Tuesday 11 December 2012

A little Chinese Spring expected in Penang

Something is definitely brewing ahead of the DAP congress in Penang this weekend.

I believe the DAP leadership had miscalculated their level of support within the party by calling for a party election so close to the GE13.

The move was actually meant to dispel allegations that the party was undemocratic as it has several times postponed the party elections.

But what was supposed to be a walk-over for the Lim family's cronies, who hold power via the all powerful central executive committee may turned into a disaster for them.

Factions opposing the Tokong regime now seems set to stage a revolt and likely  successful in seizing key party posts.

The outcome of the Wanita and Youth elections last weekend may well be signs of what's coming - a piece of virtual brick flying into Guan Eng's face.

The most telling was the defeat of Guan Eng's political secretary Ng Wei Aik who contested the powerful Dapsy secretary post.

He lost it to Tan Hong Pin of all people.

Tan, the Johor Dapsy chief is Dr Boo Cheng Hau's closest associate.

As everyone knows, Dr Boo, who is the Johor DAP chief and opposition leader is no friend of Guan Eng. He is up to his nose down in JB fighting Guan Eng's minions in the likes of Gwee Tong Hian of Bentayan and Ong Kow Meng of Senai.

It will be interesting to see if Dr Boo could improve his position in the CEC after Tan's success in Dapsy.

If the undercurrents at the Dapsy and Wanita polls holds true, Guan Eng and his father may find themselves at their wits end to stem the tide of dissent against their family rule in the party.

I'm waiting with great anticipation of what's coming from Penang this weekend.


  1. Bigcat, Dr Boo's closest confidiante, hatchetman and his alterego voice is actually his tonto Norman Fernandez, his Deputy not Hong Pin.

    Dr Boo uses him as his proxy. Chop him and Dr Boo loses his right hand.

  2. Norman Fernandez is like a modern day Rasputin who has managed to have complete control over Dr Boo. Dr Boo, only trust him and all in DAP Johor knows that. Dr Boo trusts no one else.

  3. Ai.....yaa ! wa manyak pening apa sat bolih jadi ini macam , wa sekalang tunggu itu CEC mau tengoh apa hat bolih jadi.

  4. Even the mighty self proclaimed warrior of anti corruption and anti power abuser DAP have succumbed to the trappings of power and money. The worst part is that they do not have the experience nor the political ideology except for all for chinese and chinese for all to withstand it. Its true then about the saying "power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely".


  5. UMNO does not even have the equivalent of DAP's check and balance. UMNO's check and balance refers to their bank accounts all over the world.