Wednesday 4 April 2012

Dr Yap's cap ayam doctorates and the smart DAP (UPDATED)

As I had feared in this posting Racial extremists endangering Chinese schools, the foolish decision by Dong Jong Zong to collaborate with the DAP in making several unreasonable demands, including some, which are outright racist in nature has put the Chinese schools and its system once more in serious danger.

For every action, there will be a reaction. Racist demands such as pressuring the government to immediately remove all non-Chinese speaking teachers from the schools will definitely backfires.

Now, the general perception among most non-Chinese (even among the majority of non-Chinese Pakatan supporters) is that the Chinese educationists are demanding for Chinese children to be educated totally within a Chinese environment.

That, if you ask me, is the end result of the stupid DAP-backed DJZ rally in Kajang that day.

And also, those who are against the existence of Chinese schools find it as an opportunity to renew their attacks and find faults with the Chinese education system.

The easiest target are the Chinese educationists themselves, many of whom are ill-equipped to deal with such attacks.

 The first casualty is Dong Zong chairman himself whose credentials were put under the microscope here -
Dr Yap should resign if ..

Serves him right for using the Chinese schools, which he was supposed to protect, as a tool in DAP's fight against BN.

Dr Yap is now easily the symbol of Chinese chauvanism - a cheat, arrogant, boorish, narrow minded and racist. They don't say it out loud but, just look at Dr Yap's picture and think about his questionable doctorates from a university of ill repute which he has all these while proudly bandied to project himself as a leading Chinese educationist . He didn't even bother to get his cap ayam doctorates from China but got those from the USA.

 Doesn't he now looks like all those labels ?

Well, that is the image of the Chinese educationists now. among many who previously did not care much about the Chinese schools issue.

Maybe Dr Yap and his gang don't care about all that. Go to hell with all these non-Chinese people, they may have thought. The Chinese are after all the political king maker in this country now. We can get whatever we want. We got DAP, the unifier of Malaysian Chinese, backing us what. See, the DAP people came in the thousands to the rally in Kajang that day and almost chase out that useless Wee Ka Siong what.

But with such an attitude among the guardians of Chinese education in this country, what will be the future of the Chinese schools?

Do they think the BN government will let itself be thereatened like that and bow to their racist demands?

Now, the call for the closure of the Chinese schools will be louder than ever with more will be joining the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua chorus.

As all these are going on, DAP is at the moment sitting smugly by the sideline as DJZ took all the flak They know they have now secured thousands more of Chinese votes for backing the DJZ rally.

DAP said they support the DJZ rally, but when DJZ came under attack for making those racist demands, I don't see any DAP leader coming to their defense.

This is something all Chinese school graduates and those who support their schools should remember when DAP project itself as the defender of the Chinese community. and its education system.

They will cheer as you march to the front line and reap the rewards of your support, but when the shooting starts and the chips are down, they will be nowhere to be found.

Think again. Do you all ever remember DAP being sincerely supportive of the Chinese schools? How much have that party contributed to the Chinese education system?


I wrote too soon about the DAP not standing by their Chinese brothers in arms. Blogger Stop the Lies just posted this  Racist DAP ADUN Ng Wei Aik Comes to Yap’s Defence 

But, "He was quoted as saying that the Chinese community was not interested on whether Dr Yap was holding any bogus degree." This Ng really thinks the Chinese community don't care that the person leading their community's educationists is a conman? Is this true?

I have always believe that the Chinese always put the highest priority on education. How can they let a conman represents their education system?

Sorry about that. But, whatever it is,  how I wish Guan Eng was the one making the statement in support of DJZ's demand for all non-Chinese speaking teachers to be immediately removed from Chinese schools.

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  1. hey, BigCat,

    This piece reminds me about this;

    Stevens Institute of Technology, a premier private co-educational university focused on research and entrepreneurship and committed to exploring the frontiers of engineering, science, and management, yesterday bestowed its highest award on Rosmah Mansor, wife of the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

    Know the standing of Stevens Institute of Technology. Do a google ;)

    Now what's that got to do with Mr Yap?

    In short, they r the same. Frontman has high egos, even though they might be short intellectually!

    BTW, DAP's stand on Chinese vernacular education is as pragmatic as any Chinaman. Think deeper about the Chinaman part, ok?

    OTH, the average Chinaman is too practical to know that education, as their prime life blood, is too precious to depend on any single person or party. The whole race would stand on it, less the bananas.

    Remember about an incident that a student of New Era Collage, giving Mr Yap a bloody nose?

