Monday 3 September 2012

A JCS Little Napoleon

I had actually written in great details about the problem I thought of highlighting in this posting.

However, due to a friend's request, I had instead erased the whole thing as my friend said Johor BN's election preparations may, to a certain degree be adversely affected if I proceed with it.

Therefore, for this posting, I am restricting myself to appealing for Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman or senior exco Datuk Ahmad Zahri Jamil to fix the problem.

Datuk Ghani or Datuk Ahmad Zahri, please check what's happening at the Johor Civil Service (JCS) human resource department. Something is very wrong there.

Thank you, Datuk Ghani and Datuk Ahmad Zahri for your kind consideration.


  1. The BIG Napoleon down under in this state Gapura selatan just north of sand hungry and sand devoid islet AGO knows its his last term but we heard he insisted one large GLC whom he is Chief Napoleon too, to purchase him a big and fat car BMW with enough power to zoom like a Bugatti!!,and its for personal use???come on AGO be responsible lah..(What you expect the lame GLC to declare the car yours when you leave the post??)

    1. suka hati engko lah Labu nak cakap apa pun

    2. typical Johor Mour punye slang tu..betul lah apa aku cakap..aku ada banyak lagi tau!!!!supaya boleh Jalan tegak..kayoh sikal aje..again typical Mour Parit korma'sslang!!

  2. What the problem with the HR? I heard he still haven't approve the temporary staff there after 2 years of service? Who is him anyway?

  3. Hello big cat. If u really want the so called issue to be rectified, then please furnish the details. If not, how were they to tackle the issue.......????