Tuesday 18 December 2012

Throwing tantrum at the Press

A Penang-based journalist friend just told me that she had attended a Press conference by DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang yesterday.

It was supposed to be a post-mortem Press conference for the just concluded DAP's 16th congress. The whole thing however turned into a BN and media bashing session.

"Guan Eng was like going on and on for almost an hour about (PM) Najib has no right to criticise DAP for not having a properly elected Malay in the CEC and how the media were out to get him and his party over the whole thing,"she said.

My friend who is a Chinese sounded really exasperated when she related to me what happened at the Press conference.

"We hardly managed to ask any question as Guan Eng was so intent on pouring his unhappiness over the issue. He didn't even answer our questions on how the CEC election results had turned out like that."

She said Guan Eng shouldn't had blamed the media for its coverage of the issue as that was the most newsworthy item at that party congress last weekend.

"He can't be telling us to just write how wonderfully democratic and multi-racial DAP is while that was hardly the case."

Well, nothing new there. Guan Eng has always been like that. Anwar Ibrahim is no better. Remember how he controled the MSM in an iron grip when he was the DPM? Ask the more senior reporters la if you are too young to know. The guy haven't change, ok? Still as arrogant as ever. Give him the power and you all will know la.

If all those journalists think Pakatan as government means better Press freedom, then they are really naive. To all those Malaysiakini reporters wearing the yellow ribbon badge, you all are so clueless la. You all are as partisan as the MSM journalists.  Just from different side. Don't be so perasan lah that you all are independant and not beholden to any side. Swallow that.


  1. Look who's naive. You talk like you have known Anwar for ages, but the truth is you were in your nappies when Anwar was DPM. You want to know who is naive ? Go read the latest report in Global Financial Integrity of Washington. US$285 Billion of dirty money left the shores of Malaysia between 2001 and 2010. That's nearly RM 900 billion.

    Oh, I forgot. The report was made by Jews. Or maybe Anwar's friends in Washington engineered the report to damage BN's chances.

    The simple truth is this: people can read, people can see. People can see the wealth of Taib Mahmud or Rosmah or Musa Aman or Shahreezat. People know how many properties are sold to UMNOputras in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Ottawa, Singapore, Hong Kong.

    Perasan, you say ? To many of us, you are simply blind and clueless.


    1. One thing the report did not mention the source's of this dirty money that made by people like Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman ,of course the Iban and the Dayak's did not gave to Taib Mahmud or Musa Aman to make few hundred's Ringgit for them self .
      It's was common knowledge that all these source are from the Chinese towke's that want's to create more millions for themselves
      When one's talk about corruption the focus is always on the receiver but not the giver as though able to give bribe to facilitate their corrupt act is a noble practice.
      If Malay are always labelled with corruption ,never forget that corrupt practice involve the giver as well which are not the Malay ,Iban ,Dayak,or bidayus ,is the act's of Chinaman who think that is the act of intelligence to get thing's done.
      The act of the law's should be more focus on the giver ,if there is no giver there would be no receiver,and every body will be more prospers with equal treatment.

      Q: Apa anda fikir tentang rasuah ?,
      A: Ai..yoo sekalang manyak takut loo bagi pon kena maa .

    2. This godfather guy is really a spinner. Totally out of topic.

    3. Waaa Godfather so wise ahh.. can tell who is naive or not. Godfather is so great.

      But then again, I think you're more senile than great. If you still want to believe Anwar, go ahead. I don't want to be lied to anymore, and he told one of the biggest lies ever. Remember 16 September? The konon mass defection?

      But, since Godfather is so great, so wise, so not naive, he can go suck Anwar's ass all he wants.

  2. " 90% of the Malay wealth is not from the fruits of their labour as
    great entrepreneurs , like the Chinese , but rather the hand-outs of
    their political patronage and cronyism and there is nothing to be
    proud of the huge mansions and expensive cars and life-style , because
    they are nothing but the produce of utter corruption at stealing the
    wealth of the people's blood , sweat and tears , and yet , without
    shame their spouses and children flaunt it like they earned all these
    through intelligence and hard-work . Where is the self pride ?.....

