriment - remember this is Malaysia and not singapore or hong kong or china

    2. Anon 11.55,
      I am glad you put it as direct and clearly pointing out the obvious as to where this country will be heading,for sure . .Tq you.
      I cant... be that direct, i fudge and waffle in non mother tongue writing.
      tq again.
      tq to my mentor satD.
      arjuna waspada
      changkat lobak.

    3. The Chinese, no matter from which party, are playing with fire. If Pakatan, with the DAP in it, were to take over Putrajaya, the Chinese will lose all their shirts. If, as expected, the Barisan Nasional were to maintain power, the Chinese will leave all their backsides exposed. But of course all the stupid Chinese politicians cannot be expected to see the big picture.

  9. If want to speak in mother tongue, go back to mother land mah.

  10. sekali tengok macam drama jepun dulu2 (Oshin), only today the debaters spoken in Mandarin while the interpreter spoke with very funny voices

  11. To me, the Chinese who vote DAP should be flattened like sotong by a bulldozer, on the roads. That's what they really deserve for sowing so much disharmony and distrust among the rakyat. The DAP leaders and supporters are worse than the fascists and communists. They are the scum of the earth.

  12. Assalamualaikum Mr Big Cat

    This debate is a useless exercise.

    The chinese will never vote BN again. MCA or Gerakan will never win in Bukit Bintang, Taman OUG, Taman Seputeh or any other areas where chinese voters is the majority. UMNO, and the BN (MCA, Gerakan) are dreaming if they think the chinese voters are going to support them.

    The BN is too scared to explain that the defining characteristics on Malaysian is the Malay language and culture. And of course ISLAM as the religion (official) of the Federation. The BN is also too scarred to explain that the presence of a large segment of the population of Malaysia, is from the irresponsible immigration policy of the colonial brits.

    The BN dare not explain to the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia that at the time of MERDEKA, over 1.0 million Indians and Chinese were given citizenships -- no question asked. This was and is the only case in the history of nations -- since modern and civilized humans occupy the face of this earth - that this had ever happened.

    A social contract was entered into by the leaders of Malay-Chinese-Indian politics. In return, the Malays were given some nebulous notions that this country is still theirs. That they will not be elbowed out. That their position in the economic sphere will be progressively improved by 'special rights and privileges'.

    The DAP will have none of this. They championed and are fighting for MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA. Equal everything for everyone. The Chinese voters, untutored, even in our recent history, also want this. That is why the chinese majority areas had always voted DAP, since the party was created. And this was a long time ago. Lim Kit Siang is the longest elected MP in Malaysia!!

    The fact remains then that the only way for MCA candidates to win in any election in Malaysian is for the Malays to support their candidates. The Malay voters had always done this since MERDEKA!!!!.

    The MCA must think -- how was this possible, when their ministers and party machinery are fighting for the Chinese language, chinese language schools, and lately, agitating to abolish university entrance quotas, etc, etc. -- as if the social contract entered into by their forefathers at the time of MERDEKA -- does not exist?

    The MCA debate should be with PERKASA. Chua Soi Lek - should debate with Ibrahin Ali. In fact Ibrahim and the Malays are so accommodating, it would not be a debate. It would be a friendly speech making by both sides.

    This is what has to happen. MCA needs Malay votes. The sooner UMNO, MCA and BN gives up their illogical notion that the chinese are going to vote BN, the better, more peaceful, and more successful will Malaysia becomes.

    Thank you.