Friday 24 February 2012

An aspiring MB and his merry men

What la this latest thing I heard about people of a certain aspiring MB behaving so unashamedly as if their boss is already certain to get the job.

Cannot wait until Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman step down first ka? Cannot wait until after the general election ka? Cheyyy....

Hey, malu you know behaving like that.

I hear this from the JCS people, ok? Not Ghani people. Ghani people had already been told not to make noise about this nonsense as they need to focus on the coming general election.

These JCS people told me that this bunch of people are already touring Kota Iskandar, telling the people there which rooms they are going to occupy when their boss become menteri besar.

They were said to have even asked for the list of JCS people so that they can determine in advance who are to go to what post to suit their "needs".

Let's not even let me begin on how these bunch of people use filthy tactics to make sure Ghani vacate the MB post so that their boss can take over. Eh, Ghani don't want the post anymore la. No need to be so gelojoh, ok?

This is the old sickness of Umno. Party members who think they are so powerful just because they are from Umno. Lebih sudu dari kuah (more spoon than gravy). These are the sorts of people who are the curse of Umno.

These are the sorts of nonsense behavior which make people who are pro-Umno but not party members got sick of Umno. Lets not even talk about the fence sitters let alone those on the other side.

I don't know whether their boss know about their behaviour but if he does, he better tell them to stop it.

I know, the PM is going to spend quite a lot of time in their area when he visit Johor next month. But they should get it in their thick skull that he is going there not to endorse their boss as the next Johor MB. He is going there because their area is classified as "grey". That means their area are in danger and the PM need to be there to bolster support for BN. Got it or not? Sheeessshhh....   

Talks on the ground among Johor contractors at the moment are that, if this aspiring MB really get the job, they need to hike up the cost of their projects by as high as 100 per cent  to accommodate the demands of his machais.

I tell you....if this happened, Johor will definitely go into the longkang.  This is what I have feared all the while.

My prayers now is for PM DS Najib Razak to be strong and wise in his decision.

Please Datuk Najib,   appoint someone who can really take care of Johor after Ghani retires.

I guarantee you, if a wrong choice was made, that's the end of Johor as we know it.


  1. This is the main problem with UMNO. The "machai" the one who dragged and damaged UMNO!

  2. this is exactly why I dont' like umno. oppsss sorry, umno people.

    as it is now, i'm still fence sitter, although I'm a bit ABAI (Asalkan bukan Anwar Ibrahim).

    hampeh tul laaa...nak tick sad box lepas ni hehe

  3. ohh..ya, forgot to ask. you penned an article about who's the candidate for next Johor's MB. I don't see Datuk Sharir Samad in there...why? I've to confess I'm not too familiar with Johor's political landscape...I always thought he's going to be MB one day?

    I still remember back in 2008 (i think) he was the chairman of PAC and he mentioned/agreed to something which at first was aired by the opposition and DS Najib disagree with him saying the government can't agree with his view. He step down from the chairmanship afterwards, but i still have the impression that he has integrity.

    tak tau lah kalau ada cerita2/skandal pasal dia ni.

    1. What I heard from Putrajaya and the local grapevine, Shahrir wanted to retire, just like Ghani, but the in-fighting in Johor Bahru is so bad, and there isn't anyone with the strength of character to keep things in check, so he was asked to stay on for at least another term. But it is unlikely that he would accept the MB job, and then there is the matter of him not being born in Johor.

  4. Budak2 khaled nordin tengah meriah menyusun kedudukan......khaled akan jadi MB Johor. Dengar cerita budak2 dia dah start bergaduh pulak sesama sendiri untuk jadi front liner khaled d johor.

    1. Tu la pasal ... confident sangat boss jadi MB, padahal kawasan tu kelabu and under attack by the opposition pulak tu. Silap-silap kalah pada PRU13, baru padan muka diorang. Perangai machai-machai ni selalunya is a reflection of the character of the leader, or rather the lack of it. Kalau ni la yang jadi MB Johor ... hancur la.

    2. Apa buktinya mereka bergaduh? Apa pula buktinya budak2 dia menyusun? Apa yg disusunnya, senarai lantikan pun belum pasti lagi, korang ni semua bwk mulut bukan main pandai lagi. Lain kali kena tunjuk bukti bro. Xbaik bercerita kalu xde bukti, berat nnti masa di akhirat.

  5. Politikus, mana ada yang senonoh sikit? Jangan jadi pak kadok.....

  6. Dear Kucing Besar,
    Pertamanya gua nak ucaP tahniah dan syabas kerana buat ini isu yang benar dan tapat. Gua pun selalu dengar budak budak si mamat seseorang ni memang very damaging dan kepala besar. Kaki kaki si mamat sorang ni , ingat diaorang boleh susun macama mana diaorang susun undi di bahagian diorang nak bagi menang bos dioarang.. Setakat orang umno boleh lah.. Jawatan MB ni adalah hak Allah.
    Gua punya baca si mamat sorang ni tak jadi MBJ lah kalau perangai dia dan budak budak dia macam tu. Susah susah bagi kat Datok Nasir Safar dari universiti redeng jadi MBJ.... Amacam.?

    1. Alahai, bagi malu orang Pontian je!

  7. Khalid Nordin, Norjazlan, Hishamuddin....... pick your choice

  8. BigCat...., that's the trouble when the machais around "HIM" are all young, naive, and hungry!!.... I think I know who is "HIM".

    Zul commenting.

  9. Khaled Nordin? Alamakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. Who knows, maybe this is the opposition's trojan horse.

