Sunday 2 December 2012

A boy and a tiger

I'm very tired.

Today managed to finish work early but didn't feel like going back to my little room.

Went to watch the movie "Life of Pi" instead.

It was in 3D. Amazingly beautiful....both the cinematography and the story.

Worthwhile spending RM25 on the the ticket and RM4 on the 3D glasses.

It's however not adviceable for Pas people to watch this movie.

Takut terpesong akidah. Ya la, kalau Umno pun korang kata kapir dan murtad, inikan pulak cerita budak percaya tiga agama dalam wayang ni. Gitu lah adanye.

Sorry, that's all I can managed for today. Too tired lah. Need to sleep.

Good night.

(note : Sometimes I work on Sunday, in case you all were wondering)

1 comment:

  1. I've just watched the movie. A stunning film that had me laughing out loud one moment and teary-eyed the next.

    The ticket costs me RM14. Didn't get the 3D glasses.

    Definitely a "must watch".