Monday 9 April 2012

My story : The present

Note: This posting is a continuation of  My story : In the begining

The most beautiful thing in my small room is a koinobori (japanese fish flag) that someone bought for me at a Daisho five ringgit shop two years ago. It is the only decorative item in my room.

I sleep on a two-inch thick mattress. I got no bed, cupboard or anything much else. There is a place to hang my clothes and three shelves left behind by the person who previously occupied the room which I used to put my stuff. I have a nice Ikea laundry basket though. There are also two plastic chairs, also left behind by the former occupant of the room. The cheap green curtain was put up at the window by my sisters. The rent is RM300 and that's all that I can afford. No joke.

I came back to JB several years ago. It turned out to be the most stupid thing I have done for my career. But never mind lah, it's water under the bridge already. I am already at the tail end of things anyway. So, I just need to slog on as long as I have the energy. Should not be for too long now, I guess.

I am not an ambitious person. I never crave to have lots of money or being chauffered driven and worshipped by people like some hot shot BN fella. At work, I always try my best but my aim has always been modest. Someone used to scold me a lot for wasting "my talents". I appreciate the motive and tried my best to meet the expectations, but I find it hard to sell out on my principals just to "move up in life".

All I actually need is a decent income so that I can take care of my responsibilities. If I push harder to get more, it's because I want the people I love to have a slightly better life. Honestly, I can do with just the basic stuff. That Taiwan thing I kept mentioning in my previous postings is just my favourite dream. I do wish though I could afford to travel more. I still harbour the hope of spending some time in Taipei one day. See lah how, kalau ada rezeki.

As I had previously written, I come from a poor family. I eat simple food - nasi, ikan kembong goreng, sawi goreng - and I'm ok already. Ok, occasionally I pamper myself with some expensive Japanese food. My favourite is salmon sushi. This rare luxury is the influence of that person who gave me the koinobori. I have this like once every three or four months.

My life has been dreary for more than a year now. The only bright spark in my life in JB now is my little contribution to Johor BN. I like Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman because I find him to be a good man and a sincere leader. I think I have written about that so many times already. He never gave me anything for my support but I'm ok with that. My conscience is clear that way. I got my little salary and that's good enough for me. The reward is in knowing that my beloved Johor is in safe hands...for now.

Things are not however going well for me at the moment. I'm trying to stay positive. I may lose my job soon because of things that I write. But it's ok. That's the risk I take to write what I believe. I believe  that my rezeki will be decided by Allah, and not by some peacock man.

 My late mother once told me not to fear anyone or anything but Allah. I'm not a religious person, but I always remember that. I believe that if I keep my faith intact and stay on the right path, insyaAllah I will be safe.


  1. if you are looking for ajob, what kind of work are you looking?, maybe i can help

    1. Thanks for your kind offer, but I will be ok. I got things planned already :-)

  2. Hehehehe....somehow i don't buy this type of posting anymore la BC!

    1. If you think I can lie and quote my arwah mother in a same posting, please consider yourself no longer welcomed to read my blog. Please don't come again. Thank you.

  3. What about lontong at Hutan bandar?
    Well ikan kembong then sushi every 3 months.. are doing ok I guess.
    Alhamdulillah Syukur!
    So just say when ..for the lontong..
    Wak JJ

  4. Losing a job is not an easy feeling, especially,as you said, at the tail end of things.
    I can only emphatize with you as I am going thru the same thing now. But placing one's faith in one's belief is the best, and Allah knows best.

    You would be OK bro', InsyaAllah

  5. Big Cat, we may not know each other but your life kind of sounds like my life...just be true to yourself and things will be inplaced.
    I have done quite a bit in life and I work for a person I believe in and never asked for anything apart from the salary that I get...I am okay! Just write the way you do. If ever one day you want to publish a book, which I am in the midst of doing, let me know since I know a publisher. The title of your book must be "My story: In the begining" Cheers mate! (or laddie)

  6. Dear Pasquale,
    Thanks for your kind offer.

  7. no need to worry anyone...lagi lagi org politik. during bedollah bedawi leadership as the PM of Malaysia, i and a small group of friends managed to bring Tun M to do a talk at New York Hotel despite so many threats frm samdol Johore politician that are now kissing back TunM hands.

    we even do a posing for the Special Branch at the airport tarmac...when they snapped our picture and videos.

    muo mari

  8. Johor will be much safer if the gundu Ghani Ghani is another UMNO of course!!masuk ni 4 terms is far too much..he is not an exceptional leader at all!!hear him speak??you will fall asleep...AND cross my dead body,if its from the shit PKR.
    I think Johoreans are still good and decent people even though we see that all the business are being "sapu-ed" by Bkt Serene..but plse dont just look!!!do something!!

