Monday 17 September 2012

Losing the battle of perception

One of the most irritating thing about BN's media campaign strategy is their inability to realize that it is important to be liked.

For instance, you can't win the battle for public perception if your main man leading the fight is an ugly arrogant dinosaur who uses the BN's media facilities more to promote himself instead of BN itself.

Admittedly, you need someone firm, but the person must also be a cool dude. Someone that people like.... especially the young people. And, of course, most importantly, someone who is sincere with the job.

Instead BN has the likes of Rais Yatim, Tengku Adnan, Ahmad Maslan.... hmmm, I rather reserve my comments. Need to conserve my energy for the real fight leh.

Can't afford the MCMC coming to my house and seize this laptop which someone gave me. I can't afford to buy a new one, ok? Rocky, you got back your Ferrari or not already? Well, never mind.

Well, the same thing with media houses which are supposedly aligned to the BN. They are also led by mostly people who think they are so clever without realizing that they are not really that hot.

Ok, not all of them are like that, but MOST of them. If you don't believe me, go and ask that cranky Kadir Jasin. He should know...

And to the newspaper bosses - can you all tell your pro-BN columnists not to try too hard to sound too clever. Irritating lah. My English not so powerful you know. Can't really understand what they are trying to tell in between those sophisticated words, ok?

What? I need to improve my English instead? Well, never mind. I will just go and read Harian Metro. Got juicy front page story about Gigolo Panas (hot gigolo) some more. You all stuck up perasan pandai English newspaper editors can shove your newspapers up your....ok, I need to stop swearing....

Oh, by the way, the only English newspapers which is pro-BN is actually NST....and not even BN people really want to read it, thus the relatively low circulation. Umno members for instance, mostly prefer to read Harian Metro, ok? Star? Malay Mail? Sun? Don't bluff la. All those are actually pro-Pakatan. They need to be so as they need the pro-Pakatan audience to keep up the circulation numbers. They put pro-BN stories just so they don't run into trouble with their owners. If you don't believe me, go read Helen Ang. She wrote extensively about  MCA's The Star being the gunting dalam lipatan...please google if you don't know what that means.

Television? Well, I don't really watch television, so I don't know too much about it. But I heard the rating of TV3 news is declining. Definitely need to expend beyond that Jom Heboh strategy.

Then there's the cyberwar front. I don't think BN is doing too hot there either.

Pakatan got Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, etc. BN got what? The Mole is probably the only pro-BN English news portal around. That one also operating at a very low budget and has to restrict itself to covering mostly the sopo blogs.

How effective are the Pakatan's web portals? Well, FMT is actually among my blog's top ten source of page views. That's where the DAP cybertroopers who are clogging up my comment section come from, I guess. They are a bit irritating, but I am getting used to having them hanging around my blog. Good also, as I consider it as a sign that this blog is making a bit of an impact, which is significant enough to warrant their attention and efforts to counter it.

So, what happened to the allegedly lots of money spend by BN on cyberwar? Honestly, I don't know. What I am sure is that Johor BN do not have specific budget for cyberwar. They simply do not have the money for it.

PM DS Najib Razak, being the big boss should realize these problems that he has in the BN's war room and do something about it ASAP. Not much time left as the deadline of the general election is already too near.

p.s Datuk Najib also need to do something about that pompous character now running the Umno's war room at the party headquarters. Really stupid la that one.


  1. The difference between pro-Pakatan bloggers and pro-BN bloggers is that the former do not need to get paid. They do the country a service. Pro BN bloggers are brought up Mahathir-style: show me the money...

    1. ya ya ya....and I'm sooooo bloody rich la.....sheeeessshhh....

    2. ya ya postings are so full of errors and inconsequential matters....and still you all come here and kacau me :-)

    3. I like this blog because BigCat is so witty and this site is so entertaining.

    4. Thanks anon 21:29, very kind of you :-)

    5. I like BC's posting too. She seems moderate enough.

      I hate that dinosaur's face too. Everytime his or his KSU's face pops up in TV1 news, I will quickly switch over to TV3 or vice-versa.

      Anonymous 16September 2012 18:43
      Are stupid or what?
      I think it's the other way around.
      Why do a pro-BN Blogger go bashing the paymaster?


  2. People don't need to be paid to comment against tyranny and oppression. That's why you are so afraid. Join us, BC, listen to your bfriend. The end for BN is near.

  3. V for Vendetta !

  4. Pakatan cybertroopers are at best empty cans that make the loudestnpise.

    They have all the bandwidth of malaysia but their mindse is restricted to the anglophile enclaves of subang jaya, sri kembangan and penang island.

    And i was at teluk panglima garaang which fyi to dapstes is apart of selangor,umno and bn fkags everywehere, so dont worry, the will be many us devil associates Umno and BN supporters to give dapsters to lose BIG again....DAP is always the to lose, and PKR and PAS just waiting to rejoin te bosoms of BN thanks to Nasharudin Isa while PKR expeiry date is as long as Anwar's alife span.

    1. Anon 20:22

      Mana you belajar you punya Engrish ?

