Saturday 15 September 2012

Still sore over Mersing

When I posted this earlier in the week -
Mersing will never be neglected
I was actually consoling myself and hoping that some sense will come out of the whole thing. I was actually buying time for the truth to come out.

The Mersing Laguna project was supposed to be the catalyst for development in Mersing. The district is probably the least developed part of Johor.

When it was made known to me that the project had been cancelled, I tried very hard to find out what had really went wrong. The answers I got were very upsetting and they made me so angry that I do not wish to believe them, let alone write them down here. They were actually seditious.

I had told myself, that I need to let it go on this one. Let Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman handles the whole thing instead. The project was one of his favorites. Something he could had given for the future of people in Mersing before his retirement.

I have always trusted Ghani, and for this one I would leave him to I thought.

However the feedbacks I got over the issue  made me very upset for a second round. The one that made me most angry is the argument that the project was not viable, that we Malaysians can never achieve such ambitions, that the project can never be suitable for our country, etc etc.

Well, studies on the project had been thoroughly done, and everything were in place. What could had gone wrong? Did Ghani want his reputation to be tarnished by backing such a huge project just for the heck of it? I can't help but to think that the whole thing got something to do with an effort to end Ghani's tenure as Menteri Besar. Well, if that's the case Ghani should just tenders his resignation NOW. He shouldn't be the reason for Johor not being able to move forward....if that's the case lah.

Here, PM DS Najib Razak needs to stand his ground. The most important thing is for Johor to progress. He simply has to do the right thing. Otherwise, this whole thing will turn into a precedent whereby no investors will want to come to Johor.

Ok, talking about mega projects like Mersing Laguna which people said were not viable for this country, here are a few which were also not they said.....

1. Penang Bridge - The father of the current Penang CM was so against it back then that he once threatened to jump off it if it's ever be I was told la...true or not, I'm not sure....

2. North-South Highway - The father of the current Penang CM was so against it that he only drives his car through trunk roads and avoid the highways till now....I think...I might be all go and ask his handsome son la about this.

3. Kuala Lumpur International Airport - The father of the current Penang CM was so against it that whenever he needs to fly overseas, he would drive down to the Changi Airport in Singapore (through the trunk roads and avoiding the highways)...I think...I could be wrong....

4. Putrajaya - Pas was so against it that one of their current vice-presidents once told everyone that once the party come to power, they are going to sell the whole place to Brunei royalty....I don't think Anwar like that idea very much now....but who knows....

5. KLCC - The project which no one really believe could be done in this country. So out of this world that nobody dare to say anything least the one who open his/her mouth sounds like a donkey.

 It has been proven over and over again that this country can achieved miracles, that no one dare to bet against us....but, now I don't know lah....


  1. Aiyo Big Cat, must be habit or training to drag DAP into Mersing Laguna project also!

    Who said cannot push project if you got limitless supply of money and no consequences? Even the Japanese also built projects like bridges to nowhere etc.

    Frankly i didn't think too much about Mersing Laguna when it was first announced. Cos' since the financial crisis hit worldwide everything has come under scrutiny from the capital markets & bankers for huge loans, borrowings etc. It much tougher climate now to raise funding la.

    Anyway, since Johor government believe in the viability of Mersing Laguna, why don't you get MB to push Johor Corp and all the Johor GLCs to finance it.

    With a BN super-majority in DUN, i'm sure you can avoid any questions by anyone. Also with a friendly media and paid bloggers to spin the project, sure win one... Hehe

    ~ Kluang girl

  2. Why Crook DUMNO does not build the crooked bridge and paid millions 4 nothing? Why we still have to pay tolls when the leased has completed? Why bumis in Sarawak and Noth Borneo still live like Orang Hutan as compare to those in PutraJaya? why High Commissions and Embassies do not move to purtajaya?

  3. All the projects this kuching mentioned were done at inflated prices, and we are still feeling the effects of these crimes through inflated (and extended) tolls. They benefitted UMNO cronies, who took the money and invested in Europe, Australia and Africa, and left the remnants to be bailed out by the gomen.

