Sunday 16 September 2012

A plea to Najib on Anwar's great lie day

I'm taking things easy today.

Hopefully the weather continues to be good. Planning to go to the beach and lepak there. Been quite a while...

Trying not to get stressed out on such a lovely day. Was actually tempted to write about the Big Anwar's Sept 16 Lie, but too tiring lah. Anyway, I think so many others had written about it today. If you are still interested to read about it , this is a good one -

Malaysia Day and Anwar Ibrahim's Sabah

Actually, I think Malaysians, as a whole, are rather a kind bunch of people. I mean there are more good Malaysians rather than the bad ones.

Unfortunately, the bad ones are the ones who always got highlighted. That's why it seems that the whole country is bad.

The good Malaysians normally just don't really care about the political nonsense. They just go along with the rest. Probably they are too comforted with what they have. Malaysia is after all a country of plenty, so why all the fuss, eh?

Honestly, I think most of us treat politics at the same level as the EPL. It's just a fun football game. I cheer that team, you cheer this team. Something like that. Most of us don't really think too far about the consequences of our support for a political party. Most of us just do it for fun, actually. Those who attended those rallies which most of the time went violent, are they any different from those football fans? I don't think so.

It doesn't really got anything to do with ideology, ok? Just fun and adrenaline rush for them. Those punks, who behave like drunk monkeys at the Bersih riots,  do you think they ever read anything of substance? Do you think they are of any difference than all those football hooligans? I don't think so.

Ask them what is an ideology and I can bet, that nine out of ten can't answer properly. Come on la, Anwar Ibrahim got ideology meh?

Most of our politicians are mere opportunists to me, ok?

Yes, those includes the ones in BN. So many leeches there. PM DS Najib Razak need to do a major overhaul once he got the mandate after the general election. If not, sure BN will koyak one.

The way I see it, it's Najib last chance to set things right within the BN rank....especially Umno. He need to get rid of all those selfish ones who uses their position for personal gains and self enrichment. These cancerous cells within the party are more dangerous than all those Pakatan crooks out there. They need to be cut off completely, no matter how painful it's going to be.

Ok Datuk Najib, I believe in you, so you better do it, ok? Please don't let us be ruled by those Pakatan hypocrites who are worse than you all BN people.


  1. Najib's biggest danger and quiet enemy is his deputy who is sitting patiently bidding for his time and watching him and his cousin flip and flop and fumble from one mistake to another.

    Najib is a sitting duck or better still a christmas turkey not going to see beyond christmas.

    1. this is typical response from someone whom I suspect just pluck something in the air without even knowing anything just to satisfy his "hatred" at anything UMNO/BN just becos the two are now a very formidable pair running and doing good for the country and fulfilling promises made.
      If you just want to say anything of any strong case of their perceived antagonism, plse elaborate

  2. Najib is having nightmares of the Mongolian kind.....

  3. The quality of comments in this blog really sucks.

  4. Hahaha...why are you pleading with Najib to do the impossible ? Who has the evidence of Najib's romp in PD to the point that he was given a plump job ? Who has evidence of Najib's commission agents to the point he is free to say anything he wants, including formenting racial hatred ?

    Please lah, Big Cat, why are you spitting into the wind ?

  5. BN has always worked on the system of "you hold my balls, I hold your balls, and we agree not to squeeze". Once in a while, somebody sneezes and accidentally squeezes...or somebody accidentally drops the balls he/she is Shahreezat or Ling Liong Sik.

    But I do admire Najib and Muhyiddin. Both have been holding the other's balls quite well without squeezing.

    1. but lim kit siang is worse he is holding his own son ball and his grandson `'groping' or fondle other people daughter...

      what kind of human being this people anyway?

  6. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and u are telling Ali Baba to reform ? What have u been smoking ?

  7. I thought PR is better than BN. After just 4 years, they are already showing their true colours. They seem to be worst than BN. Tun M is correct; 'Better the Devil I know'. At least in BN, they tolerate dissenting views.

    "Most of our politicians are mere opportunists to me, ok?"
    You're right.