    2. Kuching Besar: Teach your friends to write some better England. Tell them if they want to play cyber warfare against Pakatan troopers, they better write proper England.

    3. Dear anon 20:22,
      it's ok if your english is not that great. This blog welcomes any sort of language. As long as I understand what you are trying to say I will let your comments through. My english is not that great either, ok? So, why should I complain about yours. Whatever it is, don't let people say you can't think just because your english is not the best in the world. People who can't think but speak better english always runs down others just because they can speak the language better. That's because t's all they are better at compared to other people. English, to me, is just a medium of communication. It doesn't make you anything less if your english is not very english. Of course we should try to improve ourselves, including our mastery of the language, ok? Cheers ya :-)

    4. no worries anon 20:22, being able to speak or write good english doesnt mean they know how to use their brain.. see those who immediately bash you for your english... they lack of manner and that show how minimum is their capability to use both sides of their brain...

    5. I am the anon, i know english very well tank u(pun intended), i am even an engineer.

      Typo is due to the lousy samsung touch wiz.

      Dapster are typical morons who pick up nitty gritty things, they will even create lies like the Constitution allow vernacular school which shows they never read at least article 152 but dare lie and create fiction to win.

      Dapster despite their anglophile upbringing are lazy and havw elite mindset, hence they never venture from their silly PJ homes to other selangor areas, so e may not even know shah alam or even gone to areas like banting and kuala selangor.

      Therefore these dapsters accuse all bn supporters as being paid prostitutes, i gueas calling people prostitute is taught at missionary school or in their city harvest churcjh bible, because like their english lords, dapster dehumanise their foe, worse of all, they really think malays will vote them in droves...this are the mindsets that has made lim kit ainang and karpal biggest losets, and their students lim guan eng and hannah yeoh will continue the tradition if being losers in every election.

    6. Actually Article 152 also states no person is prohibited from using, teaching, or learning, any other languages other than for official purposes.

      The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide: Provided that-

      (a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language; and

      (b) nothing in this Clause shall prejudice the right of the Federal Government or of any State Government to preserve and sustain the use and study of the language of any other community in the Federation.

      Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause

      (1), for a period of ten years after Merdeka Day, and thereafter until Parliament otherwise provides, the English language may be used in both Houses of Parliament, in the Legislative Assembly of every State, and for all other official purposes.

      Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause (1), for a period of ten years after Merdeka Day, and thereafter until Parliament otherwise provides, the authoritative texts-

      (a) of all Bills to be introduced or amendments thereto to be moved in either House of Parliament, and

      (b) of all Acts of Parliament and all subsidiary legislation issued by the Federal Government, shall be in the English language.

      Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause (1), for a period of ten years after Merdeka Day, and thereafter until Parliament otherwise provides, all proceedings in the Supreme Court or a High Court shall be in the English language: Provided that, it the Court and counsel on both sides agree, evidence taken in language spoken by the witness need not be translated into or recorded in English.

      Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause (1), until Parliament otherwise provides, all proceedings in subordinate courts, other than the taking of evidence, shall be in the English language.

      In this Article, "official purpose" means any purpose of the Government, whether Federal or State, and includes any purpose of a public authority.

      Setakat saya tahu, Kerajaan Negeri2 & Federal masih guna BM

  5. BC has an advantage over most bloggers - BN or Pakatan - becuase she sees through hypocrisy on both sides. The best blogs aren't there to convince you to support a cause blindly, but to make you think critically.

    I have a bias towards changing the Government, but BC and other quality bloggers like her are important to any democracy and I hope that this blog continues to prosper and succeed with all the spark that its shown to date. Great job, BC, keep it up!

  6. Dalam Pakatan Rakyat tak ada upah pasang bendera, tak ada kontrak pasang bendera macam UMNO, tak ada bilik gerakan dimana yang menjalankan aktiviti dibayar. Tanya aktivis PAS ada tak mereka dibayar. Sama dengan blogger blogger Pakatan Rakyat semua berblog atas usaha sendiri kerana semua mempunyai satu matlamat. Bukan macam BN/UMNO dan sukusakat mereka, kalau tiada peruntukan tak akan bergerak.

    Can you identify one paid pakatan rakyat blogger?

    1. If you are so convinced that I am paid by BN to run this blog, then why do you bother wasting your time coming and commenting here? If you are a muslim, do you know what it means to accuse others without evidence? I think it would be better for you to just go hang out at the holy blogs of Pas or super ethical blogs of the DAP cybertroopers instead of dirtying yourself at blogs such as mine. Thank you.

    2. Ahah aha aha ha ha ha17 September 2012 at 16:20

      All I can say is aha aha ahahhhhhhaaaa...Ahah aha ahahhhhhaaa...ahahahhhhhaaa...never have I laughed so those blind supporters that know nuts what is going on.....

    3. Bigcat, when everything else fails bring religion as a sword and shield. Obviously you dont realise the fitnah you spew in your blog. Why do I come here. To at least put realisation into you that not everthing you write is correct and many times its nothing but accusation and allegation. Can I allege that your brother is retarded is because of god's curse on you because ashik sembur fitnah. Surely you will not agree right. Then articulate with conviction.

