Monday 23 April 2012

Chinese students are better

I read with particular interest this posting Why Chinese students stay away from anti-PTPTN demo by Rocky of Rockybru.

It was based on a translation from a Nanyang Siang Pau's editorial about paying back what one owes.

In this case, the PTPTN loan which payment was demanded to be waived by a bunch of Malay "students", backed by some Malay politicians.

These Malay "students", most likely being asked to do so by the politicians, demand for the government to provide free education for university students. Good one, they must have thought to be turned into a political point for the coming election.

Anyway, the article reminds me of a conversation I had with someone close to me about nine years ago.

We were arguing about all those freebies and scholarships given to bumiputera (especially Malay) students. Especially those undeserving mediocre students.

I did my degree without getting any such financial assistence, but since she was sorts of attacking the Malays, I felt it was my duty to put up a defense.

It was the usual bumiputera defense about being left behind and given the assistence to catch up with the more advance and richer Chinese. I know it was a bit of a flimsy defence but at that time it was all I can thought of.

Deep down inside at that time, I know she was right. We can't continue pouring money to help undeserving people. They will just ask for more and more. They are just incapable of thinking responsibly and will always believe that everyone else need to give them everything that they want. These are the shameless Malays. These are the type that are camping at the Dataran Merdeka.

Don't they realise that the money they demand be given to them actually belongs to all Malaysians including the poor who pay the taxes in one form or another? Yes, that include the Petronas money. That one is also duit rakyat, ok?

Don't they have any maruah claiming that they can't be paying back that money once they graduated and have a good job?

Don't they realise that they already have it easy?

The person I had that argument, for instance, spend two years as a waitress at a restaurant in Singapore before saving enough to continue her studies in Taiwan. No scholarships or even loan despite her being among the top students in her school.

If she is a Malay, definitely she can get a place in UiTM, complete with PTPTN loan. I am certain she will gladly pay back the loan once she finished her studies, and probably think how wonderful of the government to provide such a loan facility for her.

But as it turned out, the tough road she went through turned out to be a blessing for her. It trained her to be tough and street wise....much better than me, in fact. She is now successful and as far as I am concern have the bragging right of being the winner of our past arguments on this matter. Well, good for her.

To all those stupid Malay "students" camping at Dataran Merdeka - STOP BEING STUPID. NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD.  


  1. wll Tajudin Ramly got free money as much as RM580 million..!! so whats wrong waive PTPTN..??

    1. Do you have to be such a moron in order to divert from the issue?

    2. Anon 9.18pm,
      Apa nak kecoh, kalau lu bagus & rajin belajar, dapat result bagus, itu ptptn boley convert jadi scholarship la. Itu duit ptptn duit taxpayer jugak...siapa suruh jadi pemalas & dropout macam minah botak kat atas tu....
      Malu la sikit... Klu pinjam dgn ahlong, cnfirm lu sudah kena potong telinga already!!!


    3. Tajuddin owe RM 590 million, Shahreezat's family owe RM 250 million, Abu Sahid is making off with RM 1 billion, so what's the problem with forgiving the PTPTN loans ? Only UMNOputras qualify for forgiveness of debt ?


  2. Orang Melayu will always have rent-seeking attitude.

    They never realized the government has spent billion of ringgit to build new universities and colleges so that the opportunity to get tertiary education is not in the hands of very few smart people.

    Now that the facilities are built using taxpayers money, tak kan lah nak belajar pun kena pakai duit rakyat. Bayarlah sendiri. Government dah set up PTPN untuk bagi loan untuk belajar, apa lagi kau orang nak? This is the problem with Melayu Gen-Y and Gen-Z. Tak sedar diri.

  3. Big Cat,

    NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD????. The Cow money, The Port money, The Airline money, Petronas money, etc, etc they are all free.

    1. So, just because you think there are people who eat crap, you also want to eat crap, is it?

    2. If UMNOputras eat crap, do you actually warn them, or do you partake in the eating too ?

    3. Ok lah, you want to eat crap so much, go ahead lah....sshhheeessshhh....

  4. Base on your logic, police and army are useless because the Chinese are staying away from applying.

    Please get it in your thick UMNO skin that the Chinese is controlling the economy and the wealth of this country because most UMNO leaders failed to be fair to the majority Malays.

    UMNO gave away millions of warganegara status to foreign workers. Yes, that include foreign workers sebelum merdeka (masa majoriti Melayu buta huruf dan minda masih terjajah).

    UMNO put a few percentage of Malays in Felda settlements without the basic necessities like schools, water and electricity while at the same time create Kg Baru settlements for Chinese in urban areas with all the basic necessities.

    Chinese always given the head-start since independence.

    Berapa ribuan hektar tanah di Johor misalnya yang menjadi ladang Cina sejak merdeka disebabkan sistem kancu? Majoriti Melayu kalau dapat pun 1 lot tapak rumah. Hanya minoriti seperti penghulu, kc, kb n jcs dapat berpuluh-puluh ekar tanah.

    UMNO gave every Malay in the government a very very low salary compared with the Chinese in private and business sectors for more than 30 years since independence. Only lately the salary are getting fairer.

    In any civilization, the wealthier society is always better educated.

    Zaman kegemilangan tamadun Islam ialah semasa Islam berada di puncak kejayaan ekonomi. Nothing to do with race and ethnic. Get it?


  5. Dear Kuching Besar,

    Yes, I agree that the Malays have it easy for so long now that they do not know how to stand on their own two feet anymore. Everything must be given free. Unlike the non-Malays.

