Monday 24 September 2012

Johor government was not at fault in Mersing

A senior Johor government official took the trouble to get in touch with me today to explain the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the ambitious Mersing Laguna project.

He said he had noted that in my previous postings on the issue that I was quite upset over the whole thing.

The official, whom I have always trusted gave me a detailed explanation of what had happened, all the way when the project was conceptualized more than five years ago till its recent cancellation which was announced by the Sultan of Johor.

I was very satisfied with his explanation, but have decided not to present what I was told here due to the sensitivities of the subject matter disclosed to me.

Suffice to say that, I am putting it on record here that I have changed my mind and now agree that the cancellation of the project was the right thing to do.

It must however be stressed here that the Johor government is not to be faulted whatsoever over the whole thing.

From what I was told, I believe that State government officials, especially those from UPEN who were involved in evaluating the viability of the project had done a remarkable job and were instrumental in avoiding losses to the state due to the cancellation of the project.

It should also be noted that the State government official had insisted to me that the cancellation of the project does not mean that the Mersing district, which is arguably the least developed in the State will be neglected.

He said there will be other development projects, which are more viable will be introduced in the district soon to ensure the well being of the Mersing people.


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    1. Rasanya cukup lah sekadar diberitahu disini bahawa kakitangan kerajaan negeri yang bertugas telah menjalankan tugas dengan penuh amanah dan professional sehinggakan tidak berlaku apa-apa adegan samun menyamun yang amat kita khuatiri. Terima kasih.

  2. Last para tu yang nak dengar tu.

    Tak payah lah buat kandang kambing dan saya jadi gembala kambing lepas bersara nanti.


  3. Bro Big Cat, small pussy
    Eventhough the things I wanted to write wont be offesive, vulgar, blue, saucy or whatever but it will touch on a subject which are "sensitive', which are cest majestie which would be deleted by you anyway, because you are scared , penakut, no b##ls,threfore as this fora have no freedom of dissenting views . So what is the purpose of writing?therefore I am writing!!!

  4. BigCat,

    The project was 22 billion but the developer failed to raised even 1% of the project.

    That sums up pretty much everything.

    His Majesty The Sultan of Johor mentioned that (NST) "Anyone who wants to make a fast buck, or find easy alternatives to make profit, please go somewhere else"

    He also mentioned about the Defence Ministry buying military vehicle at Rm690,000.00 while Johor bought it at less then 25% of the price.

    Johorean are lucky to have a firm and stand up ruler.

    You should call Judge Dredd for this one also.


  5. Wow, a RM 22 billion project which was initially given the blessing by the state, and now that the project is cancelled, the state people are trying to wash their hands off the whole dumb thing ? Who with common sense will lend support to a RM 22 billion real estate and leisure project in Mersing ? Why didn't the state make the warnings ?

    I guess the state is like Big Cat - quick to be cheerleader for stupid projects, and equally quick to make u-turns when the projects go sour.

  6. Why not Syed the Big CAT boss of Johor Port asked to help out? After all he sapu sugar, rail and ports. It is his turn to call of nation's duty? Why only eats drumstick and finger licking good? Wht not help out and maybe his opportunity to make more money and more jobs in Johor