Tuesday 3 April 2012

Non-political weather forecast

It's mostly cloudy out there. Temperture about 29 degrees Celcius. Probably it's going to rain soon.

Down in JB it's about the same.

I will probably have to drive in the rain later. Should had changed those front tyres. Botak already.

In the East Coast it's slightly sunnier at my favourite town. Temperture about the same too.

Up north from our shores, it's also cloudy in Taipei. Between 17 and 27 degrees Celcius. Normal early spring I guess.

Even further up north, in a place where I wish I am now, it's raining with temperture between 3 and 7 degrees Celcius. It's however going to be sunny there over the next four days. Very good :-)

Well, I'm just feeling nostalgic today. Really not looking forward to drive back to JB later in the day.

Wish I can stay here and be happy. No political bullshits to deal with.

Sorry ya, I'm still in the rambling mood.

Take care everyone.

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