    They are tricky, led by a master strategist.

  11. Calon-calonnya adalah.......
    1. Ghani Othman - (huh!) possible again?
    2. Khaled Nordin - Pasir Berdegung
    3. Hishamudin Hussein Onn - Sombrong
    4. Nur Jazlan - anak Bapak
    5. Latiff Ahamd - doktor Pulau
    6. Zainal Abidin Osman - Pak Malau
    7. Hasni Mohamed - Pak Mertua ku
    8. Mat Mazlan - org kuat Felda
    9. Aziz Kaparawi - kroni Najib
    10. Ahmad Zahri Jamil - kelas monitor
    11. Syed Hussein Alhabshee - Lanun Arab
    12. Noh Gadut - penasihat
    13. Ayub Mion - org Lama JCS
    14. Halimah Sadique - women power
    15. Salahudin Ayub - oooooo tentu pas
    16. Anwar Ibrahim - (sori kene Johor-born)
    17. Kamal Hisham - JFK (Jgn Fuck d King)
    18. Lim Kang Ho ( who?? )
    19. Lim Guan Eng ( born BeePee )
    20. Hungry Ghost (no contest)

    Let's put a rating.....mari kita lihat sapa yang kene!!!
    Big Cat tentu suka nama Boss nya kat atas sekali...
    LET's rock JOHOR .....

    1. Ada lagi:
      21. Razali Ibrahim : muor man belum tentu win
      22. Harun penggerang: the kung fu apek
      23. Adam Hamid: tok penghulu warlords
      24. Halim seteru maolizan: mat gian
      25. Jais sarday: shhhhhhhh
      26. Halimah saddique : the feberet non male
      27. Mahyuddin Yassin : he he he

    2. WOW!!!

      Lagi Rock Johor ada First Lady MB
      Dulu Johor ada First Lady DO Mersing
      and First Lady SS Datok Norsiah

  12. khaled nordin...ler beb...korang tak tau ke PM rasmikan sekolah agama kawasan pasir gudang....khaled kat sebelah PM. pergerakan wanita pun di parlimen pasir gudang. korang x perasan lagi ke...usaha khaled nordin menyusun 2 program utk PM

  13. Lain kali klu nk tulis cerita sebut jek nama betul2, senang xpayah nk main teka teki... Xpasal2 yg menulis dan yg meneka dapat dosa kering....

  14. Ini lah masalah org politik, serkap jarang dek kerana hasad dengki sesama sendiri. Terlalu pentingkan kuasa tanpa memikirkan kepentingan rakyat. As we can see here, the author is totally a BIG LIAR as there is no such thing happen. No matter who is the next MB he must be someone who are really walk the talk!

  15. im outsider but i prefer DS Khaled Nurdin jadi MB, dia seorang pemimpin contoh,punya karisma yang bersih dan selalu turun padang,BERJIWA RAKYAT and Down to earth.

  16. There's been 2 times where PM came and visit Johor, and both times Lim Kang Ho enterframe besides PM, briefing him this and that as if Johor is his, who's the MB here meh? People already know that Lim Kang Ho is Ghani's biggest proxy and all Ghani's retirement plan already being susun in Danga Bay, squatters land in Johor,being robbed by state govt. tanah Pengerang etc.. Plus Wan ahmad firdaus rm17,000 per month as special officer to IRDA joint chairman (MBJ). Wow,lotta issue will be inherited by next MBJ. Not to mention why on earth PM came twice to Southern Johor in 2012? No other place to go ka? Oh ya, of course- the development in Johor only in the south side, other parts in Johor especially Eastern part, MB Ghani tak pernah tengok& have plan.i bet he's having a damn good sleep for being the MB for most secured state for UMNO in Msia... Jom Tukar!


  18. apa cer ni bro...tulis cerita macam gempak rupa-rupanya hearsay je...dengar-dengar je.. apa ke hal ni bro?

    tulis macam confident tapi on air je..xde pijak ke tanah pun..cerita macam ni sapa2 pun boleh buat la

    ko nak cite ghani macam baik sangat ek? pastu sapa2 yang ada potensi untuk take over macam dah tak sabar-sabar ek? kamon la

    ko nak kata khaled nordin akan naik jadi MB pastu orang-orang dia pun dah ready nak balun jawatan, gitu? kamon la bro.. apa ko ingat khaled bodoh sangat nak biar orang-orang macam tu jadi wakil jaja nama dia ke?

    khaled nordin dah lama jadi ahli parlimen, dah jadi menteri pun..dah banyak pengalaman dia klu nak memimpin apa masalahnya..

    pasal kontrak naik 100% la..bagi makan machai la..lets see if that going to be happen..xkan la kontrak mark up 100% akan lulus mudah2..ko ingat johor kaya sangat ke nak buang duit kat kontraktor yg ntah pape.. ayoyo macha dey..negeri ada belanjawan la tiap2 tahun..ada audit..itu pun lu xley pikiaq ka?

    1. i agree with you Khaled Norden memang strict dgn orang orand sekeklingnya, no body can influence him,his the man that what i knw.

      Nik Gunners

  19. Berbelas tahun Ghani jadi MB, apa yang dia dah buat dengan ekonomi Johor? Hutang berkurang? Industri bertambah? Tourism makin hebat? Rumah mahal yg bumiputera tak mampu beli?

  20. who is the aspiring mb that you said? his merry man seems like a gangster lor

  21. jalan universiti16 March 2012 at 14:46

    klu khaled bertanding adun dan ghani parlimen..thats mean...