Wednesday 18 April 2012

Things which will topple BN

The Pakatan people have been cooking up a lot of issues over the past few months. All very powerful ones leh. Environment lah, education lah, land acquisition lah, etc etc. Need to keep the momentum going. Election getting nearer.

Some of these efforts were good for them, but some backfired and burned their ass.

The successful one, to me, was the anti-Lynas demo. It got the attention of especially the Chinese community, and roped in Chinese-own newspapers to back them. Biggest demo attended by mostly Chinese participants. Very united united. Of course it got nothing really to do with environment. Pure politics la that one. Well, never mind, once in a while what.

The backfired one was that DAP-backed Dong Jiao Zong rally on Chinese education. It really made DAP looked like a Chinese extremist party. Want to chase out non-Chinese speaking teachers from Chinese schools....what kind of demand was that if not a racist one? Malays of Pas and PKR really were in a spot because of that one.

The anti-PTPTN campaign is also not so good for them. Want to give free education for university students they said. Well, what they did not say was that such a thing will cause the government to increase taxes. Not a bit ok. Want to abolish the PTPTN loans and use Petronas to finance it they said. Like that Petronas will surely be in trouble within a few years. Those students who support Pakatan and demo at Dataran Merdeka apparently didn't realize that they look very irresponsible and selfish - study want free, after that don't want to help their younger ones by paying back the money they used. I don't think the hard working, tax paying uncles and aunties want to support these ingrates.

The Pakatan's attempt to derail the Pengerang petroleum hub project in Pengerang also will likely fail. The locals, except a few who want extra compensation money, support the project which will transform Pengerang into a major oil and gas center in the world. It offers better future for their children, who will have better employment prospects in their own hometown. No need for them to be coastal fishermen anymore to stay in their kampung.

I'm not sure what will happen to the planned Bersih 3.0 demo in Dataran Merdeka. Probably another hu ha hu ha like last time. In all probability, it will make them look like a bunch of hooligans. How many times want to demo? Causing problem only. Want to turn KL into Bangkok is it? Or is it like those Arabs? Syria? Eh, this is Malaysia la. We are not much into these hu ha hu ha thing. Once in a while can la, but too many can fed-up one. Want to go shopping on weekend also susah.

Whatever it is, I don't think all these nonsense by the Pakatan people can topple the BN government. Those are actually only to make their presence felt. Keeping the fire burning, so to speak. The participants of those demos are mostly their hardcore supporters only. Ok lah, with the exception of people like Marina Mahathir, who wants to look young, cool and liberal. Being anti-establishment is very fashionable liao. I really understand. I was like that also when I was young and stupid.

To me, what actually can topple the so-called evil BN government are the small small things which makes people angry with BN. Simple local stuff.

I give you a real example, ok?

There are this row of trading premises in Yong Peng own by the local authorities. The shops were rented out to a bunch of traders a long long time ago. These bunch of traders being a bunch of lazy bums, rented out those premises instead to another bunch of traders. They collected the rents and mostly lepak at home watching Indonesian sinetron. The traders who actually occupied those premises diligently pay their rent to these bunch of lazy people. What they did not know is that those lazy bunch never paid the rent they were supposed to pay to the local authorities. Now after about 15 years, the local authorities decided to set things right. They evicted the traders who have been doing business there over the donkeys of years and offered the premises for new tenants. The evicted traders pun apply lah to rent back their premises. Unfortunately, none of them got their premises back. The local authorities, for whatever reasons which only themselves know, gave those premises to a new bunch of people. So, the original hard working traders got angry lah.

Guess who they blamed for the insensitivity of the local authorities which caused them to lose their source of income?

Ya, very smart....BN lah. Tonnes of votes for BN lost that way. Really, that's how it works. And that's how BN going to lose....if they are going to lose the election lah.

This one very difficult to address, ok? The civil servants not sensitive or whatever, BN got the blame. What to do, that's how it is. Of course the same principle doesn't really apply in Pakatan-ruled States. Civil servants not performing well, it's the BN federal government's fault. The Pakatan State government got nothing to do with the mess lar.  Police shot dead a teenager fleeing a police chase in the middle of the night in Shah Alam, blame the BN federal government. Got some more, but enough la. Yup, that's how things are nowadays.

