Thursday 13 December 2012

The lower middle income needs love

I did a bit of calculation on my friends and dear ones last night. The sum up made me realised that they are made up of more Pakatan inclined people than BN.

Even my Chinaman is DAP-inclined.

Among my nine siblings -three brothers are hardcore Pakatan, another brother totally apolitical, while four sisters being hardcore BN. (Pakatan still wins here because one of my brothers got a large family and his children were all indoctrinated with Pakatan beliefs)

Among my friends, the older more sensible ones mostly supports BN while the younger and idealistic ones supports Pakatan. The younger ones outnumbered the older ones, of course.

Well then again, my circle of friends is not so big and it's confined to the lower middle class section of society, which is largely where the Pakatan support base is strongest. So, it's not really the true reflection of the current balance of influence between the two sides.

Still, I think BN need to work harder in winning over the segment of society in which I belong.

 Irrespective of race, we tend to feel trapped in the lower middle income urban nightmare and have to fend for ourselves all the time. The government seems to be irrelevant in our times of needs.

The government doesn't seems to really care for us as it seems busy with Felda settlers, lower income people and others. Maybe some may think it's not fair for us to think that way, but we can't help it, ok? We do work hard to get to where we are today and what do we get for it from the government?

Yup, if BN really want to break new ground before the GE13 (which should be within two months from now), it should show some love for people like me by doing something to make our life better and that there is a hope for us to further improve it.


  1. Totally agree with this one BigCat. There are stories of wrongdoing in the news but do the relevant authorities jump in to do something about it? NO. All they seem to care about is who is going to win in the GE13 ... and they need to win big. But do they really really care about the people?

  2. "The government doesn't seems to really care for us as it seems busy with Felda settlers, lower income people and others."

    Really? Low-cost housing, cheap smartphones, book vouchers and the brand new MRT in which your friends in Pakatan blew the issue out of proportion over a piece of land which becomes one of its main route. The have got issues too for the ones who won the contracts. They don't even give a damn whether the project would ease the traffic congestion in the cities. They couldn't care less. For them, they'll hell bent oppose to anything, I mean anything in which they have a chance to score a political point.
    What a pathetic bunch of people.

    1. It's pathetic how you can support a band of robbers who take commissions out of public expenditure.

    2. I can build the MRT for 50 pct less. You should know that UMNO jacks up all public expenditure by 50 pct.

    3. You've got everythings from the well taken care of the nation by the BN. Just have the heart to compare us, i mean the standard of living, the harmonious society we lived in, stability, earned as much you can, vernicular schools (no where else in the world), don't have to change your decendents identities with India, China, middle east, Africas, Indonesia, SEA countries and even our neighbour Singapore....I'm not going to talk about your daily chores...sincerely what is happening now, do you think PKR can managed that???? Jeopardy....

  3. well, at least I know that two of my brothers support Pakatan, as well as my parents (they were BN supporters prior to 2008 though). Most of the others are apolitical, while I myself BN-inclined.
    Most of my friends seems to be Pakatan inclined, but this is just anecdotal experience, at least from FB postings hehe

  4. Thought-provoking!

  5. If there is no stealing, kita semua pasti kaya. Tak payah minta, tak payah nangis.