Saturday 21 April 2012

It never heals

Was sitting under the bamboo tree just now. Looked up at the clouds and they were so beautiful. Feeling very peaceful.

Nonetheless, deep inside, I know I will never get over it.
It's sad when the one we love is no longer with us. It's most sad when the one we love so much no longer love us.
Just want to get that out of my chest. Sorry...just rambling.

Have a good weekend.


  1. So, this was the reason of past rambling mostly about life. Hey I am going through the same and god, its very hurting, especially given the lame excuse. It will heal, but slow. I read an article that came in my inbox coincidentally, yesterday. Its very good. Eric Charles said that they took a piece of your heart and you're no longer the whole person you were. The "piece of yourself" that you lost wasn't taken away - it was your own disillusionment. What you feel now is to "get the piece back from him that he took" which is really your wish that you could get your innocence back. The trick is to be innocent again, be and think young again and be únknown". I hope it helps...

  2. as long as you cherish them, the one we loved, will never away with us. they are always with us.

  3. Thanks. It's just an old wound.