    Yes, this is UMNO's modus operandi - give contracts to cronies at the HIGHEST prices, then make the people pay for the folly. You can do that to essential logistics like tollroads and bridges and IPPs because we are dependent on them. But you can't do that to marinas, waterfront real estate, golf clubs and oil terminals, because the rakyat don't need these. That's why the Mersing project failed.

  4. BC: You are so ignorant and so full of BS. Do you know what the weather conditions are like on the East Coast during the NE Monsoon ? Do you know we tried to build breakwaters in Kuala Trengganu and Besut, and all the rock-filled barriers got washed away after ONE monsoon season ?

    You go ask JKR people whether such a project would be feasible in Mersing without really massive anti-monsoon shelters. Talk intelligently, not like some sorry pussy.

    1. Well, they said the same thing about the other mega projects. That one cannot do, this one also cannot do. Malaysia cannot one. Never mind lah. Anyway, thanks for visiting (and commenting some more at) my sorry pussy blog :-)

    2. Thank god, JKR or Malaysia's class F contractors were not involved in the construction of the Great Wall of China.

  5. BC

    While we were hopeful of the Mersing Laguna project ,doubts about the viabilty of the project are still there.
    The cost of infra development of the artificial islands will be enormous.
    Just for comparison.
    In Maldives the Resort-hotels built by top hoteliers like Four Seasons, Bayan Tree,One in the Million, Hyatt, Jumeira etc maintain a 7 star rating (1000usd per nite.)
    There are 100+ such resort hotels built on originally virgin islands each totally isolated.
    The main costs of building the resorts there goes into utility infrastructure , buildings and interior finishes.
    Now imagine how much sunken cost will have to go into the dredging works, reclamation and land preparation for the Mersing Laguna.
    Is the plan for the resort hotels of Mersing Laguna to be like the AlBurJ.
    Then maybe the the project can be viable.


  6. The Mersing Laguna project was to be a RM22 billion project. The developer was to pay RM220 million upfront. Now when Lim Kang Ho began to develop Danga Bay, he was not asked to put upfront such kind of money. Here someone thought of collecting an easy RM220 million by just showing the sea. Once you paid the money then the usual bueracracy sets in and demands for hidden and incidental cost is asked before the next approval is given.

    No right thinking businessman would go into such a venture. Why not ask Syed Mohktar to develop the Mersing Laguna. More importantly ask on the Malaysian side yhis was meant to be whose project. Definately not the Johor state government's.

    1. SMaB's outfits are over-geared. He can't afford to take on another project. His double tracking rail project is going slowly, too slowly.

  7. Yes ask this pakistani syed bumi to build it. Afterall, UMNO has given to this person alone all the goodies and drumsticks but stupid umno supporter bloggers, shouting and swearing unkoran lanaguages gets all the left overs. How much this pakistani bumi contribute to the society? maybe Umno and state blue darah squeezed from him. Time for him to act instead of handing him taxpayers railway post office, sugar etc. So, how blind are those Umno bloggers.

  8. I still think that theis and that are all smack on interference and conflict of interest. Conflict of interest in the role of the sultan, the executive, the legislative, the judiciary. This is purely a business venture and at Federal level there is EPU, ECER etc and at state level there is UPEN ,the MB's office. The late Ungku is a corporate man and he like Lim Goh Tong have grandiose ideas. Lim Kang Hoo is also like that but he is smart he got the occupant of the blue/ or green roof to be his sleeping partner.
    The matter is very messy and if led to court action it will be very ackward indeed because of this interference
    I would say investors will be edgy esp the big investors if finally the somebody right up there dont like your face, he will just cancell your project without due regard to procedures.We are going back to those medieval days indeed

    1. You know what UMNO means U must NOt object. Umno have to interfere in any business deals. Otherwise what is there for them and UMNO paratroopers no goreng pisang. How much goes into the right pocket and if no crumbs to the UMNO paratroopers, hell broke loose.

  9. Lim Kang Ho is de facto Menteri BESAR of Johor. Everybody knows it, Hishamuddin Keris is his buddy and sleeping business partner