Saturday 8 December 2012

I'm not doing as well as Amokh

Slept early last night. I was heavily drugged. Woke up around 4am and felt that the fever had broke.

I think I need to take another short break....just for a while, till I'm fully recovered from my illness.

Anyway, my postings had been a bit too serious lately, which I don't really like. Maybe it's because of my poor health. Made me a crabby girl.

Need to be fun again.

Hmmm...a bit difficult to have fun with news such as Azman Mokhtar solidifying his grip on Khazanah. Honestly, I don't mind the guy that much except for his penchant of placing dubious characters at strategic places such as here -

Stealthily, Malaysia Airports get new directors

I really hope Najib was not making a mistake by agreeing with the extension of his tenure for another three years.

Don't know lah. My mind is too convoluted and tired at the moment to write properly about that.

Then there's the need to be focused on the general election. Can't afford to be side-tracked from that.

Well, for the moment I just want to rest. Hopefully I ll be up and running again within the next few days.

For that, here is a nice sad Japanese song to relax the heart and mind -


  1. Long live BigCat!

    1. Azman the Robber Baron8 December 2012 at 17:06

      I think Malays need a people council to get rid of these corrupt people. Smoking cigars while there are malays still tak cukup makan is a sin.

      Equitable and fairness seems to be forgotten by these sitanggang malays.

      They only think that guy got 50 millions I must get 70 millions.

      Ours is rich country. Our main source of income Petronas must be under a Malay Special Overview. It cannot be placed with that Tamil fella Mahathir as adviser. Its like letting the cat look over the fish.

      PRU 13 is the best time to cleanse ourselves of these dirts who are continuing to make billions while UMNO Naib Presiden talk of 20% as kejayaan. And by God willing the chinese and Indians will kept 70% while we Malays of Tanah Melayu will get 30%. Thank be to Allah.

      Such stupidity from the time of mahathir. What the Malays wanted after the 1969 riot was to take over control of the economy of their land. But it was waylaid by Hussein Onn and Tamil Mahathir.

      20% to be shared among 70% Malays is a blessing says these retards.

      Its okay for them because their sons, brothers, menantus, etc etc get to keep the 20% while the Felda settlers have to make do with RM1500 per month.

      Petronas wealth must be distributed directly to the Malays. Using Petronas money to enrich the Chinese through billions of subsidies must stop because Chinese are subsidy minded. Without subsidy the Chinese dirty factories would not survive and they would probably go back to their homeland China.

      But UMNO President have been bought by Chinese taukays that is why UMNO is bringing hundreds of thousands cheap labour for Chinese and India business.

      Is it without social cost to the Malays? You bet there is. Malays youth remain unemployed because they are not stupid enough to be kulis for the Chinese plantations.

      They become mat rempit, drug addicts etc.

      So your article on Azman Mokhtar si Tanggang is timely.

    2. well's! so much had been said about this Azman the "Penyamun" by other blogger's as well but seems Najib is closing his eyes and seem being deft's about it or he no power to do anything because this is Pak Lah left over and had doing good's to Pak Lah and his scheme's .
      I think everybody is tired seeing this Azman dancing around manipulating the nation trust.
      The Malay aren't that stupid to see what going on !.

  2. Yes! She is drop dead gorgeous!