    As far as I am concerned, getting a degree or a diploma for that matter, is basically a self-investment for the future. If you have the financial means, that's fine. For those who are not so well financially placed, then PTPTN or scholarships are the only way for higher education. Once you earned your degree, find a job and start paying back.

    Demanding free tertiary education should not be the issue. It should be free tertiary education strictly based on merit, not by race or quota. When the UITMs and Kolej Matrikulasi all over Malaysia are open to all races then would I support the abolishment of PTPTN.

    Apa kata orang Melayu? Ada beran..

    1. read the constitution first la..."hak keistimewaan bumiputera"

    2. Dear Anon 03.56.....itulah mentaliti orang Melayu kita. Sikit2 rujuk "hak" keistimewaan bumiputera. Bila kita nak maju beb? Disebabkan ada "hak" inilah sepatutnye kita dah maju, dah merdeka 50+ tahun, nak tongkat lagi ke??? Dah tak tahu malu ke??? Lepas tu, blame orang Cina dan orang India. Kata mereka ada head start, tapi kita dah pun diberikan banyak "hak" istimewa, dimana kita?? masih nak tongkat lagi? dah le tu...

    3. Hehehehe....Anon 05.49PM. Bak kata Upin & Ipin, betul betul betul..... Mari kita orang Melayu tunjuk yang kita tak perlu tongkat lagi!

    4. The hypocrisy here is that Pakatan leaders are calling for the abolishment of bumiputera special privilages to win the non-bumiputera votes and at the same time supporting demand to be leeches by these "students". Anything goes, for power, I guess.

    5. BigCat,

      I am a Malay but I went to Chinese School (Foon Yew) in JB. All the chinese have to pay for school fee but the school let me and malay friends study for free. They promote Malay to study chinese.

      Education is the best investment there is to upgrade Malay status in this country. I agree with your argument about education policy but the problem is that rather then wasting money to help the few Malay cronies that is already rich anyway. It would be better for the sake of the Malay and this country to help the Malay through education. That is the bottom line.

      By the way, I am in JB, despite what you said earlier, we are going to pay the highest toll in Malaysia for EDL on 1st of May, a highway even that we are not going to use to satisfy the greedy bunch. It would have been better that these fund goes to Education rather then to the ultra rich.

      Orang JB

    6. Orang JB,
      Free education is provided at school level for those parents who choose to take it for their children. The government spend the biggest portion of its annual budget for education. For tertiary education, I think those who do not qualify to get scholarship should be assisted with loan facilities such as PTPTN. To give free education to everyone all the way to tertiary education would be too burdensome for the tax payers, I think. As for all those alleged crooks mentioned here (I think as a diversion from the real issue), I think if you have been reading this blog from the start, you would notice that I am against them too. In fact I have been in trouble a couple of times because of that. And you know what, not all of these alleged crooks are BN supporters. There are also crooks among Pakatan people who are in high places in the government. As for the EDL, be patient, the government will do something to correct whatever is wrong with it.

  6. ya nothing is free in this world, especially citizenship. the chinese were given FREE citizenship for special status of bumiputeras

    so you chinese tax paying people - better ACCEPT the constitutional provisions and STOP being sore about NEP and all special proactive policies benefitting the bumiputeras, OKAY!!

    while these Malay students were gullible to let themselves be used by cheapo and desperado politicians, the chinese had better STOP bringing up the taxpaying card EVERY TIME.

    if it had been the chinese who were the original landlord, the bumis would have been converted to FOREIGN WORKERS for life.

    and I suspect bigcat is gleefully and sneakily GLAD to have "lost" the argument with her "friend"

  7. I do find, that students that are working to pay their studies, to be much better in work, attitude and independent when working. I rather hired students who are working during studies and not getting first class, than student who got everuthing and yet failed to score first class degree.

  8. Artikel yang bagus dari BIGCAT..Saya harap org Cina dpt lihat cara org Melayu dengan terbuka memberi kritikan dan teguran terhadap bangsanya.

  9. Why bring race into the equation ? You think Mamakthir didn't approve the forgiveness of debt owed by the Chinese ? Ask Ling Hee Leong. He owed the banks RM 2 billion from his forays in the stock market, but Mamakthir said never mind, let him go. You think Tiong is going to return his overcharged amounts (to the tune of up to RM 1.6 billion) to KPA so that KPA can return it to MOF ?

    Money is colour blind, so don't bring race into it.

    UMNOputras don't have to pay back, MCA cronies don't have to pay back, so stop talking cock about the virtues of having to pay back.


    1. Godfather, you support those Melayu punks at the Dataran to continue being a burden for tax payers like me?

    2. No, I don't support anybody who doesn't pay back their debts - students, Tajuddin Ramli, Shahreezat, etc etc. Tell Kuching Besar to stop using race whenever it suits her.

  10. Melayu..oh..melayu(literally means withering away)I wud rather be called by any other name except that! Gen-Y Melayus have it easy..lepaking, free sex, drugs, rempiting, incestuous, just name it, Melayus top the list. so when any desperado politicians sell the idea of free education by not paying back whatever educational loan, of coz they buy the idea so there you have it..camping senselessly at DM..oh melayus..wither not your dignity!!

  11. I'm Chinese. I am a better student than you, and I attend a far better school than you will ever see in your lifetime. Still I think people like you are bigoted, myopic idiots weih. I bet the reason you didn't get PTPTN was cause your IQ was too low. Please never reproduce.