    4. Anon 03:30,
      calling my brother a retarded person just shows what kind of person you are. Well, I leave it to readers of this blog to judge that.

    5. hahahahah ... anon 00:54 , you were trying to act naive or do you have this blind faith on Anuwar ? a bit of both i think .. no upah pasang bendera? no bilik gerakan ? PAS buat kerja takde duit? no money no religion la ... hak ptuih....

    6. BC, take a step backward and reread your blogpost which is just a BN cybertroupper doing BN's bidding spewing continuous falsehood againat Pakatan Rakyat. Yes their cybertrouppers too do the same but you try to take the high moral ground but being myopic to BN's deeds. It cannot ne the fault of one man-Anwar Ibrahim yhat the Malays are split. Malays in the era of globalisation and internet have woken up to see the truth that UMNO is no longer for the Malays but has turned to become a private entity to enrich the few while keeping the rural Malays in a state of fear that they will lose everything of UMNO losses and thus the crumbs thrown at their feet to keep them contended.

      You are from Johor, see how the average Malay particularly the urban Malays find it difficult to make ends meet. Have you gone to see the Larkin flats or thr Saujana flats which is nothing but an urban squallor and a cesspit. The Malays continue staying there because that's all that they can afford. In contrast just go and see how the Ketua Bahagian UMNO's live or see the UMNO Johor Ministers live. These Malays live like bangsawans of yesteryears. By the way have you seen Ahmad Maslan's house. Malays are being pushed to accomodate the noveau rich and the rich Singaporeans and Indonesians to buy property in Johor. For Malays the future is rumah PPRT. rumah murah and flat kos murah. There will come a time Melayu merempat ditanah sendiri and only then Malays will know that it was UMNO who led them to perdition.

      Somehow you as a Melayu Baru and Melayu lupa daratan hobnobbing with UMNO leaders cannot see where your own community is heading but you have ample time to write your daily drivel on Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. Are you trying to save UMNO just to ensure UMNO kleptocrats will continue to pillage for themselves.

      Come on girl, let's hear you write critisising UMNO Johor, wakil rakyat UMNO, Johor Corp or even the sudden phenomena of the people in "blue tiled house" also getting involved in business. Lets hear you writing a damming blogpost on the MBJB and the useless Dato Bandar.

      BC, there are many things you can blog if you want to be objective and fair but as a BN/UMNO cybertroupper you dare not look inward and write.

      Ask yourself how and why do we see 10000 people and predominantly Malays paying RM25 to attend a PKR dinner. Malays are coming to realise,UMNO has yet to face up to reality and you wearing blinkers and being myopic to changes in the Malay community.

    7. Bigcat, is it ok when you fitnah orang lain? Now you dont like when they insult your retarded brother. Dont do to other what you dont want others to do to you.

    8. Typical dapster trying to incite malay fear of umno by saying malays are are poor. The median income of the,malays have been increasing every year and is now 75 percent of the chinese income whuch is better rhan 40 percent in the 50s.

      We do not gauge povert by forked tongues of the anglophile bastards, we use mathematical statistics and surveys and the BR1M is one tool the dept of statistics use to measure the incine od millions of malaysia low class.but of course, dapster who think 1 plus 1 plus 1 is 1 may not understand statistics.

      I do not seenpakatan giving any ideas to fight poverty except welfare and giving free stuff, BN via iskandar is doing better by growing the economy ans economic opportunities.

      Pakatan especially dapstee morons have been against all economic projects from PLYS highway, penang bridge which guan eng now gloat as his own and to the recent RAPID.

    9. Anonymous 7.10' that's a very good analysis.....Big Cat is just another self proclaimed UMNO chauvinist. Ask BC why she doesnt write on how houses in JB have sky rocketed because all are being sold to Singaporean bastards!! Now, not only the Malays, but also Indians and poor Chinese cannot own a property here. What h UMNO done to address this? Build houses for the poor in Timbuktoo?

  7. Big Cat the so called opposition are Chinese and Indian racists who want to bring down the Malays.

    Malays dont read english papers much anyway like the Star. It is a Chinese english language rag. it caters to chinese interests against malay interests. Specifically it promotes vatican catholicsm through its christian editor gang wong, tony etc.

    thus the constant support for fellow chinese catholics hannah barbera..hehe

    Your problem is not perspective just pure incompetence among umno leadership. Early UMNO leaders were real leaders. They had to be to fight the english invaders and communist chinese invaders, japanese invaders.

    But the current batch are sons of so and so. Son of Mohamad rahmat, sons of razak son of hussin etc.. you get the drift.

    What is needed for more malays to come to the fore and lead. Mahyudin, kj or hishamudin just dont cut it. Living the easy life under the shadows of their fathers they dont know poverty. They havent fought a tumble.

    They are good at smiling. But chinese are real yellow threats not just something you read in american journals..

    So keep up your good work and do not be dishearten. More malays will rise and fight the malay cause but definitely not these bunch of tamils like anwar ibrahim or nor yakcub.

  8. Your blog is hilarious!! Keep writing! From Fence Sitter Malaysian