Wednesday 29 February 2012

Now they want a real street protest for Lynas

Embolden by the success of the anti-Lynas demonstration in Kuantan last weekend, the pro-Pakatan organisers are planning another one.

They are so bold as to threaten the Government.

 This is the story which I cut and paste from The Star on-line :

KUANTAN: Another anti-Lynas rally will be held if the Government does not shut down the rare earth refinery project in Gebeng, said the Himpunan Hijau committee which organised the first protest on Sunday.
Its chairman Wong Tack said he was disappointed with Prime Minis­ter Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement that the Go­­vernment had to look for a solution that would be acceptable to the people without affecting investments.
“We cannot accept his statement. Therefore, the Him­punan Hijau 3.0 rally is on – unless the project is cancelled,” Wong said at a press conference yesterday.
The organisers had called on the Government to respond within 24 hours after the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 rally ended two days ago.
Najib had said Lynas was looking for an uninhabited location to store the waste material from the plant, although it was scientifically safe.
Wong said the committee would discuss with Bersih chairman Da­­­tuk Ambiga Sreenevasan on the possibility of holding a joint rally soon.

The Star, which I now believe to be supportive of the anti-Lynas campaign, however omitted a sentence from the same story which appeared on the newspaper's page 21 Tuesday edition..

Here is the missing sentence that you can't find on The Star online -

"We'll take it to the streets," Wong said at the press conference yesterday.

 Star people, you all trying to tone down the story ka?

Hmmmm.....the 24-hours  warning deadline had, how??? Guess making noise on a padang was not good enough, eh?

Another chance to look cute, girls? Sure or not, you still want to come this time. It's going to be the real street protest leh. Sure got tear gas and water canon one. I think this time better leave it to the brave Pas' Unit Amal tough guys and the Pakatan Malays la.


  1. BigCat,

    You need to understand who will be the biggest loser when Lynas plant starts operations. CHINA.

    China now controls 97% of global rare earth production. This monopoly has allowed it to curtail exports to the other countries - and thereby pushing prices up, retarding the growth of downstream industries in other countries as well as allowing its own industries dealing with rare earth to flourish. It is simple business.

    Lynas in Kuantan is bad for business in China. The kwailos from down under will break China's monopoly.

    So, now do you understand why some people are violently protesting

    1. What an idiot not to think that this could be linked to china's desire to continue its monopoly.

      Perhaps there is a possibility of the link. If not why these people can't understand the simple fact about lynas?

      Maybe they don't even know about the potassium in the banana, if not they will also go to the street to boycott eating banana.


  2. First, the Lynas protest is about Lynas, not politics BUT since government (any for that matter), the issue cannot be but tinge with politics. I'm not pro-PR or pro-BN. Therefore, YES, its disgusting when politicians show up from no where to "hijack" such a cause. However, it doesn't mean we throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Second, its a wrong assumption that it was "solely" supported by Chinese. See photos at Therefore Big Cat's generalized dichtonomy of Bersih = Malays (who are suppose to be dunggus mememerized by Anwaristas or DAPigs, according to the pro-BN bloggers. Please give credit to fellow Malays & Malaysians on what they want for themselves) and Lynas = Chinese. This is faulty arguments based on generic fallacies.

    Third. From the "Chinese" experience at Bukit Merah, they (& other Malaysians) are pushing for the next generation to be spared the same pain. Who lives in Kuantan? Majority Malays or Chinese? Another fallacy of begging the question. We are fighting for rakyat in Kuantan (meaning the majority Malays)

    Fourth, create jobs argument. After the long tax breaks, what employment? Malaysia should move up to a high-skill economy but if we still insist on this line of argument, better just take the money (equlivent to the sum that was given as tax break) and give to the people of Pahang. Ada duit, mungkin boleh niaga or relaks.

    Lastly, "Lynas is bad for business in China" - Orang Pahang. Summary, "the kwailos from down under will break China's monopoly." ie. bust their balls!! Wake up!! China is the biggest buyers of 90% of Australia's minerals. Nobody will break their own rice bowl. Malaysia is involved in Billions of Ringgit contracts in Malaysia. Who burst who's balls? Even America trying to control China's economic putsch but can't. Wah, Malaysia's Lynas plant will show them who is Big Boss!!

    If Aussies wants to "bang" China's balls, do it in their backyard, not ours - then they can show who is boss. Pro-Lynas advocates think that refining rare earth is a great thing - look at China. Pollution, killing their own people for progress. Yes, Pahang has a lot of water to process rare earth minerals compared to Australia but will we still have it or even clean water especialy with global warming? There is already a scarcity of water globally. So the kweilo trying to conserve their water while polluting ours.

    Go figure that one out Big Cat & Orang Pahang!! Everything today cakap2, mesti bawa bangsa dan agama untuk lawan.

    1. "After the long tax breaks, what employment? " break for lynas- that is TAX. to run lynas, they need to employ people

      2. should lynas enjoy the tax break, that's good deal. why? because lynas will attract the supporting industry to support his operation. another acid factory is up nd coming to support them.

