Tuesday 25 September 2012

Dredd deals with Malaysian politicians

Woke up too early. It's 4.47am as I am writing this.

Errrrr....still sleepy but can't go back to sleep. Don't know what to write. Simply simply writing this.....

I think I should just put some video here .... let's see if I can find something interesting ....

Ok, I know it's quite lame, but I'm a bit taken in by this movie.

Like the Judge Dredd character as he is a simple no nonsense badass....very  unlike the sentimental nonsense me :-)

Judge Dredd is the real macho man. Tough, intelligent and don't talk bullshit.... very much like my Chinaman....errrr a bit a bit lor....

"I am the LAW," he snarled. He is the judge, the jury, the executioner. Terribly macho, isn't he?

Dredd is very unlike all those hypocritical politicians.

I think if he meets all those crook politicians, he would execute them on the spot for excessive lying to the people. It's a crime to lie to the people, ok?

Like that Anwar's Great Sept 16 Lie, that's definitely a capital crime punishable by death by Dredd.

And if Dredd meets Tian Chua, he'll probably put the good-for-nothing in that freezer prison chamber for at least 20 years. Offense - for being excessively annoying to the general public and sheer ugliness (look at the man's face la....it's a crime, ok?)

Eerrrr..... ok, I know I'm getting a bit carried away :-) Well, you all have a good day. Cheers


  1. Excessive lying to the people ? What about excessive stealing from the people ? No lah, we don't want the thieves shot...we only want their hands chopped off so that Putrajaya will be known as the land of the one-armed bandits.