    May Allah have mercy on the Malays"

    Quoted from M Bakri Musa

    1. And Mr. Bakri didn't bother to give us where he gets his facts from?
      '90% of the Malay wealth is not from the fruits of their labour as great entrepreneurs , like the Chinese , but rather the hand-outs of their political patronage and cronyism..'Really? I mean where he gets the percentage from? that is just super sweeping statement which totally disregards journalism and academic rigorousness.

  3. Mainstream press memang bodoh. Kuman diseberang laut nampak.....taping korupsi di depan mata tak nampak. ...

  4. Answer is very clear la BC,no more press freedom with these bunch of "democratic" friends.They are good at these and that people steal money here and there,accusing here and there while they themselves will cry if daddy is not around...hahaha.common tactic la,to coverup own weakness,but the way they do it so like ah beng style.It will not be effective anymore la ah beng.Dont get upset la beng,take it easy bro!!

  5. Really? That was a quote from your friend ? A chinese ? Probably in your dreams just like Utusan. Khayal saje. ...

  6. Yo BC..the quality of the comments in ur blog from the Dapsy and pro pakatan is getting from bad to worse..sounded like broken record..

    1. RM 900 billion from 2001 to 2010 is a broken record ? Where are you going to hide now ?

    2. Rm900 billion?!!!! hahahahaha..not worth to hide la bro!! They are still there,but they dont need to stoop low to stop you guys from whining and crying behind daddy....hahaha

    3. Ya, a lot of unpatriotic business Malaysian DAP backing-chinaman siphoning money out of country at the first sign of taxman knocking on the door. Didn't you know that?

    4. If I got the arithmetic right it would be about 90 bil per year! Now lets check the GDP report for all those years, deficit and surplus. Unless BNM were busy printing money I wonder hiw the fig of 90 bil came sbout. Even Ananda, Kuok, or Syed Mokhtar or Bill Gates combined would not be able to cough up such a mammoth amount!
      Did IMF or the Workd Bank confirmed the report?

    5. Yes, the report was verified by messrs shahreezat, mamakthir and yakcop. Extraordinary experience in capital outflows.

  7. Hehehehe...dah macam cacing kepanasan jer...billion here billion there,steal here steal there....all these wont change the fact of father and sons incorporated la...last sekali nanti issue gag order or ban reporter buat coverage...hmmm sounds very familiar la..hahaha.

  8. satD's latest post is enlightening.....

  9. Hardly suprising that handsome CM response.. Totally expected! Even if he has diarrhea also he will blame UNMO, Utusan, BN.. in no particular order ;p

    How to be PM or even DPM like this? Not even a humble bone in his body.. Ah Beng through and through.. ish ish

    As for the DAP supporters... sebijik macam their dear leaders.. love to deflect instead of answering the relevant questions..

    1. The other day lim guan beng had premature ejac kongkek the rainbow, guess what? The next day he called a pc n blamed

  10. Style dah lapok... Nak sembunyi kelemahan sendiri, dedahkan kelemahan orang lain... This AhBeng, all these years selain korek pasir dan jual tanah, bawa masuk celebrity dari Negara Sepet2, ape pelojek menarik yg telah dia dibawa masuk Penang?

    Oooops... Golf balls ape cerita?

    1. Ah Beng beli tanah dan beli pasir, bodoh....melayu yg jual. ...mcm ah beng beli goreng pisang drp orang melayu, kalau tidak, melayu bankrap. ....

  11. Big Cat,

    Really respect how you let the comment of these PR buggers se the light of day, even though you moderate this blog.

    Actually, if you didn't moderate, I know some heavy hitters who would love nothing more to whack these buggers on your behalf. The only reason they're staying away is because of the moderation.

    Oh well, it's your blog. Keep it up. Ai is lovely.