Sunday 29 April 2012

Punish them at the ballot box (and in court)

I'm now hoping for PM DS Najib Razak to call for the GE13 before the end of next month.

The sooner, the better.

Itching now to cast my vote after what happened in KL yesterday.

Just want to get it over and done with. I think the rakyat who are sensible people would have realised now what kind of people these Pakatan goons are.

The so-called Bersih 3.0 riots really opened the eyes of many, especially those in the middle ground, of the dangers faced by this beautiful Malaysia.

First there are the naive egoistical idiots such as Ambiga who think that the rest of us must abide by what they think is right for this country. They ended up being the willing tools of Pakatan at the rioting yesterday.

Despite the government bending backward to please them, they had insisted to have all their demands fullfiled. During the rioting last year, they were offered stadiums outside of KL but they insisted on Stadium Merdeka. This time they were offered Stadium Merdeka, but NO, they want Dataran Merdeka. There would be no end to what they want, that I'm sure.

Then there are the Pakatan leaders whose modus operandi is simply to exploit everything under the sun to get the power they are craving for. Yesterday, they were the ones who instigated the crowd to break the barrier at Dataran Merdeka which triggered the violence. They want the publicity and to create an impression that the government is evil and repressive.

However, when things got out of hand due to the overzealousness of their supporters, none of them are willing to bear responsibility.

As of now, the Pakatan cybertroopers are working overtime to contain the fallout of what happened yesterday. They tried to blame everyone except people from their side. They even tried to blame the violence on the injured policemen when it was so clear from the evidences that they were the ones who resorted to barbaric and violent behaviour.

Now, there is one way to punish these vermins and their leaders. AT THE BALLOT BOX. We need to make it clear that we do not want leaders who encourage people to go to the streets to get what they want and resort to violence on others who do not subscribe to their idea of what is good for this country.

And as to why the leaders of these mobsters should also be punished by the laws, go to this SatD's posting

The Schelling Incident: Ground Zero of BERSIH 3.0 Riot 

 and watch the video which clearly shows who was the person who instigated the rioters to break through the barricades at Dataran Merdeka which triggered all the violence.


  1. Yup lets us kick their back side.....they want it so bad so lets give it to them..

  2. BigCat,

    You want us to be eager to vote with the EC head member of UMNO (From what I read EC head member of UMNO)?

    If you notice yesterday, there were thousand of people gathered in KL, Penang, and not to mention in overseas because they are questioning the integrity of the ballot box.

    You do not expect the ten thousand of people including the overseas are dumb do you?

    Reform the voting system and machinery, replace the EC with somebody who are not associated/member with any party and not acting like a government servant then this kind of demonstration will stop.

    I am not hardcore pakatan fan , I am sitting on the fence but I want a fair election, like thousand of people gathered yesterday.


    1. Fence sitter my foot. Your comments thus far have shown you are no fence-sitter, more like part of the agitators for the violence that we witnessed yesterday, operating from in front of your computer in some safe location somewhere far from the mayhem you incited.

    2. Wow, so many dumb people today, ten of thousands of them consist of Malay, chinese and Indian. All walks of life.

      By the way, have you ever watched a football match where the referee comes from the same place of one of the team. Someone then say, hey they can be fair also.....

      Nope, never incite anything before this and not member of any political party. Just cannot stand all this spinning.


    3. Like we believe you and your spinning in here like crazy, defending mobsters, spouting about free and fair election, lying about reading somewhere that the head of EC is an Umno member, trying to blame the police for the violence. ... Yeah we believe you, NOT!

    4. I read it in Malaysian Insider.(about EC umno member)

      Nope, not lying, its there.

      Nope, not defending the mobster, charge them for their crime.

      Where did I commented that I blame the police for the violence?


    5. yes, charge not only the mobsters but also the people who incite them to be mobsters

    6. So what about this blog,? an unbiased, freelance blog writer/commenter?

      Which source is unbiased? Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian?

      There were news around publishing membership no, branch no, all these sorts.

      You want to accuse people lying or you do not want to admit the truth.

      Why am I commenting in a blog which is bias.


    7. Zoro,
      You are probably a new reader of this blog. Fyi, this is a pro-BN blog and it never pretends to be a fence sitter or anything like that to fool its readers. I'm not however a member of Umno or any BN component parties. This blog supports BN because despite its many faults, it's still better than Pakatan. Thank you.

    8. What is the problem of EC being an UMNO member? Well a person can become a member of a political party for many reasons. He could have become the member of UMNO before he became the EC.

      What is important is the process where it should be foul proof. Trying to compare election process and football refereeing is like comparing apple and pig. I football, the decision is from the visual and judgment of the referee. In election, there is no personal decision. It is all about process.

