Sunday 26 February 2012

Cooking Lynas-style nonsense for Pengerang

Pahang MB DS Adnan Yaakob had cheekily described the anti-Lynas demo in Kuantan today as a tourism demo. Beautiful Kuantan is after-all a tourist town.

Well, Tok Nan seems to be a different kind of man than Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. He likes to be funny sometimes, even on serious issues.

Can't really blame the man. The Lynas demo was indeed funny - complete with a khalwat drama and everything.

I don't think if it's Ghani, he will even dignify the demo people with any comment, colourful or otherwise. All those khalwat elements would not interest him that much. He would instead let the demo people tire themselves by being stupid and continue with his work

We will probably see Ghani do exactly that now that the Pakatan gang are apparently planning to spark something similar to the Lynas thing in Johor.

The latest report that I got was that the Pakatan people are now laying the groundwork to do so in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi.

When I did this posting , A little pig oinking at our police , I was not sure where it was heading, except that it's the usual Pakatan's police bashing exercise. Only later on that I realise it's a start of a new campaign to undermine the BN government, especially in Johor.

On Friday last week, it was discovered that the Pakatan people had recruited 18 locals of Pengerang to be agents tasked with instigating the residents of Pengerang to protest against the planned Petronas RAPID pateroleum hub project. The project was expected to involve an investment of up to RM200 billion.

This Pakatan efforts is being helmed by PKR, Pas and of all people, the Johor Bar Council.

I don't know la how stupid the lawyers are, but this time they are clearly playing an open card by declaring that they are indeed pro-Pakatan.

What is also noticeable is unlike Lynas, the DAP this time is not among the Pakatan front liners on this particular issue. Quite smart of them. Pengerang is a Malay area, so, they just push their Malay balachis to do most of the dirty work. See. who said manipulation of racial sentiments is not a consideration among the Pakatan people?

I am not yet sure how they are going to angle their attack. It could be on environment or land matters. Either way, they will try to cook it up to be another national issue like Lynas.

Of course, just like Lynas, they can't stop the project but this is simply to stir up something. Johor has no real big issue, so this probably will do, so that they can have something to say during their ceramah or an excuse to initiate another publicity-attracting demo like the Lynas one. They know there is really nothing wrong with the project, but it's creating the negetive perception that matter to them.

They would never care that the RM200 billion investment of the project will generate economic growth of more than trillions of ringgit within 15 years.

They would never tell the villagers in Pengerang that by that time, their children will have lots of employment opportunities from the economic growth, and that their children would not have to go far from their hometown to get a good job.

These Pakatan people who wanted the Pengerang folks to protest against the project are almost entirely made up of outsiders. They never care that all these while, the place has been a Johor backwater, and that it is currently only famous for being the departing and arrival points of illegal immigrants via the so-called laluan tikus.

Do those people such as the suited up smarter than anyone else pricks from the Bar Cuncil really care about the mostly poor fishermen and farmers of Pengerang? I don't think so. They are just there to reap political benefit and use those whom they think could be manipulated for their ends.

The Pakatan people know they can't win in Pengerang as it is a BN stronghold, yet they will proceed trying to make an issue over the planned construction of the petroleum hub.

All that they want by creating the issue is not to protect the interests of the Pengerang folks but instead to have it to play with in projecting themselves as being people and environment friendly with the general election around the corner.


  1. ah-haaaa!!!! a gud one.

    first, we notice how hard working PR is. they are smart and cunning, so to say.

    unlike our BN people who only move on orders from the top, no self-initiative.

    m gonna pen something about the difference between PR and BN propaganda machinery later tonite.

    sometimes, its real sickening...

    1. Bujai

      I think Tok Nan took it too easy. Believe times up for him. Should be fun seeing more in KL. Quite a fun guy.

  2. Nah this PR thinghy won't cut it with Pengerang folks, they are too smart to be played around by outsiders.

  3. Bigcat,

    The DAP Town Mouse will not visit this Country Mouse because the DAP Town Mouse knows the Country Mouse over here will never visit the DAP Town Mouse.

    Cursory google search turned up website with some pics.

    Interesting comment on the site,

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures. I miss Pengerang. Was there in 1954/55 when I was 5 y.o. It was very quiet then, and full of commies. After dark we never were not allowed out (not even downstairs) - fear of wild animals, commies, etc.

    Cara komunis kot.

    Thank you and regards

    1. jgn hina penduduk Pengerang klu u org bukan penduduk pengerang. yrs 1954/55?? u sudah ketinggalan zaman!!! skrg sudah 2012!! penduduk pengerang sekarang sudah berumah besar, berkereta!!!
      Memang Cakap besar org di atas sebab bukan rumah kau, tanah kau, mata carian kehidupan kau di putuskan!!!
      Jangan ingat penduduk pengerang tak berpengetahuan!! Kami penduduk pengerang akan protest ke atas semua ancaman yang tidak adil dan saksama.. kalau org BN tak sudi nak menghulukan pertolongan kpd penduduk pengerang, tolonglah DIAM!!!! KEEP YOUR MOUNTH SHUT!!! biarlah org yg berbakat tolong selesai!!! JANGAN TUANG GARAM KE ATAS LUKA PENDUDUK PENGERANG!!!!

    2. Woi, mangkuk! Benda emosi sangat? Dia citer pengalaman dia je lah? Apa kena mengena jadi isu UMNO lar, orang Pengerang tak berpengathuan lar.. aku pun ada sedara tau kat situ dan aku tahu kebanyakan diaorang educated tapi jangan lar emosi babi sangat!

    3. Freddie

      My father use to serve there. He would return every two weeks once.

      And we would spend the school holidays there.

      It had a beautiful beach and lots of those little beautiful shells.

      Life was simple.

      Must be an absolute mess now. Want to see it again but dread to face the shock.

  4. Betul tu Anon 844,

    Hancurkan UMNO selamatkan Malaysia dari gejala FLOM

    1. Yeah sure ...

      Who is your choice?

      Anwar Ibrahim yang tak bermoral, penipu, tak ada keupayaan, perasuah tapi tak ngaku, syirik, pengkhianat bangsa dan agama, pembawa penjajah israel dan amerika, etc etc?

      Get alive.

  5. What a bluffing story! You never know what have PR do in helping Pengerang people... You never know how the Pengerang residents feel and say about this project, how the project affect their living there? Don't judge the thing by superficial story. Go down to the earth of Pengerang to communicate with the residents. Then you know how the situation it is.