Saturday 22 September 2012

About my FW190 and Ghani

My old car was not behaving very well all the way from JB to here earlier this morning. True enough, when I checked, it turned out that the front tires were in really bad shape. It was only then I remembered that the worn out pair were already more than three years old. Now I'm at a tyre shop in Klang waiting for them to change the tires, do the alignments and other things. Getting bored and decided to do this posting. Good that the shop got wi-fi. Anyway, the mechanic said it's going to costs me about RM600. Well, there goes my plan to shop for some nice stuff for the new place.

Anyway, today is World Car Free Day...hmmm, I don't think the campaign will be successful in this country for now. Our public transport system still needs major improvement leh. I think the Pakatan people had even devised a solution for the problem - lower the prices of cars they said.....I was like, duhhhh....sorry, forgot, these people would do anything to get more votes.

Whatever it is, personally, I am afraid I can't do without my old car. I love it too much despite it being almost 20 years old. It's my FW190.

Errr...still have to wait some more.....rim ada bengkok sikit, need to repair a bit, said the mechanic.

Surfed around....and found a nice interview given by Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman at the NST today. Nice to know that Iskandar Malaysia is doing well despite all the nonsense that I heard. Somehow, with Ghani around, I don't think I should worry too much about Johor. I cut and paste the whole article for your reading convenience (Guess I will be doing this more often for Johor stories from now onwards).

300,000 jobs and more from Iskandar Malaysia

SHARING OF WEALTH: The southern Johor growth corridor also creates spillover effects on other sectors, says Ghani
Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman says the state government is committed to ensure that there is enough training programmes for local job seekers. Pic by Mohamad Shahril Badri Saali
JOHOR BARU: ISKANDAR Malaysia has created up to 300,000 job opportunities so far, and it will continue to have a spillover effect on various sectors of the country's economy.
Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the southern Johor growth corridor, which is led by its key driver Nusajaya, had seen the creation of jobs in various fields.
He said the number of job opportunities available for the local population was an indicator of a balanced sharing of wealth in a certain country.
"The sharing of wealth among the people, be it through development in the property or other sectors, is determined by the number of jobs available for locals.
"In this regard, Iskandar Malaysia has produced almost 300,000 job opportunities," he told the New Straits Times ahead of the Nusajaya Carnival today.
Ghani said with the rising number of jobs in Iskandar Malaysia, the state government was committed to ensure that there were enough training programmes to enable local job seekers to meet the demands of this burgeoning job market.
"There will have to be a collective process to train or retrain workers, and this is continually being done to ensure workers possess new skills that could match with the new jobs."
Ghani said having a strong employment rate was crucial as some Western nations were facing financial crises because of the lack of employment opportunities.
On the ongoing development of Nusajaya, Ghani said almost 40 per cent of its component projects totalling RM17 billion had been completed.
The total development of Nusajaya is worth RM75 billion.
He said the completed projects were Legoland Malaysia, Newcastle University, Marlborough College, Puteri Harbour and Kota Iskandar.
The projects slated for next year are the Puteri Harbour Phase 2 and 3, Indoor Theme Park, Traders Hotel, campuses for the University of Southampton and University of Reading and Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios. Other projects slated to take off next year are the second phase of EduCity, Medini and Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology.
On the spillover effects to other sectors, Ghani said the retail, food and beverage and hospitality sectors had seen the benefits.
"In these recent weeks, we have seen its effects on the hospitality sector as hotel bookings have gone up because of the opening of Legoland. This impact is also felt in other businesses, ranging from food to services sectors."
Ghani said Iskandar Malaysia would also enjoy a spillover effect following the development of the oil and gas hub in Johor's southeastern coast of Pengerang.
"With the oil storage facilities in Pengerang, Tanjung Langsat and Tanjung Piai, it will turn Iskandar Malaysia into a centre for oil and gas trade."
More than 60,000 people are expected to turn up at the Nusajaya Carnival this weekend.
Organised by Khazanah Nasional Bhd, UEM Land Holdings and Iskandar Investment Bhd, the two-day carnival will be held at Dataran Mahkota, Kota Iskandar in Nusajaya.
Job seekers will also benefit from a job fair featuring 29 companies.


  1. It's NST lah. NO SUCH THING.

    1. owh your expect from Malaysiatipukini or PakatanInsider??

    2. They want to know what Soros thinks

  2. Bigcat, do you know why you are driving a 20 year old jalopy? Because of protectionist policy. To protect Proton which cannot compete from colapsing. Thus the need to keep car prices in Malaysia way higher (apart from Singapore where car prices are extremely high but in reality the transport system is really good that you really dont need a car).

    Ask your self, look at Thailand which overtook us despite we having a headstart with Proton. See, how Korean companies like Hyundai and Kia whose cars we shunned now are world class top selling class. In fact kalau lihat Proton is the last choice for Malays now. What about Muslim coutries? Sorry, being part of the ummah doesn't extend to buying a substandard car like Proton. Even you go nearby to Indonesia, they rather ride a motorbike than drive a Proton. Even in Afganistan and Somalia those who can afford cars drive Toyota or Nissan.

