Thursday 27 September 2012

My simple budget wish

Tomorrow is Budget Day. Well, everyone has their own budget wish. Some people want cheaper houses and cars, others want a working public transport system and cheaper food stuff as well as other necessities.

In the case of Anwar and the gang, they want a highway to cut through the rainforest of Sabah and Sarawak....among other things. Well, that's what they said in their "shadow budget" yesterday.

Me, being one of those luckless few millions who are trapped in the mid-income group of RM50k-RM150k per year, wish the government to reduce my income tax. I am currently paying about 18 per cent of my income to support the rest of the a way la. Quite a lot you know. Ok, I know, the government needs the money for nation building, etc etc etc....but come on la, take away so much from me, then how am I to be motivated. I work my ass off la for my salary. I got no hand-outs or special tax breaks. Cut me some slacks la, ok? I want to save some money for my traveling too....of all my overseas trips (except for going to Singapore), only once was for a real holiday. The rest was due to work.

Hopefully the PM will consider people like me. I know, a lot of people in the same income bracket as me are pro-opposition, but that should not disqualify them from benefitting the government's benevolent nature, eh. Whatever it is, I am pro-BN what. Give chance lar.

Ok, I want to take it easy for the rest of the neck pain la. It gives me a headache. Maybe go massage later....then dream of a nice place....middle income dream....a nice home....

Oh, here is a nice music to go with it....

I hope you all got your budget wishes fulfilled....and that include the Orang Utan community. I am sure they have a wish list too if they get to know about what Anwar and the gang planned to do with their virgin jungle home of Borneo.


  1. BigCat, you are a Dreamer indeed, go on dreams are Free or you can discard those clutches and learn to walk on your own.

  2. Mamakthir caused the flooding of Sarawak virgin jungle an area the size of Singapore - the Bakun Dam. Now the Sarawak govt learned from Mamakthir and intends to flood another huge area (a few thousand hectares) of virgin jungle for the Baram Dam.

    Why don't you make noise ? I mean you were too young to notice the rape and pillage during Mamakthir's era, but now you are old enough to shout "rape" at the Sarawak state government, no ?

    1. Kalau betui nape itu mangkuk from PKR kena minta maaf ?

  3. Yeah, my wish is that more prisons can be built for the influx of BN thieves when the inquisitions start. For this, I don't mind a slight increase in income tax.

  4. "Ok, I know, the government needs the money for nation building, etc etc etc....but come on la, take away so much from me, then how am I to be motivated."

    You are motivated enough to support BN even though the money you pay as taxes go towards the BN leadership's personal pockets.

    I personally wish I can have enough to buy a Lamborghini like Nor Yakcop's son. I also wish I can have enough to buy a Porsche like Nazri's son. I also wish I have a mansion in Ottawa like Taib's daughter. I wish I have a holiday home in Perth like Badawi. I wish I have a chateau in France like Halim Saad. I wish I can attend Spurs games like Azman Mokhtar. I wish I can afford a model or an actress girlfriend like xxxxx does.....

    Dreams are free I suppose.

    1. Anon 02:04

      Dident you wish that you could to travel in privet jet like Anuar Ibrahim.

      I wish that I could be rich Robert Kouk and Ananda krishnen .

    2. i dont want to be riched. I just want to live in peaceful kampung in my loving contry call Malaysia. For the penyangak who stealing rakyat money to get luxurious cars, private jet, homes and etc, etc hidup dia orang tak kan senang dan selamat.

      Nampak jer senang, tapi panas. Kalau tak caya tanya sama Pak Sheikh atau mereka yang dalam tong tahi yang sama yang masih dalam kerajaan atau sudah berada di luar kerajaan. Yng dlm kerajaan itu sedar-sedar lar sikit. Cukup cukup la tu makan duit rakyat. Panas beb. Singkirkan golongan korup ini selepas election, jika kerajaan yang ada ini mahu bertahan lama.

  5. Why UMNO bloggers have to pay so much tax? Other higher UMNO memebers pay kacang putih only. The more income they have the less taxes they pay. Further they travel overseas to shop and no need to pay Custom taxes just like those Mata2 go after poor rakyat but rich UMNO - putut mata. Mad cow disease to satay UMNO putras. In UMN, the putras have more right than the rakyat.

  6. Bigcat,

    Comments from the other side to your posting is testimony to your popularity and a compliment :) It's having some serious effects. Me, I wish for goodies for everyone and no hike in cigarettes prices.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Freddie,
      What to do. Unlike most of thePakatan blogs, we do not stop them from commenting.I only censor those which are overly vulgar and illegal and fishing.
      I hope you get your tax wishes. Cheers

  7. Santa Claus is coming to town.....

  8. Haha.....If opposition takes over, the one who will benefit are the foreigners (foreign agents). From that moment on, you won't even get a cent.

    It's sad to see how the CIA manipulates Anwar and the people of Malaysia to distort the truth. They say the Opposition are INTELLIGENT people - I agree to a certain degree however I believe the smarter ones are their Foreign Masters manipulating the so called intelligent ones.

    It seems that the opposition cannot win the election on their own accord but has to seek assistance from their masters. We should call the opposition "Dogs".


    How I wish PAS implements HUDUD LAW.....that will be a slap in the Chinese and Indian faces......In the end, the Malays will have the last it or not!

  9. Big Cat. People being people they are greedy and family first unless circumstances change them. We, you and I we have to force these buggers to share the wealth of Tanah Melayu.

