Monday 3 September 2012

DAP cybertroopers and my Chinaman

I had actually wanted to write about the importance of our national flag for this posting. That incident on Merdeka eve where our Jalur Gemilang was insulted by the Bersih hooligans made me quite angry. Don't those punks realized that people do die defending their country's flag? I had wanted to write this posting based on a classic American novel which I first read in school - The Red Badge of Courage

Then again, I think such an effort would be wasted on them. The way they behaved that night, including resorting to vulgar and uncouth acts on the pictures of the PM and his wife indicated that these are people of very poor upbringing and possess no ability to appreciate subtlity or kind nuances to correct them.

Having said that, I would like to stress here that their acts that night was simply indefensible. I could sense that the Pakatan cybertroopers being at loss at how to defend these fellow minions of their parties who hide behind the Bersih masks.

The cybertroopers, however did try as usual to divert from the issue in this posting of mine -
What's next, Bersih?
And here is a sample of that attempt to divert from the issue -

Wah, equating Ambiga with a snake...hmmmm, typical closet racist and still pretend you are dating a chinaman....shy lah.....
Yeah i suspected for awhile that the Chinaman dating story was invented too...

But just let Big Cat maintain this cover la for his/her blog. It's entertaining and fun to visit.

~ Kluang girl

First of all, what is it that makes me a racist when I equated Ambiga with a wriggling snake? She did behave in such a snaky manner whenever her Bersih minions misbehaved, trying to blame others for it all. What? Ambiga is an untouchable is it? She can't be criticised at all and those who do so is a racist, is it? Had she attained some sorts of a divine status like that CM Lim tokong in Penang?

As for the allegation that I pretended to have a Chinese boyfriend...well, that's getting a bit too much. Actually, I don't really have to answer to it, as it's none of their business. However, just for the sake of others who may doubt me, let me revealed here that the email, I posted here 

A message from a Chinese school graduate

is actually written by my Chinaman. He requested for me to post it in my blog in defense  of his beloved school. That was before I made it known to readers of this blog that I am dating a Chinese. Well, anyway, if I can faked that email, then I must be one hell of a cybertrooper, aren't I? Well, it's up to you all to judge. If you think I am fake, you all can just stop reading this blog.

Oh, by the way, my Chinaman looks very much like this guy -

Well, at least that's how he looks like in my eyes lar :-)


  1. Ooooo, mata sepet jugak....kesian kamu...."my" chinaman sure kena potong already.....

  2. Cut and paste, cut and paste....just like the picture of Jeremy Lin....who looked like he got socked in the eye by Big Cat...

  3. Big don't need to prove anything to anybody. This is your do as you please. If anyone disagree with you or doubt you, so be don't owe anyone any explanations. Cheers!

  4. Good one, BigCat. Interesting word "snaky". I never doubted for a minute the existence of your Chinaman. He's a lucky guy.

  5. aisehh , you quote from DAPigs cybermoron kluang girl , this DAPigs cybertroopers are useless for this country

  6. why people so kei poh one? whether the cinabukit bf real or fake thats BC personal matter lah, and what can she gain from it? so there is no point for her faking mah.

    Tanjong Tokong Boy

  7. Big Cat now talk like DAPixx like Chinaman LGE. When he was attacked by linking him to another female staff, Big Cat is uisng the same answer. Very Good answer. I suuported you using DApixx's reply. No need to answe them

  8. What if someone calls your boyfriend mata sepet or babi or pendatang, will you be angry ? You are not promoting muhibbah with the stereotyping of Indians. You are promoting racism when it comes to Indians.

  9. Kluang girl is an old maid, needing a man badly. No need to worry lah Kluang nyonya. All the fugly amois sapu our rich Malay men bcos these horny desperados usually never seen a real curvaceous women before and will fall for the first lebam hole. So easy to kangkang to lotsa $$$$ one mah.Typical.

  10. The admiration, the respect & love you have for your Chinaman can be felt through your writings. The emotions are heartfelt & consistent, so how can it be fake? It is a love forged over time and it's not the simple girl meets boy, girl gets boy story. I wish you & your Chinaman all the best.

