Friday 6 April 2012

Marching with the pot belly pig

So, looks like we are going to have another Bersih rally.

Honestly, I'm not surprised.

The Pakatan people need to keep the people interested in their bullshit. That's why they are going to have all these rallies. Lynas la, Chinese education la, Pengerang la, ya di da ya di da....

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it's all just to counter BN's momentum of support which is snowballing as the general election comes ever nearer.

All those talks about environment ka, electoral reform ka, whatever ka are all bullshit, ok? All that matter is for them to topple the BN government.

Najib can follow whatever they say or give whatever they want, and still they will not stop the nonsense because those things about environmental protection, better electoral system or whatever else are not what they really want. What they want is power. That's all that they want. The rest - let me repeat, are all BULLSHIT.

Sorry aarr, today I feel like being harsh a bit. Bad mood leh. Nobody seems to love me today....never mind.

Ok, do you all think they will be happy if the Parliament Select Committee adopted all their demands, even those which doesn't make sense?

Come on la, let's get real. They will just come out with another excuse to have their happy happy rallies. That one they say only la. Really. Up to you all la want to believe or not, but that's how I see these people and their nonsense.

To me, it's the only way for them to keep themselves relevant as the general election draws near.

Well, you all just wait and see. My prediction is that, this is going to be the story line -

They are going to demand to make noise at the Dataran Merdeka. The authorities will say no and proposed for them to have it at the Shah Alam Stadium. All sorts of nonsense will follow. Demand to see the Yang DiPertuan Agong, meeting with the PM, meeting with the police etc etc. In the end, they will still go and have their hu ha hu ha in downtown KL so that they can have that dramatic effect. Police going to fire a few tear gas and a bit of water cannon. Then they are going to claim that the police are brutal, the government despotic etc etc. Marina Mahathir also going to have some fun promoting herself as a cool liberal, something like that daughter of Fidel Castro. Well, to cut it short, the whole circus again lah.

But, really la. Do you all think the ordinary people will be impressed ka with all these crap? I mean, for those people who lead an ordinary life, work hard for a living, thankful for what they have, and grateful for the good life that they have in this country. The Pakatan people keep saying our country is so bad that it's like Zimbabwe. Really ka? That bad ka? How many of those Pakatan people have ever been to Zimbabwe to make the comparison?

Our electoral system so corrupt ka? Is it like North Korea? Or is it like China? Errr...China, the next number one world economy got election ka? Eh, you all check yourself lah.

Eeeerrr....the funny title....eerrr, that one I simply simply put only. Just for fun. hehehehehe
You all remember this nice looking pot belly pig or not? Familiar or not?
Nice piggy piggy :-)


  1. kenapa saya tak sokong rally DUDUK BANTAL

  2. BIGCAT,

    I Love You.

    1. all men say think I don't know ka....

    2. ...Really we do;)

      anyway ...I suggest just give those Bersih 3 or 4 or 5 people space to have whatever rally they want. Keep the FRUs with those baton,shield and tear gas guns at bay. We don't want Ambiga and her Pakatan gang to have that CNN or Aljazeera moment. Police personnel to control traffic and provide security only.Provide more ambulances and have the Red Crescent volunteers on standby,just in case of emergencies.

      The BN Gomen can do a big favor for those Pakatan demonstrators by providing portable toilets, sit ins on bantal or what not can cause people to lose control of their bladder and we don't want these demo lovers to piss all over the place do we? You knowlah these people ketua mereka kencing berdiri, anak buah kencing berlari.

  3. Ano 6.59 AM..

    You beat me to say it...this time...

    Wak JJ

  4. I see babiga picture along eith pakatan leaders on a big billnoard......they took it doen several days later..maybe theynrealizednthey put a big picture of a haram animal that will make the malay voters shun away...

    Bjy can the malaysian bar luncil swine have her picture on a big billboard with other pakatan fakes??! And they have been demanding for impartial judiciary system..but not with ambiga

  5. I guess this time, the police, FRU, the medical staff and all authorities should just stay away and watch from a distance the nonsense Ambiga and Co gonna pull. It may be a big turn off coz they'll come there to experience an orgy with laced water firing at them and tear gas or 'explode' with some home made fireworks, like on 901, to make things more dramatic..... all bunch of uncivilised hooligans out to make trouble and gain cheap publicity!!!

  6. Dear bigcat,

    Errrr oink oink,I agree with you.the govermrnt should not waste the country's resources for this bloody waste of time bersih rally. Malaysia is a blessed country and we should keep this country aman and damai. The one asking too much can leave to search for their dream somewhere else

    Ambiga, the pot belly should be the first one to be kick out of this country to the clean India . and I don't mind to pay for the expenses of airplane ticket to make sure she get out. We already have a good prime minister but we need home minister with pot belly size balls!,,,,,,

  7. Any volunteers to play dead. Can collect RM 1K from Ambiguous.

  8. On umno bootlickers are shit scared of free and fair elections. Keep it up you big fat cat.

    1. Shit scared of free and fair election? you ask.
      Methinks you losers wanna demo all the time cos it's a pre-emptive move. You know you gonna lose, so scream first that elections wasn't fair and square.

      I wonder about you ppl. Election rules unfair, unfair, unfair. Yet you can win Penang, Sgor and Perak (before the MPs defected)
      I think this line from a blog about the last bershit rally says it all:
      "I do believe in freedom of speech, and I believe that people should be allowed to march and demand for clean elections. The last one was so dirty, the opposition won five states." Yeehaa

  9. Where's godfather?

    Miss him so much..... :-(


  10. bersih leader ambiga should make a trip to her former country india where women are SOLD to husbands who resold them to other husbands in a legalised prostitution.

    Baby girls are killed with china and india having high female infanticide.

    Here in Malaysia, she even get to be educated and become a lawyer. She even get awarded "women of courage" by hilary clinton

    and thatis why she gets swollen headed - selected by foreign elements to recolonise Malaysia

  11. Malaysia demokrasi la. If the rally is for a good cause, join, else stay home. I am not for or against anything in particular. What I am saying is let democracy strive in Malaysia. Apa takut. Maybe bullshit to you, but not to others. What have you done for the country?

  12. If that particular parry wins the GE its bersih but if Bn wins the GE is not bersih. Actually bersih is for those who think that they are not gong to win the next Ge. Takut sangat tuhan pun dia orang tak takut macam tu. Me joining the rally sorry banyak benda lain nak buat. To tell the truth i am really fed up with demo and rally. what i need now is some peaceful place to relax mane eh coz everywhere seem not safe.