Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sept 16 - A good birthday

It's Malaysia Day again.

Happy birthday my country...

Happy birthday to you...

My wishes for today -

1. Malaysians will make the right decision for the future of the country.

2. Malaysians continue to live in harmony and prosper as the country progresses.

3. Less Malaysians think they are heaven sent and can get away with anything.

4. Less Malaysians behave like assholes.

May today be a good day

Cheers everyone


  1. You too can be part of No.4.
    Happy Malaysia Day.

    1. You too...especially when visiting my blog.

    2. No point getting edgy and ranting like an arsehole when the message by the commentator was thay just as you wish that less malaysians behave like assholes, it is also the comentator's hope that YOU too will be a Malaysian who will not behave like an arsehole.


    3. who's the one ranting like an other people's blog some more? nothing better to do ka?

  2. ambiga is retarded - true or false?

  3. Instead of asking is Ambiga retarded or not why not ask if bigcat's brother is retarded or not.

  4. BC
    Very interesting and are U very very sincere to wish Malaysia will livde in harmony and prospser? After 50 years, can you say Malaysia is more harmony and prosper when yourself insite race hatred and concerned about money leakages and mis-management and people are still living in latrine and bucket toilet? Can you say with your religious convict as one of the world's great religion?

  5. May the spirit of Al-tan-tuya be ever present on this national day, and bring the true culprits of her heinous crime to book. Whoever spent her share of the commissions will not have an easy life.

  6. Why make the wish about assholes ? Everybody has one....