      BTW, if our election is fraudulent, how can LGE, LKS, Anwar and all the pakatan goons won the election in 2008?

      BTW, if you vote, please also vote out this useless home minister.

    9. Betul tu.
      Saya orang biasa, tak join parti politik mana2. Dgn ikhlas saya kita, lepas tengok huru-hara bersih, kami sekeluarga (tok, nenek, ipar2, numerous cousins) dah tekad tak mau undi pr.
      Saya tak mau spring arab(;-(

    10. Atleast this website published differing views, not like the so called politically neutral webside M....sider which never publish comments that pro freedom?

    11. Yes... those thousands of people are dumb for falling into the lies and deceptions of Pakatan again and again and again.... These dumb people never learned anything.


      There is nothing wrong with EC head to be UMNO member.

      Today when the press asked Tun Dr. Mahathir about it, he said :-

      "takde masalah, dalam kerajaan pun ramai orang PAS"

    12. Yo Zoro you braindead moron...

      First of all, it's not EC head, but EC deputy Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar. And second, he had ceased being Umno member when was appointed as secretary of commission back in Apr 1998. Anwar was kick out frm Umno in Sept '98. Next time check your fact right, don't depend on garbage journalism from Mi/Mk.

      Btw, the late Sudirman managed to gather 500,000 Malaysian frm all races in Chow Kit...back in 1986. So he's better uniting Malysian than your lame asses pakatan politician

  3. Yep, I will punish them at the ballot box.

    Vote out BN!

  4. Yes Big Cat,
    Everyone looking forward to the ballot box!

    Police in plainclothes throwing things and shouting Reformasi slogans to provoke the crowd. Also beating up innocent people recording violent police brutality acts with their camera-phones in front of bystanders...

    Before you go into racial propaganda again, let's get out all the photos of the instigators out there for thorough investigations to identify all these planted police agent
    provocateurs...I'm sue you'd love to know the truth too rite.

    By the way, did your "man" tell you what happened on the ground?

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Well, if you watch the video clip in that SatD's posting you will notice that the guy who gestured at Azmin Ali to lead the rioters to break through the barricade looks familiar. I don't think he is one of those evil policemen.
      As for my man, he have not yet called me since yesterday. I suspect that he really slept the whole day off. The guy too lazy lah despite being a Chinaman :-)

    2. Kluang Girl,

      You're such a hypocrite.
      Anything bad happened? Blame the agent provocateurs.
      In Pakatan's book, there's no such thing as accountability. I'm seriously repulsed by this behavior.

      Say what you will, spin all you want. But, I'll not be voting Pakatan this coming election.

    3. That's right, always blame others, never your own fault.

      Conquered 4 states, bad things still blame Federal.

      Already told you if you make mob gatherings like this bad things will happen, your leader Anwar did it before and he's trying to do it again, why you no listen?

    4. Interestingly, that UMNO Bandar Tun Razak fella also admitted in his FB that there were 2,000 police agents provocateurs inserted into Bersih 3.0 to instigate the crowd.

      With so many amateur videos and photos out there taken by people's smartphones and cameras, let's get out all the photos of the instigators out there for thorough investigations to identify all these planted police agent provocateurs...

      Everyone all love to know the truth too rite.

      Anyway, good to see 250,000 Malaysians mostly middle-class professionals in multiracial groups coming out in Bersih 3.0! Even Marina Mahathir & daughter also came out to support the rally. Cayalah... Haha

      Big Cat, ain't you proud to see so many Chinese people coming out together with their other Malays, Indians brothers and sisters.

      ~ Kluang girl

    5. Kluang girl,
      You simply refuse to watch that video ka? Really, go la and click on the link to SatD's posting. It's really Anwar and not some police agent provocateure who gave the order for the rioters to start tearing away at the bariccades at Dataran Merdeka. That's the start of the riot.
      Marina Mahathir...hmmm...for her father's sake, I better not say anything about her. That one just sad case lah.

    6. Aiyo Kluang girl, you're quoting the UMNO Bandar Tun Razak fella. Did you read his follow-up posts?
      He's playing us all for fools. Not very wise of him.

      But I do agree with one thing though, at the slightest evidence that the govt is doing something wrong, the Pakatan folks will grab at it and treat it as gospel. It doesn't matter that the evidence was fabricated. If it's something against the govt, then it must be true.

      But if the evidence is about the extreme wrongdoings of one infamous Ketua Umum, then it must be false. One not so wise guy even said we cant trust CCTV recording because video itu besi. Giler betul la.

      Seriously cannot tahan this hypocrisy.

