Thursday 13 December 2012

Malaysian football strategy

First they made our players trained on a padi field.

Then they got a crazy Korean as referee. The guy single-handedly won the match for Thailand by reducing Malaysia to 10 men for most of the match.

But then again, I think Malaysia would had lose the game anyway.

Here was what appeared to be the Malaysian strategy -

* Thailand has the advantage of away goal and Malaysia needed to score.
- Strategy : One striker up front, the rest defend.

* One player red carded.
- Strategy : Defend even more.

* Start the second half with just ten players.
- Strategy : Continue to defend.

* Down by one goal
- Strategy : Still continue to defend.

* Down by two goal
- Strategy : Errrr....defend some more...

* Ten minutes remaining of the game with Malaysia down by 3-1 aggrigate
- Oh, ok, now can attack. Bring in extra striker.


The only one in the Malaysian team who played well was the goalkeeper Farizal Malias.

If not for him Malaysia could had lose at least 6-0. The two that passed him were due to defensive errors.

Well, Malaysian football back to square one, I guess.


  1. No wonder, Malaysia lost because it's football is a square one!

  2. correct, correct, correct

  3. then people will get fed up and angry with malaysian football. not much changes had done, gameplay pun still teruk macam dulu. then rajagobal will demand more time and most probably will use younger players for next games.

    people will ask for answers and explanations from FAM. people want rombakan to happen to FAM. FAM answers? " kita akan buat pembangunan dari peringkat akar umbi...." And finally sultan bola will say "beta takkan berundur! beta bukan pengecut, beta pejuang!"

    and so the cycle goes on, and on, and on...

  4. We got to get rid of the royal dynasty controlling FAM. they have outlived their usefulness.

  5. Football Experiment27 December 2012 at 16:51

    The tale of Malaysian Football would not be complete without its usual share of Tamil complicity.

    Many would wonder who in FAM would be so emotionally involved in appointing a Tamil for Malaysia when all its players who won the AFF were Malays.

    Football is a passionate game in Malaysia. Then you have the usual Tamil nationalist grinding their Tamil axes in New Straits Times, singh, relasingh etc moaning the lack of Tamil in the team. There are none capable Indian players but no worry, the NST sports writers start writing about Robat as a player Arsenal is interested in!

    So his pictures appear regularly in NSt. NST by the way was run by Tamil Munir, Kalimullah who for 22 years promoted another Tamil to be Malay president.

    Using the same tactic Robat was highlighted so it was no surprised that Robat was the experiment that Malaysia lost all the time in the two years. The experiment was to look for Indian players!

    The victorious Kelantan midfield won 3 trophies were ignored by Tamil Rajagobal. They beat Robat team, beat Singapore but were conveniently ignored under the guise of experimentation.

    These Tamils are really devious and racist. When Malaysia was leading in KL, RajaGobal put in another Indian Kunalan and Thailand duely scored the equaliser. A saner coach would put in defender to defend the lead but no, this racist coach must put forward his race first at Malaysia expanse.

    That is the true story of RAjagobal, NST Indian sport writers and the reason of Malaysia loses. Compared with hockey or rugby all Malays and no problem. Compared with Singapore a Chinese country, you dont hear the Chinese asking why all Malays? They play on merit.

    Who in FAM was the most vociferous in defending his coach. None other than Subahan Kamal. Google punya google, Subahan Kamal is a Tamil who is now UMNO office holder! Muahahaha...another Mahathir in the making!

  6. big cat sounds like big crap!