  11. Big Cat;

    Kalau makan nasi minyak jangan lupa ajak saya..

    Peminat U

  12. Big Cat,

    That Janji Demokrasi gathering attracted many different types of people with various agendas, not all of whom are members of the NGOs which are part of Bersih or of opposition parties.

    So while you can blame the organisers for not exerting better control of the conduct of the participants, you can't equate the conduct of a handful of the participants with official Bersih or opposition policies, just because they identify themselves with Bersih by wearing yellow.

    Meanwhile, the way pro-BN bloggers are harping on about it, gives free, prolonged publicity to the event, where even the pro-Pakatan portals have given little publicity.

    Now Hishamuddin Tun Hussein wants to prosecute these guys, which will make them appear as Martyrs, which is what they probably want.

    I think a little shrewdness needs to be applied here.

    1. Sorry to say , Bersih is fully opposition or anothers Pakatan wings for create dishamrony and anarchy , we cannot deny it , they can tell you they came there for democracy #LOL , but thats not the point if you really talk to them they really not know what the exact policies they against , they simply only know what the Pakatan told them , even EC already fullfill all they demand befored except one ..

      errr i read both party blog , for your info pro BN blog not promoting them only report what really happened or real time report on that day that more fair and thorough , its show how democracy and open minded pro BN bloggers , coz i no need go to any pakatan blogggers for the updated that will never told you what really dirty thing happended.

    2. U colour blind or simply look into 1 colour? What disharmony when Malays, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis, East malaysians can gather and mixed TOGAther? Maybe it is a disharmony to UMNO who just promote only 1 race.
      UMNO only talks about sex, gays and even show blue film and mata2 never taker action.

    3. umno just promote one race? you must be blind. after 55 years everyone can become rich and happy in this country. but must work hard lah. if you sit in front of your laptop and write bad about umno u cannot make money. but if you work u can earn money. waste time in front of laptop whacking umno cannot earn money.

  13. Ah Linsanity…..i read something interesting written by a Taiwanese about Taiwan and Jeremy, share with you since it is your sort of dream and aspiration, a bit sad though:

    "I find it curious however that while in America, Linsanity is celebrated as an American thing that brings Americans together – as a vindication that Asian Americans can participate fully in the American dream – in Taiwan, Lin is seen as a symbol of division – a badge of ethnic purity of sorts.

    In the media, you hear for example some family members of Lin proclaiming (almost desperately) that even though Lin’s maternal Grandmother is Mainland Chinese (and runs a scholarship in her hometown there), Lin is Taiwanese because “Taiwanese culture is male-dominated” and “her father’s side is Taiwanese. They bragged how her father is 8th generation Taiwanese, having immigrated from Fujian province to Taiwan in 1707.

    Recently, in an interview with an American journalist, when Ma Ying-jeou continually referred to Lin as Taiwanese, he had to be awkwardly reminded that Lin is “American” not “Taiwanese.” The journalist is right: as far as I can determine, even though Lin may legally apply for ROC citizenship, an easy affair since both his parents are ROC citizens, Lin appears to be currently an American and not a dual citizen of ROC and U.S.

    The more we think about what it means to be Taiwanese as these days, the more I am disgusted. We are not talking about whether someone has ROC citizenship or someone has lived in Taiwan or was born in Taiwan; we are talking about how long someone’s family has been in Taiwan – often in a politicized sort of way. This type of childish bragging “my family has been here longer than thou” appears to define the essence of being “Taiwanese” today."

  14. Solly ah Big Cat, sepet not my type round big ones, with thick eyelashes and some wave in the hair. Also prefer tanned to yellow although you call it *fair*. Aiya... cannot imagine my anak2 all sepet no matter how.

  15. Aiyo if everyone same taste then Perang Dunia lah. Not same view also Perang Dunia. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

  16. My chinaman ? Wah, mahu kena tangkap basah ke ?

  17. u r kelakar lah Bigcat...handsome bf also u got there