    Historically, when the Raja Melayu was governing, their priority was business with British and chinese whoever bring them more wealth. Read recently in the NST how a penniless Chinaman was given 8000 acres of land in KL by the then Sultan. Now you read more land being given for oil palm by the states in sarawak and Sabah to China men.

    Humans have not evolved very much. But luckily for us we live in more enlightened time and there is now the internet.

    We can share our aspirations and think of ways to enrich each others. UMNO ex MB Muhd Taib proudly said he has made 100 Malays millionaires. So? There is your 100 votes for him if they do remember him. That is how the stupid the current batch of Malay leaders in UMNO is. Wealth should be shared not for 100 Malays. How about the thousands of Chinese millionaires and Indian billionaires created by the Government, which supposedly run by UMNO?

    Keep these in mind because you can see this kind of shallow mentality in every action by Muhyiddin, Najib, Nazri, Mustapa, Nor Yakcub. Hishamuddin. The Government is being ran by Chinese tokeys who would run to Hishamuddin to warn him not to go after illegal immigrants because these means less profits for them. and the smiling Hishamuddin would tail between legs agree.

    Read in NSt Mustapah Muhamad proudly announcing he is letting 14 000 men from India or Indonesia to work for slave labour in Johor furniture factories. Who own these factories? Chinese ma. They bring their old and antiquated factories from their cousins in communist China and use slave labour to earn 10 billions a year. So Mustapha smiled stupidly.

    14,000 men! Just imagine their physical needs, sex, food, housing etc. And the small criminal elements among them? Now a Ketua UMNO was slashed persumably by immigrants. Who does this illegal and legal immigrants work for? Chinese tokeys!

    Li Shen Cheng of IOI was quoted in NST as saying he need 40,000 men to cut down and carry the heavy oil palm in the Sabah jungle. Why? so that he can be rich! But who let him have all these hectares of Sabah virgin forests be destroyed for Chinese oil palm billionaires? The Government, UMNO no less! And they smile...

    1. Although I totalay agreed with you ,but as you said people are being people they are born gready no matter who are they especially for those who has the ability to do it no matter who they are.

    2. They should seriously looking the issue highlighted and take drastically action or they will be a history, may be not this election, but the next or next election, if they allow this to be continued.

    3. Well said,

      However, I disagree about the immigrants, we need them not for Chinese businessmen but for variety of businesses, the majority of it are very low in pay and not interested by the locals. There are infrastructures that need to be built for the nation and without these immigrants, three will be problems.

      The present government had been present for very long time but as performance is concerned, they do not have straight A's.

      The opposition on the other hand have yet to governed (state's doesn't count as there are not able to change policies at the nation level).

      Smileys talk about human nature, and he/she is correct, majority of humans by nature motivated by greed.

      Therefore, it is important the correct policies are in place and it is implemented as best as possible.

      This is the problem with the government. Some of the policies are good but not implemented effectively. There are also policies that need to be amended to suit the people at this age.

      Making opposition a villain might be possible to buy some time but this will not be effective forever.

      The Goverment must do something about "policies" and "implementation" and they must do this "now" if they want to stay longer in power.

    4. This DUMNO has mad cow disease and cannot think. When Raja give land to Chinamen, why don't DUMNO blame the Raja2 and why just blame the Chinaman? When Raja2 give the land, Chinamen turn into a productive land - planting rubber etc unlike Dumno sitting and doing nothing but just to collect big bucks and give Dumno bloggers kacang putih. Just like at Sarawak. The Government give land but who actually work on it? When work in the jungle, there are no many dangers.
      About the factories, Chinaman are creating jobs. Who will transport the raw and finish products - Indians. The money comes in and goes out through the banks - DUMNO's bank.
      Why DUMNO give tax free and incentives to American Imperialist like multi-national companies foreigners. Dumno cannot think. Once these companies make enough money, they go to China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Look there are loyal chinaman Malaysia like many Thomas Cup Players. When they do business, they will spend in Malaysia. But DUMNO are just disloyal - wanting them to invest and spend money overseas. DUMNO are mad cow disease.

  10. boss, neck pain and headache!!! could be(COULD ONLY) be spine problem, get it checked.

  11. I think the government should make tax-payers looking after family members with medically confirmed mental problem, a special deduction.

    1. so young sudah sakit blakang like that ah?? slip in some yoga/pilates and a little bit of swimming inyour day to day and you will see the difference. It will only get worse with age if you dont take care of it now.

  12. Bro, how much money Anwar and the gang stealing from the government. You ask one of his friend anak si Maidin. How much money he got when he lead the GLC. Now they using the stealing money + money from his godfather abroad to topple the government. His gang still in some government agencies or GLCs continuaing stealing rakyat money for their own benefit. Better you check before making any stupid statement.

  13. bro, jangan samakan semua orang Umno macam segelintir kecil yang korup dan masih tak sedar diri yang masih berkuasa dalam parti dan kerajaan.

    Banyak lagi yang terus berjuang menggunakan tenaga dan wang ringgit dan keringat untuk bangsa dan negaranya, tidak pun merungut, memintak2 itu dan ini. Ramai berpendapat, golongan ini sebagai bodoh dan bangang kerana tak ambil kesemapatan.

    Cuma yang lebih-lebih segelintir saja seperti anon 01:31 ni serupa saja dengan ahli Umno yang hamlau, fikir pasal tembolok sendiri, selain tali barut dan saki baki pembangkang dalam kerajaan yang menghabiskan duit rakyat secara rakus. Tak caya pi la check dalam beberapa agensi, GLC atau dalam semi govt.

  14. Don't stress yourself out dear. May Allah bless you with good health BigCat. Amin.