Friday 7 December 2012

Sexual liberation after GE13

Been down with a fever and still not feeling well. Need to see doctor tomorrow.

So, tonight I can't write much.

Just want to comment a bit about what Tian Chua, the Batu MP and PKR information chief was saying to the Mole today that the country's law against weird sexual practices under Section 377 of the Penal Code were archaic and irrelevant.

He was supporting the letter by Human Right Watch to PM DS Najib Razak which demanded for Malaysia to revoke laws deemed as discriminating against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-genders.

Tian Chua was apparently speaking in line with the stand of his party leader DS Anwar Ibrahim who in January openly said that the above mentioned laws were to be reviewed once he comes to power.

I guess the LGBT people will go all out to support Pakatan in the coming GE13. It's a golden opportunity for them to get their lifestyle being accepted as "normal" in this country. It could also pave the way for same sex marriages to be recognized as lawful.

Well, Pas may make some noise over this, but I think it would not do them any good as they had forfeited their Islamic credentials when they agreed to be the junior partner within Pakatan. They currently have the smallest number of seats in Parliament which will also the case in the event Pakatan wins GE13.

I guess Malaysia will be an even freer country after Pakatan takes over....well, that is if you means free, as in anyone can have any type of sex as long as they were adults and consented to whatever perversions they intend to commit.

The above is the picture of Malaysian gay pastor Ngao Boon Lin kissing his African American "husband/wife". They had made it a point to hold their "wedding  reception" in Kuala Lumpur after getting "married" in New York.

Well, I guess after this, an adult man wanting to have sex with a consenting adult potbelly pig would also be allowed under Pakatan rule.

Errr....better check the legal perspective of that one with Ambiga.

But seriously, were LGBT people being prosecuted in this country?

 As far as I  know, the most that were done to them were preventive measures when they tried to promote their lifestyle or when they were involved in illegal activities such as prostitution. Other than that, I think they were treated just like anyone else. 

Ok, sometimes we normal people make fun of them, but we ourselves make fun of each other all the time too what.

Honestly, at the place where you all works, were the LGBT people being discriminated against?

Heck, at the place where I works, the LGBT people were in fact being given preferential treatment some more....I think.

But that will be another story for another day.


  1. MsBC,
    I have no complain about this LBGT thing. But basically to get eggs, we need cocks and hens, no other way about it. Well if Mat and Ronnie wish to live together, I have no complain really. But marriage? No way. Why not just draw up an legal agreement letter, like any S & P, outlining your common interests, and do your business privately. French kiss in the public between Mat and Ronnie or Hannah and Rosy is total gross, if I may say. Me conservative? Then why not introduce a nudist colony somewhere in PCB or Teluk Bahang ! Tian Chua, Tian Chua...apalah mangkuk you ni..!

  2. omg we live in a world full of bigots. shame on you

    1. Well,if 98.799% of the world's population are bigots, so be it!The rest like you, go fly kite to mars or venus or hell, wherever!

  3. What utter nonsense, Big Cat. We are not talking of bestiality, so don't bring pigs into the picture. We are also not talking about preferential treatment or otherwise. There is nothing wrong with same sex relationships.

    I'd rather have a gay or lesbian as a leader than someone who is "crooked" in other ways, especially in stealing the rakyat's funds.


    PS Godfather is strictly straight, but I can't claim to be a better person than one who is gay.

  4. Kuching Besar:

    Talking about "crooked" sexual preferences, what about "crooked" designs on the rakyat ? I mean where in the world can a PM embroiled in the payment of RM 500 million of commissions for submarine purchases be allowed to continue as PM ? Is he straight or crooked ? How about the lands that he gave to cronies during his time as Defence Minister - land in Majidee, Johor and Bukit Raja in Klang ? Is that straight or crooked ?

    How about the Wanita leader who thinks she is an excellent leader after the hundreds of millions spent by her family in buying condos and starting businesses unrelated to the 'piratisation' scheme ? Is she straight or is she crooked ?

    To Kuching Besar, none of these shenanigans matter, because they NEVER happened. Crookedness is not a sexual deviation, it is a habit perpetuated by those who are accustomed to cheat.

    1. Anon 01:52

      Did you get screwed by Anwar ? Without your consent ? The rakyat got screwed by Najib, Fat Mama and the whole Umno gang. Front and back. Without our consent.

  5. So many hypocrites here. Why you listen to Elton john songs, and watch Hollywood stars like Tom selleck ?

  6. At the moment the majority simply tolerate this LGBT group. But as always, this minority group will not be happy unless they can shove their "activities" to the majority face.

    Please lah.. man-man woman-woman French kissing is gross. If you want to do it, do it in the privacy of your homes. In Malaysia, man-woman also don't do French kissing in public.

    If you want to get married, then go get married in other country that allows it. What's the big deal? So long as you and your partner knows that you're married.. who cares what the whole world thinks? You can then draft a proper contract to take care of the rest - inheritance etc etc.

    1. Fully long as they remain closet gays, why do we have to prosecute them ? or look down on them ?

  7. We'll say up yours too, but only if you are a woman.