    New Era college is under the guild of DJZ, in yr view, Mr Yap should be king. Isn't it?

    So analyse more if u r up to it. Otherwise, it would be too simplistic to categorise the issue of Chinese vernacular education, as man by the Chinaman, under yr current write-up!!!

    1. It's all about perception my friend. What they see, is what they believe. That's what the DAP is banking on to take over Putrajaya...or at least win over all the Chinese votes. You can analyses all you want, and the people just don't care, ok? If you have your thoughts, you are welcome to put them here in full. Or, you can post it in your own blog :) Thank you.


      Actually did a search on Steven"s ranking in the US

  2. No & yes about yr perception (Malay M'sian)!

    'You can analyses all you want, and the people just don't care, ok?'

    Not to the Chinese M'sians! This is NOT that the Chinaman is smart. They r just been pragmatic.

    My takes is yr current view is sitting on the side of DAP, not FROM the side of the Chinaman.

    Remember the fear of PAS, then? Now ALL Chinaman has zilch 2nd thought about give his/her vote to PAS candidate, Ulama notwithstanding!

    I've no blog, as I'm just a impulsive web surfer, when the urge hits. Otherwise, u hear nothing from me ;-}

    1. Sure, whatever you say lah. Thanks for dropping by. LOL

  3. Improve your Engrish lah, Kuching Besar. And unless you think you are into facial recognition tools to judge a person, who are you to judge Dr Yap ? His cap ayam degrees are better than most, if not all, our local university PhDs.


  4. Vote for one school system that have math and science in English no more vernacular school, they only produce citizen knowing nothing about other races but only their race.

  5. I have no doubt in my mind that the DAP will give its full support to 'SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA' if it is fully in chinese.And I believe the DAP supports Dr.YAP because of his impeccable academic achievements and his extraordinary vision for the 'right' type of education in Malaysia.BTW, Im sure Dr.YAP's Malay is as good or probably even better than Wee Ka Siong or Chua Soi Lek as he claims to have authored 5 Malay books! Cakap England jangan tanya la - ada 2 Ph.Ds meh..!

  6. what do chinese need chinese school in Malaysia ?

    A quick look at their eyes, you already know that they are chinese. the mainland chinese also can recognise you.

    No need to attend chinese school to tell the world they are chinese......... except Hannah Yeo want her daughter to be registered as Malaysian, not Chinese !

    hai ya... this wannaBeng ha. always confuse with themself.

  7. BigCat,

    Last visit & most likely no lost to u ;-]

    U might have a open heart, but yr den is crowded with troglodytes.

    Better clean up or move out!

    I'm sad u don't understand the psyche of the Chinaman towards their children's education.

    'I have always believe that the Chinese always put the highest priority on education. How can they let a conman represents their education system?'

    Mr Yap's academic qualifications, including the wild chicken types, r known by all Chinamen. SatD's take is way behind Dr Kua's revelation back in the early 90s.

    Then, why 'they let a conman represents their education system?'

    Simple, Mr Yap is their frontman in educational siuqi (recalled Mamak's betrayal???). This is a job not many want to do & yet MUST be carried out. So Mr Yap can do.

    As far as his qualifications is concerned, Mr Yap has to face up to his own egos (syok-sendiri). That's a minute compromise as far as the Chinese educational system goes. In fact, in classical Chinese history, there r many similarities.

    & see how DJZ carries out their aims, even supposedly under a conman? Mr Yap is dispensable, Chinese education IS not!

    Unfortunately, u guys r just too absorb about yr 'wounded pride' (someone wrote it in some other blog, & it resonates well with Mamak's idiotic malay syndrome), hence all the out-of-tangent arrow shots here.

    Sunzi; 'know yr enemy WELL, to win the war'

    Anything else is just some egoistic craps to syok-sendiri!

    1. Well, you are always welcomed to come here again. Thanks for your feedback. I enjoy reading your comments....and your "other writings" :)

  8. Lelong... lelong... lelong...

    Buy 2 PhD get one free!!!

    My name is Dr Dr Dr Yap..

    Chinese Education goood, Western Education... no goood.

    See my title laa, all from Cap Ayam Western Uni!!


    Dr Dr Dr Yap (racist bastard)

  9. "Do they think the BN government will let itself be thereatened like that and bow to their racist demands?"

    The answer is YES, and Moo Hee Din just did that. You gonna oppose what Moo Hee Din has said ? Will you continue to politicise the issue ?


  10. Ya la, just like you, meh!