Thursday 19 April 2012

Petronas PR team for Pengerang doing well

Today is really a good day. Spend some time at my favourite park in Serangoon after the airport. Despite the rain it was quite nice. A bit like in one of those poignant Japanese movies. Can't write much though. I'm now in the car using his Ipad. Borrow for awhile. He is driving. Going to spend some time in Malacca.  Meeting his parents. The mother a bit garang...Chinese lady tend to be like that lah...hehehe...but really, she has a kind heart.

Well, actually what I really can't wait to tell here is that I got a call from my journalist friend from Kota Iskandar this afternoon. He had just finished attending a briefing by Petronas people in charge of the Pengerang petroleum hub. He said it was a good briefing by their project director Wan Yusoff Wan Hamat. I know the guy to be quite a nice fella. Not sombong. This is a good move by the Petronas PR team. They have already started to make direct engagement with the locals, I guess. My friend said the Johor Oil and Gas Unit people were also there. I know their boss, that handsome boy Yazid. Very capable chap. Upen boss that Elias fella was also there. This mean they are really serious in engaging the locals. Very very good. Guess I was wrong about the Petronas PR people. Sorry guys. Well, good job too. Now those Pakatan troublemakers and their Malaysiakini gang will not have much room to manouver as far as Pengerang is concern. Oh, my journalist friend also said the Dialog people in charge of the port building have also started with engaging the locals. All these are making me very happy.

Ok lah. Cannot write more. Writing in a moving car give me head ache. All goyang goyang. Now, need to rest, ok? Must save energy before meeting the garang lady :-)



  1. Well done for PR Petronas. Good move. No room for PKR, DAP to exploit the issue. Suruh dia orang pi main jauh-jauh. Sekadar demo dihadiri kumpulan yang mendakwa nelayan di luar mahkamah satu tindakan yang membuang masa dan membazir. Buat la kerja kerja berfaeah.

  2. Great news about Petronas ... Great news about your personal life. Hope you finally find your soul mate. All the best on meeting your potential MIL :))

  3. Garang lady will tell you to reform....transform....don't ignore corruption. Eats into society like a cancer tumour.


  4. I am really thrilled with RAPID @ Pengerang. Bigger than Kertih, Gebeng and Malacca refinery combined. 60 plants by 2016. I am looking for a shop lot within 15 km radius of the complexes.

    Good for Johor
    Good for Malaysia, Malaysian and the rest of citizen OFFSHORE of the world.

    Muo Mari.

    btw pricing of houses @ Bdr Penawar already shows appreciation..

  5. You guys must be joking. PR Petronas. What PR? The Unit and Gas guys from the MB's office are here . They are mouthing the same stuff that UPRN did. The people visiting the one stop centre are just curious. You can't just come and take people's land out of the blue and be happy about it. The whole thing is cloaked in secrecy. The undecurrents are strongly against the acquisition of the land but not the project. RAPID was never on the cards: it was just an afterthought after DAILOG's venture. What PR are the PETRONAS guys talking about. Relocate the project to a densely populated area. No one has really talked to the people. Too much speculation going on. Even the compensation hasn't been mentioned.