Thursday 26 April 2012

Idiots from Selangor and Dr Boo's troubles

Earlier today, JB mayor issued a statement saying that an application by a group of people to hold a rally at Dataran Bandaraya here on Saturday had been rejected.

The group had meant to have the rally here in support of the one to be held on the same day at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

The mayor said the place will be unavailable on that day because it is going to be used for a futsal and netball tournament which had been planned since earlier this year.

He suggested for the group to apply instead to the management of Larkin Stadium to have their fun time there.

Personally, I think Mr Mayor was being super polite. I would not have even bothered to reply to a bunch of funny people.

These people are funny because they are actually from an association named Persatuan Masyarakat Perihatin Selangor.

Why they need to come all the way from Selangor to demo here? Not enough space over there ka?

Go join the crowd in KL cannot ka? Sibuk here in JB for what?

I suspect that this got something to do with the attempt by Kit Siang and son to crowd out Johor DAP chief, the handsome Dr Boo Cheng Hau and his Indian tonto Norman Fernandez.

I think you all know already about Kit Siang's slick move to bring his cronies to contest in Johor in the coming election. It was actually an opening gambit to sideline the popular Dr Boo who may become a threat to Guan Eng if possible major gain by DAP is made in Johor under his leadership.

Seriously, who else in the DAP rank who is young, smart, capable, a proven leader, hard working and got the gut to stand up to Guan Eng and his father? You tell me lar? Let's not even mention the handsomeness of Dr Boo, ok?

Oh please don't even try to mention that sniveling spineless Tony Pua as a comparison to Dr Boo. For all I care, it was him who send those idiotic Selangorians here to demo.

Dr Boo, being a sensible Johorean may had defied orders from party leaders in KL  to organise the rally here causing them to send their own team down here.

Why Dr Boo and not Johor PKR or Pas leaders? Because Dr Boo is the sole Johor Pakatan leader who have real clout, ok? What? That pathetic MCA reject Jui Meng? Come on la, the washed out man got nothing la compared to Dr Boo. It's a fact that Johor PKR are beholden to their DAP counterpart. Pas leaders? That Sallahudin fella just come back to Johor and yet to know nuts about this place. The rest of Johor Pas leaders are simply cartoonish, ok?

So, all things considered, Dr Boo may likely shine and this the Lim family simply cannot take. That's why we end up almost having a bunch of funny Selangor people taking over our padang at Dataran Bandaraya. Semak only.


  1. I personally think Dr Boo is a good politician when compared against many other politicians in both BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

    Any reasonable voter would vote for him irrespective of whether he stands for DAP or MCA or Gerakan. He is intelligent and eloquent, he argues well, and he connects to everyone from walk of life.

    He may not like this - but he reminds me of Lee Lam Thye, a true politician-cum-statesman who emerges from the opposition party.

    DAP would do itself disfavour if the party leadership tries to sabotage his political career.

  2. Howdy Big Cat,

    Why so worry? Soi Lek already announced to everybody today that Lim KS can't and won't be coming down to Johor. Haha.

    You previously slam-dunk Johor what...
    Based on your forecast, PR only will get 1 Parliament & 10 DUN seats in GE13.

    No difference to Johor UMNO/BN rite whether it's Dr Boo, Lim KS, Fong PK, Tony P, Teo NC, Jeff Ooi, Chin Tong or the rest of the 2nd-tier anak2 perantauan Johor coming back...

    I heard PKR also preparing some national names back to their home state. Dunno true or not la.
    Will the big bags of mixed-seats in the state swing? That will only benefit PAS/PKR but takpa lah too since UMNO feels super safe in their own projections.

    The GE13 in Johor will be based on national sentiments and the deep anti-establishment mood next door in Singapore...

    Anyway, now waiting for Soi Lek to contest in Johor to lead his gang to defend UMNO's wide flank. He has to kill off Dr Boo & Lim KS rite to prevent the contagion effect spreading to mixed-seats areas in the state.
    Interesting times...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Hai Kluang girl,
      Yup, it doesn't make much difference to Johor Umno. They will still win their seats. It's up to the Johorean Chinese to decide who they want as their wakil rakyat. As I had wrote earlier, the only real difficulties faced by Johor BN are due to the perceived Chinese unhappinese of the government. Let's see how unhappy the Chinese are in Johor. Citing all those DAP big names really doesn't change anything as what really important is who are the ones who serve the rakyat better. Even big names will lose if they only come down just for election. As for the Malays in Johor PKR and Pas, well, both of us know they are just dummies to break the Malays vote bank. Well, if Johor end up being as racially polarised as Sarawak now, guess who will be the bigger loser?

    2. Dear Big Cat,

      Let me know who's the big losers in Sarawak due to recent state elections. Rajah Taib? SUPP?
      Can't be the urbanites rite since most are pretty detached from government sector as means of livelihood...

      As for Johor, i'm looking forward to the heavily urbanized or highly mixed-seats like JB, Pasir Gudang, Pulai, Muar, Batu Pahat, Pontian, Ledang, Sembrong etc. Interesting to see watch la these UMNO seats! Haha

      ~ Kluang girl

    3. Hmmm...typical of DAP, telling the urbanites, (read -Chinese) that the good life they are enjoying got nothing to do with efforts of a good government. Well, good also, any extra budget should be spend on the poorer kampung folks then. You want to watch those Umno seats, go ahead lah. I will be watching that single DAP/Pakatan seat in Bakri. Hehehe...

    4. BigCat,

      Bakri I think is insignificant. If opposition should take JB, then this will be troubling to BN. Johor being the fortress of BN and so far the capital had never goes to opposition, It will be interesting to see.....

      Orang JB

    5. Orang JB,
      You go tell that to Shahrir la. That tiong man never listen one. He never scared one as Chinese in JB love him. He also loves them, even married one of them. Personally, I think good also DAP takes over JB. All those hundreds of million allocated to beautify down town JB can be diverted to beautify the kampung kampung. I don't think JB people mind too much, they already rich what, no need those gomen's project.

  3. If the DAP wants to make any inroad into the Malay heartland then the likes of Kit Siang, Guan Eng or Dr Boo cannot be their leader. You can't degenerate a group of people and then expect them to vote for you.

  4. Out of curiosity, why do you call Tony Phua sniveling and spineless?

    And are Johorians happy with current ruling party of their state? Would love to know more from actual sources and not just what is passed via word of mouth or media...