  9. BIgcat,

    May you be successful in all that you want to achieve and your endevours be blessed with everlasting frienship.

    I too have a principle, only I am will have to answer to the Creator.

    As long as one does what he feels is right and do no harm to anyone, one should never be in fear.

    I am partial to ikan kembong goreng together with lemak kobis.

    Have a good week.


  10. Alamak, now I can't call you names anymore cos you are obviously seeking, and getting, sympathy. Can't you get a job with NFCorp ? Can you help in repairing Scorpene submarines ?


  11. That is so sweet Godfather, you just cheered BigCat a bit with your pathetic paid comments.

    1. Paid comments ? The beauty of people like me is that I don't need to get paid by either side. Unlike some people who can't survive if the rug gets pulled under their feet. Kapisch ?

      But I do feel for Kuching Besar. He's been a loyal and unwavering servant to UMNO.


  12. bro nice post, a sad one tho. sometimes i just hope malaysian shd emulate spore kiasuism and become more pushy to make our government accountable to ensure everyone deserve a better life in the material context. i travel quite frequently to jb, surprisingly i find the price level on almost everything is relatively cheaper compare to kl though with inflow of many singaporean, i first thought with that kind of money to spend due to exchange differential, jb shd be an expensive city but not really. i am a little curious, the only reason i could think of is singaporean tend to be thrifty and kiasu and only the best with reasonable pricing could attract them to open up their wallet ie competition is one major factor of lower pricing? i could be wrong.

    however, i still cant imagine how the local folks working in a factory that pay a basic of 550 plus ot / allowance come to about 1k could survive, and with family some more. in all honesty, i respect though can’t understand y the support of the current regime from u all when life is so tough. i personally support pr in the hope that some improvement probably could be implemented, we can disagree on where we position ourselves in politics but i treasure the very sincere and truthful writing from people like u.

    ps / my colleague brought me to one restaurant that is always full close to perling, the goring ayam is one of the best in town, u try it b4?

  13. y taiwan not china or to be exact beijing? i think beside pollution n food n metropolitan, beijing shd have much more to learn, and the writing system (simplify)resemble to malaysia (msia adopt simplify), if u r talking about culture, i think beijing is more diversify but at the same time truly depict the core of chinese, however in term of friendliness and courteous, i believe taiwanese is many times better. but i guess beijing is not that affordable anymore.

  14. Why so sad? Keep up the positive is really too short for worries and regrets about things you should have done or not done in the past. Stay focused, always be sincere in what you do and Allah will reward you when the the right time comes along.

  15. Kiton Al Kubra,

    Please don't go!

    Its just a small glitch on the oscilloscope. You're a tougher cat than that.

    We are of the same house pets group. But we do different things for our pet masters. Just because the pet master snarl on you a bit for the little scratch on the furniture, that doesn't mean you got to merajuk and go away the soonest opportunity present itself.

    The dedication of what you do daily is what kept you going all these while. You're one of those who 'converted' me to the belief that at this point in time and against all mitigating circumstances, Johor needs Ghani Othman more than ever.

    Johorean pets should come together and put the interest of Johor first.

  16. Dear BigCat,

    Dont worry, Datuk Ghani surely leaves Johor very soon. And my herat strongly believes, someone who gonna replaces him will most likely to retain you in a good position or even better. This is for sure.

  17. Stories told from the heart are always good stories. All the best Bigcat.

  18. Dont fret, BC.
    You got friends everywhere.
    Dont this people know that the Rakyat is the boss.
    Please dont make the Rakyat pissed!!!!

  19. I've always enjoyed reading your posts. U should come to KL - more job/business opportunities here, after a few years, u'll probably be able to save enough to pursue your dream in Taiwan. Would like to meet up with u if possible. Cheers. Contact me jasoneight(at)gmail(dot)com