Sunday 19 February 2012

Rocking lazy Sunday (UPDATED)


Was about to relax and take a nap when I noticed this NST SMS Alert -

NST 19/02 : PKR president Datin Seri Wan Azizah said problems arising from Anwar's statement in support of Israel has been ironed out and is now a non-issue.

Wah! like that also can ka? So easy liao.

All those Pas people already kena ironed out ka? Sheeshhh.... so much for being Islamic fighters. Not yet sent to fight the IDF sudah kena sterika out by Anwar and his gang. What la you all....

Non-issue? Oi! Those Palestinians are still being butchered la Kak Wan. You don't read papers ka?....internet also got their stories you know.


When I read this posting Istana Sebilliong Ringgit by Rocky, I was so tempted to write a similar one. Got materials already over here.

But on second and third and twenty ninth thoughts, I decided not to.

Not worth it la.

As if people really appreciate it that a corrupted chicken shit pro-BN blogger like me sticking her neck out for them writing about such things.

Rocky different la. They said BN paid him USD10 billion already. That's why he don't mind getting into trouble. Got money already ma. What can they do to him, isn't it?

Maybe I should leave it to those brave incorruptible Pakatan bloggers to write about such stuff. Let them once a while take a break from spewing venomous hatred at Umno and take some proper risks to do some good instead.

Ok lah, today is a lazy Sunday. I am going to lay back and listen to this song instead of getting into trouble. This recording was the earliest ever made of this Danish TV for goodness sake. Oh, this one for you too Rocky, salute.

I am going to sing this song to my beloved Johor after the general election.


  1. Thanks Big Cat. One of my favorite Led Zeps'.

    On the subject of taking risks, you are so right. The Pakatan bloggers should start uncovering misdeeds by the government, not just the BN's but their own PKR-PAS-DAP governments. Don't let us do all the hard work lah ..

    Now, Big Cat, if you have something on Terengganu .. spill it out!

    1. err...what I got is not about Terengganu, but similar....see lah how...tricky business la this one. You know lah.

  2. Tell tell lah Big Cat. We Johorean also want to know latest developement of the gila kuasa people.......may God Bless you!!