      3. One major industry will need a lot of vendor/support industries. (look at automotive, that will translate into a lot of emmployment opportunities. Look at 3rd layer and 4th layer i.e. spillover

      4. Look at housing development around that area later. these employee will need house.... THINK

    2. First, the Lynas protest is about Lynas, not politics. Is it? If yes, it was definitely very hijacked leh.

      Second, where you got that "solely" word? But it's true what for the very first time, the majority of the protesters last weekend were Chinese.

      Third, Kuantan is a Malay majority area? I don't really think so.

      Fourth, Lynas plant will be fully automated ka? Hmmm....

      Lastly, I always believe that China is always the big boss. Well, my big boss is a Chinese, ok?

      Errr, comment la a bit about this Wong Tack planning to turn the whole thing into a street protest. Government let him and the others protest at the padang not enough is it? Must turn Kuantan upside down? PM already said the government will consider, he said cannot accept. Threaten threaten some more. What kind of gangster style is this?

    3. First, YES DAP, Anwar dll should stick out of these issues unless they were supporting environmental issues since Day 1. I'm also sick of political shenanigans. LGE Padang speech was a political pep talk... Impressed? Better to watch the flies around my warong table... For Anwar being an environmentalist, see

      Kuantan as "figuratively speaking" but isn't Kuantan & its surrounding more Malay culture? At least from my last visit, that is the perception. Anyway, to be "politically correct", its Gebeng. Never been there but I'm sure ada manusia.

      I know what a tax break means & what purpose it serves. Besides hiring a certain percentage of professionals, there will be a bulk of blue collar workers. Yes, good for Malaysians and spill over in the "food chain" However, considering the wages paid here & in Australia, ours must cost peanuts. But this is not the issue. Its a tax break verses the amount of $$ & cents given back to the Malaysian government in long terms revenues, benefits; the people of Pahang & Malaysia weight against certain long term "uncertainities." Neither the activitist nor Lynas come "tabula rasa."

      One should be reminded of the "White Man's Burden" (Rudyard Kipling) later shot into a movie with John Travolta. In the search for capitalistic greed, the West have also destroyed their environment and people before becoming First World. Mahathir's argument why we should allow logging in the 80's & 90's on why Third World countries must play catch up (classic example is China - like I said paying the price & will pay the price but will wise up in the next decade like the White Man - Rudyard's words). ie. exporting their manufacturing overseas to beat quotas, cheaper cost, avoid pollution etc..

      Therefore Bhophal disaster and Union Carbide is a classic example of the White Man's Burden. China 1.3 billion, India 1.2 billion, Indonesia 300 million - killing off some won't mean much.

      So the argument, "my friend living near Bangi" (and as suggested by Ali, building communities around Lynas which sounds more logical) not sick-la.. (Anon 11:19). It was like my father in law who started smoking from his teens.. not sick mah... still in his 70's, still strong until he died of lung disease in a few years later. Or tell it to the Minamata (Japan) survivors. Just like Fukushima, all responsible parties must cover up for blame & years of destruction. By the way, the Bhophal neighbours didn't know what hit them - they died in their sleep like Pompey.

      Therefore, let us not be selective in rebutting my points... (like still unanswered is the usage of important resources like water, disposal of water waste, by product waste etc. Its not about bantai China, Chinese DAPig organizing or hijacking the event BUT the environment & its long term effects. We want to know the facts, evaluate and give Malaysians a chance to voice their views in a mature manner.

      I don't think a little answer & response in blogs can befit such larger issues like this either on employment, environmental issues but from my little pea shooter, at least cakap2 sikit. Relax bro and ... nice kitty. Hahaha

    4. Last parting shot from my pea shooter. This is what an intelligent argument should be:

  3. What about the rumour that Lynas is going to be relocated to Pekan ? Seems the PM found his balls and decided to go for broke.


  4. This time we pro Lynas will be there too, in hundred thousands. See you there and pls let us know the date and time..see you there. All this is to help China's business.

    1. Ya right. You jokers can't even get more than 50 people to defend Ketuanan Australia

  5. we the people staying in bangi has been living within the area of pusat atom negara for 30 years over.

    we face no problem at all aa long as they follow the strict maintenance procedure.

    My neighbour, a staff there also has no problem with his health.

    so I wonder what the fuss about this lynas thing.

  6. If the DAP chinese dont like the lynas plant, they are welcome to move somewhere else, maybe fujian or ghuangzhou.

  7. Apa punye olang sume balang mu up to date...mau pakae samsung punye telpon..blackbelly la..i-pon la..dan sebagainye...mau tivi busat punye...itu sume ade itu radioaktif lo..tapi itu balang mentah kasi bikin itu telpon same tivi yubtak mau kasi itu kilang bikin..apa raa..

  8. BigCat,
    Juak juak ni bukan saja dah naik tochang tapi nak sondol kita pulak dengan tochang tu
    Samalah dengan isu MRT di Petaling Street. Apa yang Kerajaan buat ( read Malay Govt) semua tak kena.
    Saya selalu nasihat juak juak ni supaya procreate lebih lebih, agar satu hari nanti mereka ni capai 76% population., lepas tu boleh lah change constitution, waima nak jadi Agung pun mungkin boleh!