Sunday 2 December 2012

BN components' loyalty

The pre-election Umno general assembly ended today with DS Najib Razak telling party members to unite and support the leadership when it's decided who among them will be candidates in GE13.

The only real worry Najib has is if the Umno people who are not choosen betray the party. This happened so many times before. What to do, selfish bastards are everywhere.

Ok, that's actually small problem compared to the one caused by BN's component parties. How loyal are they to BN? Will all their members vote for BN candidates or at least refrain from voting for the opposition?

Will they accept Najib's decision on the allocation of seats to each respective BN components? Will they accept A decision by Najib on the choice of candidates from among their members? They should acknowledge that Najib got all sorts of information on that matter and sometimes knows better who should be the winnable candidate at each respective area.

I have my doubts on this matter because I had seen how pissed off Johor BN chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman was when during one of his visits to the ballot box areas, he was told by the MCA rep that they can get only 20 per cent of Chinese support there. Ghani knows that more than 40 per cent of Chinese in the area were MCA members.

They can't even get their members to vote BN, yet asking for everything under the sun including more seats.

Tomorrow, PPP is going to hold their congress and it will be officiated by Najib. I hope he tells them to get real. PPP, I heard is asking for up to four parliament seats.

Kayveas, you are mad or what? Najib got enough problem already, don't make life more difficult can or not?

And all these seats have to be Umno seats as the other component parties will never give up their's.

Well, if Kayveas really pull off that stunt tomorrow asking for Najib to give him and gang that many seats, I think I will hire some mafia to catch and throw his sorry ass into the Klang River. Kerja tak buat, mintak kerusi je tau nya.

Real clowns la.


  1. Big Cat, the thing you worry about is normal lah. We are all human. I am not in the list, but even if I am in; and say that I am not elected (to be our candidate), surely i will not be campaigning. I hv been away from family for so long, and if I am not elected - surely I will take a half break from politics. After all Najib must hv believed that the chosen one is winnable. He can win lah. I & my gang have to rest and conserve our energy to fight another battle next year :)

  2. Mat Bon, What Big Dig is worry is not normal. Only according to Big Dog 'selfish bastards everwhere' think that it is normal. So u Mat Bon is one of 'selfish bastards everwhere'. That easy

  3. Mahathir Presiden of PPP2 December 2012 at 16:22

    Finally Mahahtir has come to the right party.

    Mahahtir should have been the presiden of Kimma or MIC or PPP.

    So good riddance you Tamil fella.

    1. Mamakthir was best friends with the Indians since the beginning. Look at how many loyal Indians he cultivated: Semi Value, Ali Abul Hasan, Nor Yakcop, Shahreezat, Reezal Naina, Ali Hamza, Irwan Serigar, the list is endless.

      Hail to the Indian King (and the king of the Malays) !

    2. Bangunlah wahai Melayu dari tidur mu3 December 2012 at 17:11

      The naive Malays have been blindsided by the Arabic Islam which purportedly said all men are equal before God. but some are more equal hehe..

      The Tamils like Subahan kamal, Mericans, Munir Majid, Kalimullah, Ali Abul Hassan, Khairy J, Azeez Rahim,Mukhriz, Mokhzani, Mirzan, Nazamuddin, are shameless, Syed bukhari are shameless stealing from the Malays.

      Syed Bukhari and Nazamuddin claim they are bumiputeras from Sabah and Sarawak and hence they deserve to get monopolies of DRB Hicom, Westport, APs etc.

      Malays must wake up. The Tamils are the same whether Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandes, Mahathir etc. They steal and become the richest Malaysians through Mahahtir and gang.

      Malays must reclaim all the licenses given to Tamil Ananda Krishnan and Syed Bukhari.

      All the APs to Nazamuddin must be distributed and tender out fairly.

  4. Hai....ya !, semua olang tau lah BIGCAT if ABU is successful UMNO will lose their grip's on Barisan and cannot form the government and that the time you will see MCA,GERAKAN,PPP and MIC will jump to the inviting arm's of DAP . DAP will be the largest and the strongest in the Pakatan line up and will lead the next government.
    That the reason why you can see MCA,GERAKAN,MIC and PPP are just staying foot's apa mau susah-susah bikin keleja maa ,let UMNO do the donkey work maa after all we got safe seat's maa.

    Itu melayu takut hilang kuasa maa,so dia olang mesti keleja kuat ,kita olang pikir kalau UMNO hilang kuasa balu kita bolih lapat kuasa loo.
    Itu Aluar sama itu Hadi !, hai..ya itu sikit punya hat majority decide maa ,we are practicing Democracy maa ,who ever got number will lead,correct maa!.

  5. Lets say you are not selected as a candidate, why not sabotage the candidate (your rival)? If you are successful, you have just demonstrated that that person is not winnable, which gives you a chance in the future. Given the low chance of being caught sabotaging and a lack of clarity over what is sabotage (lack of support, arguing over campaign strategy?), there's little cost to you. Regarding the seat distribution, I think that BN has managed it well in the past and it seems to be a bigger nightmare for the opposition (just look at Sabah) - it is rare for BN to lose seats due to multi-cornered fights - its all for the opposition to mess up (yet again).

  6. "The only real worry Najib has is if the Umno people who are not choosen betray the party. This happened so many times before. What to do, selfish bastards are everywhere."

    Perhaps, there is a reason why this happens. The explanation is simple :

    During Bapa Kemerdekaan days UMNO is truly a noble an respectable organization. But come Mamakthir and after; their one TRUE MOTIVE is so suck money behind the those who're interested in doing so finally found it's haven there. But mind you, only for Malays...more accurately lame- parasitic-types of Malay (dear Malay people this does NOT apply to you if you're nothing like that). The non-Malay parasites are seeded along the lines of MAC, MIC, i-don't-see-you-don't-see, no-eyes-see, etc
    All those who joined UMm..NO has only one REAL LUST (albeit masking under a more noble smokescreen)..that is to GET RICH...and get rich QUICK & EASY . So the very root of GET RICH QUICK & EASY NO MATTER WHAT is basically SELFISH. And in politics decent money can only be make when you have a say /authority, and the higher post the more the $$$$$$$$ to be make. So those who are left out from all these gold mines of course jump ship when they got no part...because that's what they are there for - $$$$$$$$$$$. UMmm..NO is basically a Malay Triad like what has been practiced in China Shanghai's back in the early 20th century.

    In a nutshell, birds of the same kind flock together.

    1. Mahathir is Tamil not Malay3 December 2012 at 17:29

      Mahathir is Tamil just like Teuku Adnan thats why they were invited by Tamil PPP.

      These tamils hide their indianes but their racism is obvious.

      Mahahtir gave concession and licenses to Tamils Ananda Krishann, Tony Fernandes, Syed Bukhari, Nazmudin.

      So UMNO is still the same. But the Malays masses have been cheated by Mahahtir. He proudly declared that he has made the Malays beggars in their own land.

  7. Loyalty comes with piratisation handouts, you dumb cat. You think loyalty can be bought with RM 500 BRIM ?

  8. I always call people who write anonymously eunuchs. This is interesting, Anonymous identify but sign off with my name. Chief Eunuch.

  9. There are hundreds of Goh Wei Liangs in this country, so don't be too full of yourself.