Monday 24 December 2012

Election wish on Christmas eve

It's Christmas eve.

My Chinaman had went off to spend the holiday with his family. They are Taoists but celebrate Christmas a bit, just for fun. I declined to follow him as I wanted him to have time of his own, especially with his elderly mum and dad.

I now hope the general election to be held after the Chinese New Year. Want to spend a peaceful celebration with him. If the election is held before that, I can't really imagine what kind of CNY we are going to have. If BN wins, he would not be very happy. If Pakatan wins, I would not likely feel that I want to celebrate anything for a very long long time. I don't think the environment will be condusive to celebrate anything with Pakatan in power.

Anyway, I decided to take a long drive today to a place which holds lots of memories for me.

Maybe I will stay there for tonight and meet up with all my old friends there. Been quite awhile since I was last there. The first thing I will do once I reached there is to stop at the Malay restaurant under a tree which is my favourite. Its grilled catfish and air asam along with sayur tumis air are the best.

Ok, need to go now.

To the good Christians and others who celebrate Christmas

Cheers everyone :-)


  1. Your wish for a late erection, er, election will come true.

  2. Hehehe.....I got an erection wish too....

  3. Merry Christmas to you, BC and any others celebrating Christmas. Hope the food is as good as you remember.

  4. Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. Merry Christmas everyone

  5. Hi, bigcat. Pls tell where that special place is.
    I'm such a glutton, wd drive hundreds of miles just for good food. The grilled catfish u described sounds truly yum.

    1. Sorry, can't reveal the place in this posting due to anonimity reasons. But I will do a special posting soon just for you on best places to eat. Patient ya.