Sunday 8 April 2012

A BN big shot

A big shot BN guy picked up a fight with me today.

Threatened threatened me some more.

Want to take action against me, go ahead la. No need trying to scare me lah.

Spoiled my weekend only. This is like the Irda police report nonsense all over again.

The issue was, because I support BN too much. Stupid isn't it?

Like that also want to threaten to destroy me.

Eh, BN fella, you know or not that 75 per cent of people working for you are pro-Pakatan. And they are openly undermining BN. That one you don't see ka? Go and fight with them la, fight with me over small small things for what.

Sorry aarr everyone, mau lepas geram a bit here.

I really don't want to fight anyone from my own side. Just want to concentrate on helping BN. But some of these BN people are very susah one. Tiring lah like this.

Eeerrr....., now looks like I really have to find a new job and get out of Johor. Most likely can't even wait for the general election. What to do...


  1. Jangan la gundah gulana kucing sangat besar. Yang penting nawaitu kita, klu elok elokla jadinya

    Leleki melayu

    1. Siapa mamat BN bigshot tu, kalau besar kepala sangat bawak mari, kita sekel kepala dia. His political life could be in your hands, out him and its selamat jalan for him.

  2. People from other team will laugh lah when players from same team "kill" each other. Don't be like this lah.

    1. Thanks for the advice, but I'm really tired now. If anyone think they r so powerful want to kill me of, then go ahead. But I reserve the right to return the favour. I'm a small kuci brat person only, the other person is big time tikor with fibre optic cable all the way to the top. But see lah who will be the one going down in flames. All these are so unnecessary, but what to do...

  3. Dont worry lah Kucing Gemok.... Ooops kucing Besar.
    Manusia like you will definitely got job easily... Tell me who that bloody BN guy im Johor yanf cuba kacau you.... Aku lempang dia sekali nanti.... Cool bro.... Kelip kelip sikit mata ko... Nanti dia mesti datanginta maaf kat ko.. Ramai orang BN ni sombong bodoh....

    Anak jawa separuh Cina - BBU

  4. BigCat, what happened? You are a strong BN supporter. Always wallop the PR bullshitters. Now this BN big shit try to pick up a fight with you. Are you a male or female cat? Shame on him. Now you admit that there are 75% pro PR working for this big shit. Why reveal such info.

  5. down with pakatan... the more corrupt BN are the more lubang for us !! hehehehehe

    Goh Wei Liang

  6. I don't know what happened why this BN guy want to hentam you PR guy I can understand.Sorry to say this but sometimes the things you write so extreme make people angry also lah. I know you sayang najib but he is only PM as far as UMNO will allow him to be Next time(maybe soon) it will be somebody else. Then what you going to do?

  7. focus big cat, FOCUS.
    intimidating as it may be, but the vision and mission must be completed. don't want you to be vindictive but time will come.

  8. Big Cat, just tell us who the person is. For me, that's the problem with some people in BN especially in Johor. Too arrogant. That's why also the young people keep their distance from BN people where Pakatan receive them with open arms.

  9. If some one like this BN guy acts like a fool ke,idiot ke, a thug ke we should always not be like them.Most of the BN guys are reasonably descent. Continue Ayour good work.
    There are many out there who enjoy reading your write up.
    be strong and be a real BIG CATj


    Anak selangor

  10. concern johorean8 April 2012 at 22:54

    Maybe this bn guy terasa you never promote him in your blog. This kind of scumbag that tarnish and drag BN down. You should just mention his name here. Take care. Allah always be on your side!

  11. big cat vs big shot ( or big short )

    big dog wins

    -little john-

  12. Big Cat,

    Please consider the possibility that this "big shot" may not be working for the interest of your party at all. Maybe he wants to take you out because you are an obstacle, ie not part of that 75 per cent!(?) -- I put a question mark there because it is just a possibility. I've seen wolves in all kinds of clothing before, so I thought I should tell you. But then again I may be wrong --

  13. Kiton Al Kubra,

    I think whatever wrong they are trying to slap your wrist with, your Boss should be wronged too. After all, he did a cock up a few weeks back.

    Think about it.

    Please don't leave Johor. We need serious 'checks', esp on IRDA and IIB.

    You're doing a great job, as is.

  14. Thanks for the support and kind words. Rest assured I will not waver from my path. But this fight I will see through till the end.

    1. Continue your fight.. If this bigshot BN fella kacau you some more, expose him/her.. let all of us know who this bugger is and if he/she is a potential candidate, e he/expose this bugger so he/she will NEVER be a winnable candidate!


    2. Big Cat - u deserve it. How nice he had bashed you up, because you are a scoundrel who deserves such a treatment!! Good for you.

  15. Bigcat,

    Anda telah cuba yang terbaik membantu kerajaan BN baik di Johor mahu pun pusat. Niat baik anda cukup jelas.

    Teruskan usaha anda. Jangan sekali-kali, gangguan-gangguan kecil seperti ini halang usaha yang sedang anda lakukan.

    Teruskan perjuangan. Jangan hilang tumpuan.


  16. Kuching Besar, this BN bigshot knows you write sh!t, and is a disgrace to the coalition. He also knows you pick fights you can't win.

    Now just go sit in a corner as he instructed.


    1. BigCat,

      Expose the rat.

      These the musuh dalam selimut, the BN internal saboteurs.

      Salam and may god protect you from all evil.

      Best regards



    2. Yes!!!!

      Godfather is back!!!!
      Miss you & benci tapi rindu kat you!!!


  17. BN is going to win big. So what?

  18. Arrogant politicians who threaten other people should be exposed. Keep the faith and expose him in due course or in a subtle manner.

  19. I guess, this must be somehow related with that article of MB post.

  20. As Salam ... That is the main problem with BN ... they don't know where & what they should be fighting about. There are many BIG issues at hand ... & the idiot wants to pick on you?? Wake up DSN ... there are your people that's going to win elections for you?? If so ... I think you have bigger problems in-house than opponents lah!!

  21. I am thinking hard who could that BN big shit be. I looked through your recent articles and comments and noticed that of late you praised PM Najib quite a bit. Maybe, this MCA guy got jealous. (more........)

    1. I'm very sorry. I thought you were Chinese. So stupid of me. (After reading your stories, past and present, I realised my error.), Forgive me. So, that BN big shit must be from Um No. No!!!!

  22. dah banyak yang memberikan kata perangsang, tapi saya pun nak join sekali.

    i think you did a lot of favour exposing what is wrong in BN especially in Johor. There were times where you say what need to be said. some of them is positive while some of them are not so positive.

    and your blog kinda tells me that there are still some decent people in BN that really want to serve the people and the country rather than their own tembolok

    please keep the fight on.