Friday 27 April 2012

A worried heart (with updates)


Resisted the temptation to call him. He doesn't like me calling him when he is with his friends.

Just send him a text asking whether he was at the demo. He send me a reply - "Nope".  Just that single word. I'm not sure whether to believe him but I have to accept his reply as it was and told him to take care and be safe. Don't want to be the nagging type.

I'm actually still worried. Surfed for more news from KL. Things seems to be quite blur. Blogger Double YY reported that most Chinese demonstrators, who are actually DAP members wearing their yellow "Ubah" t-shirt were at Petaling Streets scaring away the tourists.

I look carefully at the photos and was glad I can't find him among the crowds.

"NST 28/4: Police have started firing tear gas and water cannons at Dataran Merdeka after protestors broke through the barricade in the Bersih 3.0 rally."

So, here we go again...I'm really really praying that he was telling me the truth and not in the middle of this madness.


It's past 3am, woken up from my sleep. It's so hot. Took a shower to cool myself. Checking on the latest on what's happening in KL. Saw some news about the commotion near Dataran Merdeka about midnight.  Some of the demonstrators had already tried to breach the security barrier around the place. They even tried to stop a police bus from going into the area.

I immediately worried about him. Felt like calling him but stopped myself as I don't want to disturb him in case he was sleeping.

Anyway, the reports indicated that almost all the demonstrators who seems so eager and cannot wait till tomorrow to have the demo were Malays. A report even stressed that not a single Chinese was seen in the crowd. So, I don't think he was there.

Of course it's a bit sad to note that when it comes to these sorts of nonsense, it's always the Malays who were more advanced than others. They seems to enjoy these sorts of things and see them as a fun thing. I guess Malays have yet to shed their "minda berhibur" (entertainment mentality?). Probably that's why Harian Metro is their number one newspaper.

Wouldn't it be nice if Malays are also the most advance in other fields such as science and technology etc etc?

I bet, during the demo tomorrow, the Malay idiots will be on the front row again. Good also, that means if he is to be stupid enough to go to the rally, he will be at the back with the other smart Chinamen.

Of course, better still if he just sleep off the whole day at home la...


I'm hoping that he is not going to join the rally at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow.

Of course I'm worried about his safety. That sorts of rally can easily turned violent. But I know he will not listen to me one. Stubborn boy. He said he is hanging out with his best friend that fanatical DAP guy in KL this weekend. And that guy came all the way down from Penang to join the rally. So, he will most  likely join him tomorrow.

I actually got all stressed up about this today. He didn't say he is going to join the rally but he didn't deny it either when I asked him. All I can manage was making a sad face. Can't ask too much. He can be quite garang some times.

Sometimes I don't know why I fall for him. Not very handsome, garang, don't love me that much, bully me all the time and always not around. Chinese some more. DAP supporter some more (although he always denies it and scold me whenever I calls him that).

Don't know lah...

All I hope now is for him to be safe and that everything will be alright.

Of course it's not much of a hope because the whole purpose of the rally is to create havoc.

It's not about fair election, or anti-Lynas, or anti-PTPTN.

It's about a show of force and creating a perception that the current government is bad and suppressive. That's all.

Perhaps the only participants of tomorrow's rally whose motive are genuinely what they say to be their's are the LGBT crowd. Unlike the others who use a fake struggle to achive their political aim, the LGBT people are using a fake political aim to achive their struggle, which is the legalisation of free sex.

Well, at least that's how I see it.


  1. BigCat,

    Don't worry too much, I think like the last time, there will be quite a number of people there.

    By now, I think the police will be more careful when aiming all those tear gas.....other then getting wet, I think he should be fine.

    Orang JB

  2. Dear Big Cat,

    You can always go join him to keep an eye on him what... Haha

    ~ Kluang girl

  3. You all DAP cybertroopers harr...last time you all said the evil BN policemen so teruk they simply simply kill people, told me not to worry, which one lar???

  4. Your analysis of the Bersih event today is accurate, look like Bersih outside but Dirty agenda inside.

  5. Bigcat.. Kalau apa-apa jadik kat dia, takpa, aku ada sebagai ganti....


  6. Aku harap kali ni Polis jangan kasi 'tahanan Bersih 3.0' nasi beriani lagi. Bagi nasi biasa beras murah. Lauknya kepala ikan bilis goreng disedapkan dengan kicap masin.


  7. This is because u did not see it comming or will come in time to be in the news. U shld be on the ground to be in touch with things. Get out there and feel the atmosphere and the true feeling of the Rakyat and how they r supressed in cases like PPSMI and others. Wake up before u r woken up by all the self centered politicians.

  8. Happen in most countries : ) Biasalah

  9. a BN member arrr...

  10. bigcat, you sound very racist. i feel sorry for you.

    1., I'm a wonder lah I'm so in love with a Chinese...

  11. Spare a thought for the rank and file policemen. They have families too.
    A child has been abducted. That's a job for our men in blue too. And they have to take care of this (unnecessary) shit in the city centre.

  12. If you're not there, don't simply put a stupid assumption and comment on it. I was there, i can even see the ppl from all races are united to show their concern to the current government. This is the 1st time i joined the rally, peaceful and unite, if your mind is set to be a naive thinking, go ahead. This will only make the rest are thinking ur just another naive person who doesn't have a brain to think but only to pull attention to make yourself popular.... YES!!! U did it. CONGRATULATION...

    1. So, this is your first time is it? My first time was during the Reformasi time. I was on Anwar's side at that time. Peaceful? Go and check what happen at the Dataran Merdeka now. It was not the police who started the violence, ok? Eeeerr...I'm popular? You go and read my blog for what?

  13. pathetic....shame...

  14. #1 If protestors started with the aggression of throwing stuff (provoked or not is immaterial)and what not, then, yes, they are wrong.

    #2 in videos circulating on cyberspace about the police car veering off road hitting protestors, what's the true story?? that's what I want to know.

    was the driver injured, resulting in losing control of car leading to protestors sitting on the sidewalk being injured? or was it intentional?

    #3 if one supports BERSIH it does not mean they support Opposition. BERISH is supposed to be supporting for a fair and clean election and of course, there will always be a few 'enthusiasts' who might get caught up in the heat of the moment and do stupid stuff but it shouldn't reflect poorly on the whole BERSIH rally.

    #4 i think it's fair for you to voice your opinions and even if ppl don't agree, they shouldn't take it out on you.. however, i do believe that it is also best for you to check facts first before posting as a precaution.

    1. #1 The rioters were rioting

      #2 Things were thrown at the police car just before it veered off-road, uncontrolled, and the mobsters rushed at the car

      #3 The organisers of today's riot are part of the Opposition, their leaders were making speeches and inciting the mob

      #4 A thinking person gets his/her facts from all sources and analyse things from all angles, don't think it is so easy to manipulate "facts" to suit the purpose of certain parties

  15. They would always show pictures of police brutality towards the 'innocent' protesters after each demonstrations. WTF!

    Well, if I were the police, I would whack and kick them hard on their butt. Kacau aje orang mau rehat2 di rumah dgn anak bini. Because of the demo, I have to work!!! And deal with all these stupid, nothing-to-do protestors.

    Thus, don't just put all the blames on the police. they are only human. When the masses became unruly, the police would get very MAD too. At times they'd also lost their minds due to excessive pressure.