Monday 10 December 2012

Malays need to be glamour-proof

Watched the Malaysia-Thailand match alone at home. Miss going to the mamak at Bandar Baru Uda in JB with my friends to watch such matches.

Anyway, the 1-1 result was a little disappointing. Now it's quite an uphill task for the team going to Bangkok.

Nonetheless, I think the players tried their best. The goal by Idlan Talaha was superb and it was the result of good team work.

The only faulty part of the team was they started to play a bit too defencive after that goal. Still it was not too bad. The Thai's equalising goal was not really the fault of any players. It was simply good.

Now the Thais not only have home advantage but also away goal advantage. In my humble opinion, Malaysia have no choice but to go all out on the attack when playing in Bangkok. If they play at the same pace as tonight, then I think that's the end of the road for them.

Whatever it is, I think the team this time was not as good as the one which won the last tournament. Although playing not too badly, some look rather jaded. Maybe after winning the tournament last time, they were not so hungry for success anymore. Maybe the glamour back then when they were the champion affected their game to a certain extent.

What happened to Apek the goalkeeper? He was superb back then. Pity.

I hope the team which consists of mostly Malay players will bounce back and erase the suspicion that Malay sportsmen easily wilted under the spotlight of glamour.

Many cases like that la. Successful a bit become big headed. Starts to date some artiste somewhere and behave like one. After awhile their game washed down the drain.

They need to emulate the discipline of Nicol David and Lee Chong Wei.

In politics also Malays need to be more disciplined and not lose their head.

They need to stop being too big headed just because of a little success. Just because now can afford to drink cappuccino in a cafe in Bangsar, they think they are so liberal and canggih. Forgot their root already. Forgot that back then they managed to have what they have now because of the scholarship and quota given to them as Malays.

They need to stop being stupid Malays who want to give away everything which were supposed to be inherited by their descendants just to fit in into the cool liberal set.

Eh....what is this lah....I'm supposed to do a short posting about football and now ended being emo about the future of my Malay race who may one day become extinct because they were too magnanimous.

Segala benda nak bagi orang sebab nak orang puji sikit kita ni baik, liberal, tak rasis etc etc. Kepala kena pijak pun sampai tak perasan. Lagi ditadah suruh orang pijak ada lah. Cakap bodoh, marah....ha, kan aku dah membebel....

Ok. enough lah for tonight. Don't want to be angry angry anymore. Got head ache again. Need to take my medication and sleep. Good night.


  1. Mesti ada glamour
    Mesti ada style
    Kerana dapat wang senang
    Bawa BMW pakai cermin mata gelap
    Gitu lah best !

  2. Tengok senarai pemain...biasanya kalau negara lain, pemain dari kelab yang kuasai liga akan kuasai sekurang-kurangnya 1/3 dari pasukan negara, tapi kita tidak. Yang juarai treble pun cuma ada satu pemain..satu reserve. Ini bukan faktor kenegerian, cuma konsistensi..pemain Kelantan bermain semua competitive game dalam semua pertandingan hingga ke akhir kecuali piala AFC..lagipun separuh dari pemain Kelantan bukan jati Kelantan pun..semuanya profesional..

    1. Sukar ambil pendekatan ni sebab
      1) Pembangunan bolasepak kita pun berbeza. Akademi terbaik bukan milik mana-mana negeri tapi SSBJ! Majoriti pemain Harimau Malaya, Harimau Muda dsb ialah alumni SSBJ, yang berasal dari pelbagai negeri. Mereka dah mengharungi pelbagai susah senang bersama termasuk bersama-sama sepasukan menentang lawan dari luar negara. Keserasian ini dan latihan yang diterima seawal umur 12-13 tahun dilihat lebih ampuh berbanding keserasian dan latihan dalam skuad yang menang treble.
      2) Banyak pasukan negeri yang ambil pemain-pemain terbaik setelah "diturunkan liga"; daripada Liga Super ke Liga Perdana, dsb. Kemudian baru 'bounce' balik ke atas. Jadi pemain-pemain terbaik yang mampu disatukan dalam pasukan kebangsaan tersebar di beberapa pasukan negeri dan kelab.
      3) Pemain-pemain terbaik daripada pasukan negeri/kelab yang terbaik tak semestinya membentuk pasukan kebangsaan yang terbaik.

      Kesimpulannya, pasukan-pasukan kelab dan negeri perlu merancang dan melabur untuk akademi yang baik dan ampuh. Kalau kita lihat memang berbeza tahap ketenangan dan kawalan bola alumni SSBJ berbanding pemain-pemain yang diasuh akademi-akademi negeri dan sistem MSSM...

      Kemudian, dari sudut peribadi, saya pernah sepasukan dengan tiga orang pemain kebangsaan dalam satu sukan, masalahnya pemain kebangsaan hanya meyakini dan menghantar bola kepada rakan-rakan sepasukan kebangsaan saja, bila terdesak baru hantar kepada yang lain. Sudahnya kami kandas di suku akhir sedangkan pasukan-pasukan lain tak ada pun pemain kebangsaan. Mungkin tak perkara yang hampir sama berlaku kalau majoriti pemain dari satu pasukan diserap ke pasukan kebangsaan?


  3. As much as you and I pity the Malays, I do hope they'll realize before its too late. I always think why my own race were easily influenced and swayed with those liberals whose only interest is to plunge the country into chaos and grab power.
    Highly educated young people, all of a sudden in one odd day, angrily thronged the streets and embraced the culture of vandalism. The exceptionally bright ones too, in the overseas, readily picked up the cause and thronged the streets as well. Didn't they realize they were actually living on taxpayers money? but shamelessly letting themselves manipulated for political gain. At least, the ones who received PTPTN are more acceptable if they did wanted to be political since they don't live on someone's else money.
    I still remember, there was a song by Pak Pandir in the early 90's which talked about this kind of plight. Here is parts of the lyric form the song of "Yang Remeh dan Yang Temeh":

    Rela jadi tunggul..
    Rela jadi patung..
    Tunggu dilelong..
    Suruh angguk-angguk..
    Suruh geleng-geleng..

    Oh puji lah aku..
    Ampu lah aku..
    Senang hidupmu..
    Ada tangan tadah..
    Ada maruah campak..

    1. Why pitty the Malays. Singapore team also coonsist of almost all Malays. Do you think they lack meritrocracy and fighting spirit..

  4. I think bigcat is chinese pretending to be malay so can wallop malay

    1. It's does not matter whatever BIGCAT is, if it's the truth about the Malay ,then it's the truth so the Malay must realize it that's their weakness and they must change for the batter if the want's better and be successful .

      We see a lot's of Malay now lupa diri what's bring them to their present's Malay are much due to the Malay nationalist earlier fighting for what they achieve now,and yet they want to be sombong denied that their achievement are on their own effort . One thing they must remember ,without the support ,where would they be ?.
      Melayu mudah lupa.

  5. Something to be learnt from Indonesia. This particular ethnic group population is only less than 5% but control more than 90% of the economic pie. They are smart in looking into big gains for their own society. They are controlling the wholesale market and supply low price to their own skin who are doing retail. This also ensure them to control the retail market in Indonesia. Together they are controlling 90% of the contry economy. mmmalay here are too arrogant to learn from this lesson. They become fool when being praise...

  6. Apasal ko ni selalu je sakit?