Thursday 6 December 2012

Cyber war defects and knives in my back

BN may at the moment gaining ground on almost all fronts as the GE13 draws near, but there is one front which I think they are still losing - cyberspace.

It's a fact that Pakatan cyberwar efforts were better financed, coordinated and executed compared to those of BN.

Guan Eng for instance has a large team of cybertroopers to attack his opponents and defend him when needed. You may observe them in action at this blog. Though not highly intelligent (except for a few), I found them to be quite disciplined and organized.

They also got better vehicles in the likes of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, while BN has to depend on pro-establishment MSM's websites which mostly were cumbersome and unattractive. (I'm not talking about The Star website, ok? They are not actually pro-establishment)

One of the reasons I could think of about this defect in BN's machinery was that most of the BN media war efforts were led by old school media functionaries who don't think much of the cyberspace despite what happened to BN in 2008.

For instance, MSM journalists and their bosses mostly don't think much of bloggers, even those who were rated as grade A fighting on their own side. They are after all the professional journalists while those bloggers were seen as amateurs who are encroaching into their territory. Sometimes I don't blame them for having this attitude as certain bloggers behave rather arrogantly. But really lah, all these were such waste. Certain journalists can be quite irritatingly cocky too. These are all about human characters. Got nothing to do about being MSM journalist or blogger.

Sometimes it amazes me that even the most open-minded BN people doesn't quite understand how important it is to win the cyber war. A Press secretary actually asked me the other day whether all these blogs nonsense really have any effect at all.

"Don't you think that it's only just a few people from the same crowd reading the blogs?" he asked.
My answer was, "I think you may want to try the effectiveness of those useless blogs on your boss. I think I can arrange a few of them to attack him and from there we may see whether they are effective or otherwise. Want or not?"

Well, that's aside, what actually triggered me to write this posting was because someone who knows who I am just now challenged me to prove that this blog is worth something. That I can initiate changes beneficial to myself, such as  by exposing several colleagues who have been stabbing my back so that they stop doing so.

Actually, I have limited energy and don't really feel like fighting those backstabbers who were supposed to be from my own side. I just want to be left alone to do my stuff. Cannot ka? So wasteful for me to spend my energy fighting those people....but, if they keep pushing me to a corner, I may be forced to react, forcefully. Let me say, it's going to be quite ugly after that.

After all, I got nothing to lose when it comes to a stupid petty kindergarten office politics fight like that. See lah how.



    "If they pushing me to a corner ,I may be forced to react"

    YEAH !,human are human we got limitation ,we can't claim to be angel's or pretends to be one's or some's claim to be one's making stupidity of their own followers whom I guess had a clouded mind's.
    I think UMNO cybertroopers are quite organize,but much of the component are just playing poker ,just see where the wind's blow after all if UMNO could still be strong the still get the job,but if it's goes the other way the can just 'lompat' to their own's kind of party.




    EXCEPT FOR Youuuuuu. HEH HEH!

  3. Why you never think PR supporters dont get paid but BN supporters need to get well paid before they work. You go to PR ceramahs they ask you donate to their election find but you go to BN ceramahs they feed you and give you gifts.Yet there are so many people at PR ceramahs. You go figure.

  4. tanya la PAS mana donation utk tabung mamali pergi?? masuk poket sendiri la.. pencuri besar!! tgk la MP Ampang pun kaya dh ada merc tau skrg sbb Rafizi bagi lulus projek.. ceramah pakatan standard putar alam

  5. BC, you are the only one that i know as a frontline against the racist (but denying it and say others racist) DAP cybertroops. (read chinese).. all other blogs are mainly in Malay and it just pit them against the serban troops..

    so please continue.there are lots of silent reader like me who likes what you writes.
    i think we came from the same generation.


    1. Lots of silent readers who are waiting for regime change.

    2. Dream on..hah!!

    3. kick out regime butt man and Asal Bukan Cina Dap (ABCD).. parti sendiri pun tak lak demokrasi

    4. dari tadi terpikir..sapa dia la butt man ni..rupanya...hahhaha...buttock loving man...haha..
      pening jap.

    5. At the way that things r goin, i wld rather stick with the devil i know. They r not perfect, but better then pkr pas dap la. These 3 parties talk too much. I live in shah alam. Only now, four years after they won do i c workers sprucing the area. But the roads..........just take a drive, it's like driving in a third world country, full of potholes. Are they gonna pay for my car allignment cost?i dont think so. But what do they do?talk, talk,complain, complain about other parties.look at your own backyard firstla. Stop yapping.

    6. Wah, Who is complaining and about the road? DUMNO's mentality - his car is more important. See Dumno install the speed camera, receive summons and you start to TG it is the PR.