Sunday 22 April 2012

Adopting Malacca

It's so hot out there. Just feel like sleeping in this air-conditioned room the whole day.

Don't really feel like going back to JB. This little town in Malacca is such a nice place. Wish can stay here forever. Oh, and his mother was so nice to me, not garang at all as I expected :-)

But, tomorrow, got to go back to work. Packing up later after this posting. Using his little sister's PC. I'm sharing room with her. Sweet girl. She plays football. A striker. Yesterday, watched her and the team played against another school. She scored a hat-trick. It was fantastic.

Spend last night watching football with her till past midnight. We are now best friends. First there was the QPR versus Tottenham match. I support anything with Malaysia on it. The match was a bit kelam kabut but QPR won 1-0, giving them hope to stay in the top flight. Then we watched Real Madrid versus Barcelona. Real Madrid won 2-1. Great match that one. The winning goal was by Ronaldo, but he got it after a beautiful pass from Ozil. My new best friend is in love with Ozil. I don't blame her, the guy is totally cool.

This is really a happy past few days. If all things worked out, I think I will move and settle down here. I may not have to work anymore. Just stay at home and take care of small small things which makes me happy. Taiwan may have to wait.

But first, need to help Johor BN. Hopefully can get the general election over and done with as soon as possible. Once Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman retires, I don't think I will be bound to stay in Johor anymore. I am not an Umno member in the first place. I think I will change the theme of this blog into something else after that. Probably movie reviews, music and food. Much more fun to write about those things.

Anyway, BN should be ok. I am quite confident they will win in the coming general election. Just a matter of winning big or small. My sources indicated that they already have up to 120 parliament seats secured. You want to believe or not, is not my problem.

Ok, need to pack up now. Going back to JB after that.


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  1. Eh, did you find out why the monorail kept breaking down until it is now closed ? I heard that the CM is pissed but no one has offered a solution.