Wednesday 11 April 2012

Earthquake and tsunami in Indian Ocean 4

FOURTH  take

Tsunami alert across the Indian Ocean region lifted about 9pm Malaysian time. Waves of between 10 and 15 cm reported in several areas in the region.

THIRD take

Tsunami alert on Malaysia had been lifted. Countries still on alert are Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean islands.

The earthquake which triggered the tsunami alert has been identified as "horizontal" instead of the "vertical" type which could cause more destructive tsunami.


After shocks of 8.2 just hit at the epicentre. Water receeding by almost 10 Metres at Sumateran western coastal areas, indicating a possible huge tsunami on the way.

Indonesian authorities expecting waves of up to 6 metres to hit the shores. Evacuation order of lower ground had been issued.

FIRST take

An 8.6 magnitude earthquake hit about 490 km off  the West coast of Banda Aceh, Sumatera, triggering tsunami warning across the Indian Ocean region about an hour ago.

The tremors were felt as far as India and Singapore. It was reported that the tremors were also felt at high rise buildings in Johor Baru.

Prayers for everyone in the affected areas, especially Achenese who are closest to the epicentre.

The Pacific warning centre said waves to reach Penang  by 9pm tonight and Port Dickson by 2am later tomorrow morning.

To be updated.


  1. If tsunami hit Penang, Guan Eng will blame Umno

    1. Hey! this is uncalled for. Where do UMNO have the power to cause a tsunami? Remember 2008 tsunami!!! Did UMNO blame PR?