To be fair, there are also these small small things which are the sole fault of BN people.

This one also a real story.

A BN YB in Batu Pahat, who is known to talk too much go and appoint a ketua kampung without consulting the grass-root. The new ketua kampung had lobbied for that position but he is actually not well liked by the locals. This YB arrogantly thought that just because the place is a BN stronghold he can do whatever that he wants. Now the orang kampung are angry already. They planned to boycott BN in the coming general election because of this matter. These used to be hardcore Umno supporters. Simply simply lose votes like that.

Eh, YB, in case you are reading this, Batu Pahat got this big Pas markas some more, you know or not? You do these sorts of nonsense, I think you will become a one-term YB only lah. Your area is a border line case only, you know or not? If the Malay votes split, you stand a good chance to lose, ok? Go check the latest updates on how solid the Chinese votes will go to the Pakatan people in Batu Pahat please.


  1. Chinese votes will go all the way to Pakatan...if BN can get 15 % of their votes, it is a big bonus already.

    Luckily Malays and Indian seems to come in droves to BN.

    Luckily religious hatred created by DAP Christian in Sarawak and BN seems not to bear the expected fruits among the Bumi's in Sabah and Sarawak.

    muo mari

  2. BN will also lose votes if there is no promise of new faces..too much is done to ensure the rural vote but the urban professional Malay vote is at stake...what's yr opinion BC?

    1. I think BN have resigned on letting go the urban professional Malay votes. If they think they are so smart, then let them go and live in a DAP dominated society. Well, at least that's what I think.

  3. BigCat,

    I think those voters who vote for Pakatan are the one that are piss off with BN. Most of them are not really a big fan with pakatan.

    BN have competant leaders at the very top such as Najib and Muhyidin but below then that, most of them are not good competent leaders.

    BN must have a good team of leaders from top to bottom in every area of governance. Currently they dont have that, that is why what is happening in Yong Peng and Batu Pahat etc..

    Some of them have the mindset that only them have the right to rule the land.

    Still, I'd say Yong Peng and Batu Pahat will be won by BN. Johor is the strongest fortress of BN. Despite whatever nonsense that happened, BN will hold Johor. Except for town area such as JB where I think they will be an even fight.

    Likewise in big town like KL and Penang, BN lost badly, I doubt very much they can win again this time. It will be intersting to see.

    Orang JB

    1. Yeah BN is the overlord of Johor, so nothing will happen in GE13. Haha

      I like Orang JB's super-duper confidence.
      Interesting times...

      ~ Kluang girl

  4. anti lynas di biayai oleh tokey-tokey yang banyak melabor di china dalam industri yang sama.

    tambahan pula promoter lynas adalah melayu.


  5. Nampak gayanya tokey tokey cina dapat ambil alih tanah orang Melayu dengan harga murah. Bagus la tu. Promoter Orang Melayu memperbodohkan orang Melayu, kemudian orang Melayu jual tanah pada harga murah kerana diperbodohkan oleh Orang Melayu mengatakan kawasan berhampiran projek tidak selamat. Siapa yang untung. Lu fikir la sendiri.


  6. All BN leaders, please work harder like our MB who is very detail in identifying the solution for every single issue raised by the grassroots.

    Please don't simply create additional problem even sometimes it looks simple.

    Tak percaya, pi la tengok sendiri dia buat kerja macam mana. Not easy leh.


  7. Wah, corruption doesn't matter as an election issue ? Go check with the grass-roots. Ask them what they think of NFCorp. Ask them what they think of Maju Expressway. Ask them what they think of PKFZ. Ask them what they think of Tajuddin Ramli. If they shrug their shoulders and say "tak apa lah", then I balik Tongsan as recommended by Perkasa.


  8. Muar and Batu Pahat will be PAS strong area..

  9. Johor is BN stronghold. BN wakil rakyat are strunggling for rakyat wellbeing. Dato Noh Omar should look seriously on this, dont just talk talk only

  10. BN johor will win for sure.