    On another note, a little profile is building up on you from the lityle snippets. Now we know that you are a no house owning, no proper day job dosser driving a 20 year old junk who coudn't even afford to buy an own computer. More snippets please.

    1. Actually it's not an old jalopy. It's a really good car and I love it. That's why I keep it despite its age. By the way, I actually do own quite a beautiful house. Unfortunately, I can't stay at my house due to my job commitment. I will tell the story about my beautiful house one of these days. As for the frugal way of my life, I got lots of responsibilities to fulfill and they put a lot of strains on my finances. That's just the way it is with my life. Fyi, I feel no shame about case that's what you think I should feel. Thank you.

    2. Big Cat, "lots of responsibilities to fulfil and they put a lot of strains on my finances".

      What about the rest in your family, well we can leave out the nutter but the rest? Don't tell me they are leachers and penniless church mouse. Well there is pejabat kebajikan and zakat for people like you.

    3. no need to proved something about your personal life to this DAP scum laa BC . They can’t think of anything only personal hate if we talking about DAP and Pakatan wrongdoings .

    4. Anon 02:14,
      it looks like you are right. I shouldn't waste my time on this one. Thanks for your advice.

    5. Anon 02:14
      Just to put into your thick head. I am not a DAP supporter or Pakatan supporter but simply a frustrated BN supporter who have just grown tired of BN who just cannot transform because Najib does not have the balls to get rid of the UMNO warlords, political dinosaurs and politicals liablities.

      Najib cannot succeed with Rais Yatim, Puad Zakarhi, Rais Yatim, Ahmad Maslan, Noh Omar, Hishammudin Hussein Onn, Nazri AzizPalanivel, the whole MCA lot.

      Keep the good ones like Mustapha Mohd.

      So, please dont assume all negative comments are from DAP trollers. There are so many BN supporters who are totally fed and tired of the continuous spin and the yarn by pro-BN blogs. If we want to help BN lets tell the truth so that perhaps Najib will read this blog and realise he need to make the real transformation not the ones set up by the media spin con-sultants.

      By the way who else should Najib cast to the political dust-bin?

    6. DAP scum , first with personal attack and this DAP lazy to read on laptop thing get this DAP anon 07.38 more delusional and blatant lie ... and now come with more delusional from half baked story on Malaysialiarkini and Pakatan Insider and many of Pakatan media .

      you cant deny as DAP scum , all the names your said many of them already expose DAP corruptions and wrongdoing exspecially in Selangor . anti Lynas that only create more lies by DAP are already exposed , the SUARAM Sdn Bhd till now cannot give any evidence on their lies , SUARAM sdn bhd is one of pakatan spin tools .

      Still you shameless came here talking about BN bloggers ?? you think we DAP kaa , you can order us to gag orders or can expels us for cover your wrongdoings .

      We dont need an advise from DAP scum like you , who's closed your eyes in DAP father , son , in law , crony and many of their warlords dinosaurs

    7. Call yourself follower of prophet? How can we be convinced of your religion?

  3. aiyoo anothers DAP blokes maa , she drive with her 20 years old car also want to political .. its her choice la , i know many people like this . if you trying to judge the book from its cover , we can see how you brain works laa

    indonesia have very good Nasionalis inside their heart , even Coca cola soo hard to find laa but 'teh botol' everywhere .

    I dont know who drive Toyota and Nissan here are from Afghanistan and Somalia here hahaha and you should support PKR rafizi to abolish AP and make car more chaeaper , and we already know what his stupid idea for cheaper car right ???

    Why you target her personally , you cant counter back anything , personel is your last option ?? so pathethic laa .. dont yoo read properly about computer thing ?? pemalas punya orang .

    1. Anon 23:13
      Organise your thoughts and then write like how you would speak coherently. Its not difficult. Its like riding a bycycle, initially it is difficult but later it become easy.

    2. anon 23.28 , no need an excuse for your malas attitude and only know personal attack , soo ironic you advise that ... your "bycyle" is highly from your deep thoughts right??

  4. Development in Iskandar but do gets the job? Indon, Bangla, Burmese and Nepalese and kosong ais to Malaysians. During the construction, all cowoks will be employed and when finished, then it is the Bangla and Nepalese will be security guards and cleaners. Who will be spending the money in Iskandar when Mad Cow DUMNO are condeming all those PAP Sinkaporeans? You ask the Taiwanese but why all those island Chinese to come when Mad cow DUMNO are dead against locals non bumis.

    1. Have you ever even been to Iskandar? Go to Legoland, JPO etc and see who are working there, then you can comment.

    2. Of course. I went there during construction and I see Cowoks with Enyak and Yamman.