    7. Kluang girl,

      250,000 people? You should count the bodies ma. You don't include their fingers and toes into it. Apa la u. Oh...u tak pandai. Okay. Moving on....

      Anti "pakatan rakyat stupid"

    8. Kluang girl,

      use your common sense. Look at the video on how they smash the police car in front of sogo. Do you think all of them are agent of provocateur of the police?

      In the mean time, I want to congratulate the police for taking wise action. Anwar and the Pakatan goons are playing with media where the whole objective of this bershit exercise is to capture "police" brutality. What turned out unexpectedly is that the police also have their media team to capture the pr goons brutality. It seems that the police has out smart these goons and turned the table around.

    9. Keluang girl,

      Do you really believe there were 250,000 mobsters ? seriously ? Grow up.

      The most will be only 25,000 but I think lower. ohh, maybe you were fooled by the photoshopped picture of the yellow crows surrounding KL... haha

      and believe the Pakatan spinmasters to spin the incident ?

    10. You guys are real jokers la.
      If you want to minimize the numbers, why don't we just say only 200 people turn up... Good for your ego kan.

      ~ Kluang girl

    11. Yesterday God's Gift said it was 300,000 but the day before that Ambiga said it was 250,000. Let me get this right, Pakatan spinners will multiply the actual number by 10, then add 20% as variables depending on the size and scope of their spinning, isit? Wah, like that I oso can work up a good spin la ...

    12. I think kluang girl helped to photoshopped the aerial view with superimposed crowd totalling half a million midgets lah.

  5. Yes.....sooner the better.....let sapu bersih.....not so bersih 3.0.....kasi kotor KL jer.....

    Sape mau kasi bersih tue sampah...aci Ambiga kah?

  6. That's right. Punish them at the ballot box. Most of my big family members have changed their vote now from pakatan to BN. Once the beautiful country is destroyed, there will be no turning back and violent will be the order of the day. I want my children to live in a peaceful country, and can imagine what it will be like if this country is rule by pakatan. PM and BN, now you will have my vote. PR, too bad, you lose!!!,

  7. This is a topic that's near to my heart... Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?
    Also see my web page > mcallen

  8. After of this my vote goes to the BN not some monkeys. i need change but not this kind of change sorry i am not willing to be one of those victims like in the middle eat and out country is not as bad as the middle east.despite the change in the middle east so far what they really achieved in term of social and economic values...nothing really chage. i do have a job here am living im my own smal house small but stull mine so all i need is bit of change not total change like living in a war zone,sorry that is not me. So the next GE me and my friends we will vote the BN at least they are not monkeys and they do their jobs and it shows.

  9. Thanks Pakatan. For showing the 'true colors'. Great!

  10. Kak..

    Ayat ni yg paling best aku baca..

    "You quote:-
    This blog supports BN because despite its many faults, it's still better than Pakatan. Thank you."

    HAHAHAHHA.. nak terberak rakyat malaysia baca posting ko kak..

    apa punya mental la akak kucing/harimau/binatang berbulu ni..

    Kat sana dah ada Anjing Besar(BODO) kat sini ntah apa binatang besar ntah.. kesian BN. ramai sgt binatang jadik blogger. hehehe.. padan la OTAK tak membangun sampai 2020 masih MUNDUR.. nuff said@!

    1. heh heh kelakar lah merdekakita ni ya. adake lembu dicucuk hidung nak ketawakan orang lain?

      Bersih tu dah lama duk bawah tempurung macam katak, lepas tu nak jalan jalan kat KL nak duduk bantah - duduk lagi

      apa nak buat dah biasa duduk bawah tempurung lalu keluar jadi lembu cucuk hidung


  11. I was supporting pr as i trust nik aziz. But what happened on last sat., i dont want to jeopadize our country and becoming egyp or other Arab countries. It makes worst

  12. I believe the crowd is 250k if you include in the bangladeshis, indonesians, myanmar, vietnamese, mat saleh, journalist, and ordinary rakyat who are caught in the middle of the demonstration. oh not forgetting the 249k policeman who menyamar as bersih supporters.


  13. hullo hullo kluang girl you still there?

    oooohh still busy photoshopping more "evidence" in pictures huh??

  14. ini budak 'merdekakita' manyak cilaka lo. lu umur sudah cukup mahu undi ke? wah cakap lu aa, kalau ini bersih tak ada, kl manyak syok oo. jagan kira siap stat dulu la, kenapa mesti buat? sekalang cakap olang salah, lepoter salah, polis pun salah! hai ya!! lu tatak takut sama anwaar ka? chib@# or soli TIBAI!

  15. Mai kita balun depa betui betui dalam PRU13. Yes BC. that's the appropriate platform to punosh them - at the Ballot Box.