Sunday 30 December 2012

2012 wrap-up

It is the end of the year and I'm going away. Been busy preparing for my departure.

Since I got some time now before going to sleep, I think I better do a wrap-up for the year 2012.

First, for perspective purposes, this is the wrap-up of this blog for 2011 - Another year ends - a recap

To make it easy for the wrap-up, I think it is better for me to identify the most significant posting of each month instead of me doing my usual rambling which may bore everyone.

Remembering the good old man of Bukit Serene

Cooking Lynas-style nonsense for Pengerang

Racial extremists endangering Chinese schools

The so-called peaceful protest in KL

DAP's Malay window dressings

Cute hardworking Japanese and stupid Malays

Are we sure things are so awful? 

Malaysian Insider's monkey sources

My Johor

Purple Cat's analysis - Pakatan's targets in Johor

Umno's only option


Well, those were my choices of this blog's significant postings this year. They are significant because I wrote them either due to a very important issue at that time or it marked a significant event in my life.

Oh, for the most significant picture of 2012, my choice is this one -

As for the future, I intend to give more thoughts to each posting instead of impromptu writings which is my current practice. I will also stop being so personal in this blog - so, no more boyfriend stories or any such nonsense like that.

A senior blogger had told me that my blog is so full of fluff, causing it not to be taken seriously by the blogging community. I guess he is right. I am nothing as a blogger compared to those big time sopo bloggers like Rocky, Apanama, Big Dog, A Voice, etc.

So, from now on Big Cat is going to try to be a serious sopo blogger too. Not so much to win over appreciations, but rather more to stay relevant among at least my fellow bloggers. Of course, that is if I can find the time to write at my new place....and if I find being a serious sopo blogger is not too boring.

Otherwise, I may just turn this blog into something else. Maybe an entertainment or food blog. See lah how.

Ok, a bit of light music will be nice to wrap up the year, isn't it?

Cheers everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


  1. Happy New Year to you too. Please please BC stay as your are. You are one of a kind. Don't let the establishment change you. Don't be another boring blogger.


  2. Yo are what you are ,why must follow others. To me your blog is "sntai" very informative and worth the attention and your 'sengat' is bisa too.

    I will missed the Kluang girl too.

  3. My choice will be the picture of a certain lady called Altantuya. She won't go away.

  4. Adios muchacha Big Cat... Or muchacho?

    ~ Kluang girl

  5. Every morning after turning on the pc I will log in to Rocky Bru.
    From there via his blogroll, will move on to A Brick, Bigcat, Stop the Lies , Unspinners,Bigdog not in particular order.
    So Bc , you are among them.


  6. Don't stop blogging... been pleading my friends to start their own blogs so we can exchange ideas, opinions and ramblings, yet many preferd to tend to their flowers and cats to past their leisure hours..

    Being women, Asians esp... it is not usual to be able to pass our time over drinks, weekend golfings, kedai mamak etc etc with friends as culture and time to be away from home is too restricted, blogging is one sure way to communicate on issues so close to our hearts....Bangsa, Negara dan Agama. Yet almost 50% of us are women in this country, given so little say in whatever is happening.

    As yr senior TKCians, have enjoyed my time visiting yr posts and pse continue as not many of us are too involved in politics yet would like to keep ourselves updated at all times.

    Wishing you the best in Taiwan, take care and the Goodluck...